Does Cold Air Dry Hair Faster? No, it doesn’t but…

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  • Cold air DOESN’T dry your hair faster than hot air.
  • Hot air evaporates water from your hair faster, so it dries your hair faster than cold air.
  • But drying your hair with cold air has thousands of advantages vs. drying it with hot air.
  • 3 advantages of cold air: it prevents your hair from damage, promotes less oiliness, and increases the duration of the hairstyle.
  • In fact, blow-drying your hair with cold air is even better than blow-drying it in the open air.
  • In this article, we’ll see why drying your hair with cold air is better than drying it with hot air, even if it isn’t faster.


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Maybe you’ve always wondered what the cool button on your blow dryer is for. No, it isn’t just there to cool you down while you blow dry your hair.

People have ignored the cool air button for a long time and, actually, the cool air on the dryer has many advantages that you should know about. To be completely honest,   cold air doesn’t dry your hair any faster than hot air. 


This is one of the reasons why that little cold air button has been neglected. Hot air saves you time, yes, but it has many disadvantages over cold air. We’ll look at each one in this article.

Join me!


3 advantages of blow-drying with cold air

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As I told you, while   cold air doesn’t dry hair as fast as hot air,  it has many advantages. After I tell you about them, I’m sure you won’t ignore the cold air button anymore. Let’s take a look at them:

Cold air keeps your hair from damage

Just like washing your hair with cold water seals the cuticle and prevents brittleness and breakage, the cold air from the hair dryer prevents damage to the hair.

It has been proven that  hair cuticles are opened by excessive heat.

 Using the blow dryer at maximum temperature may shorten the drying time, but you’ll also be sacrificing your hair health.


If your hair is very fine, it’s likely to have a tendency to split ends or be at greater risk of thinning and breakage. This should motivate you to blow dry it with cold air.

Tip: If you’re in a hurry, try  drying your hair with a medium heat setting. Then, finish drying with cool air.  This way, you’ll avoid damaging your hair too much.


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Cool air from the dryer prevents hair greasiness

 Excessive heat from blow-drying activates the sebaceous glands and produces excess sebum at the roots. 

Therefore, not washing your hair with hot water and blow-drying it with cool air is going to help you to control oiliness and that caked hair feeling.

So once again, go for a cold air dryer!

Have you checked to see if your blow dryer has a cold air button?

Cold air improves the duration of the hairstyle

 If you blow-dry your hair with cold air, your hairstyle will last much longer. While the heat is what gives the shape during blow-drying, the cold air fixes the hairstyle. That’s another reason to blow-dry your hair with cold air, even if it’s freezing outside!


Tip: Use the cold air the day after styling. It’ll lift your roots and prevent your hair from clumping. That’s it: you’ll be styled and look amazing for another day!


Is there any negative effect of blow-drying my hair with cold air?

At this point, you’re probably thinking that there’s nothing wrong with blow-drying your hair with cold air. Then, why isn’t it more widely recommended?


The only disadvantage is that  cold air takes longer than hot air to dry your hair.  So, the loss of time is a negative aspect.


Also, especially in hairdressing salons, hot air is needed to seal treatments and shape the hairstyle.

But  blow-drying your hair with cold air is an excellent decision, as you’ll avoid damaging your hair  and have healthy and shiny hair.


Did you know that blow-drying your hair with cool air from a hair dryer is better than air-drying it?

girl enjoys drying her hair with a dryer

Not only does air drying your hair take longer, but what holds the cuticle together is weakened by being exposed to water for so long.

So, do we already agree that you should use the cool air from your blow dryer even if it’s no faster than hot air?


When should I NOT use the dryer with cold air?

 If you have had a treatment that requires heat to activate,  such as keratin, botox, or straightening,  you’ll need to use your hairdryer with hot air. 

Otherwise, you’ll quickly lose the effect of the treatments and you’ll have wasted time and money at the salon.


10 tips to dry your hair like an expert

girl with her hair in the wind by the air from the hair dryer

  •  Before drying your hair, squeeze out all the moisture  with a towel (without rubbing) until it stops dripping, so it’ll dry faster.
  • Untangle your wet hair with your fingers or a wide comb, but don’t use a fine-toothed comb to avoid stretching and breakage.
  • Even if you use cold air or medium heat. Always apply a heat-protectant product before blow-drying.
  • Use your hair dryer at a moderate temperature.
  • The distance between the dryer and the hair should be at least 10 centimeters.
  • It’s best to separate the hair into layers and blow dry in strands with a brush to give it the shape you want.
  • If you’re using it on maximum heat,  never leave the dryer for too long on one spot  as you can burn both your scalp and your hair.
  • Move the dryer gently and always from top to bottom. It’ll help reduce frizz.
  • Dryers come with a nozzle so that the air is concentrated on the strand you are drying. Use it.



As we have seen, cold air doesn’t dry faster than hot air because it doesn’t have as much power to evaporate the water from your hair.

However, cold air is a very good option when it comes to drying your hair.  You’ll gain elasticity, and shine, and avoid damaging the hair fiber with high temperatures. 

We should all dry our hair with cold air. As I said, it has many advantages. Try it yourself!

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