Why does my hair look thin when wet? How can I know if my hair is thinning?

  • To look at your wet hair to check if it’s thinning is not enough. It may just be a visual effect.
  • Instead, you have to check your hair care routine, your washing frequency, and even certain external factors that have nothing to do with hair.
  • So, I’ll tell you about a foolproof method to know if your hair is thinning.


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You just finished showering. After drying your body, you unwrap the towel on your hair and, when you untangle it, you look at it carefully.

An unusual tension takes over the environment and your body because you perceive that your hair looks thinner, dangerously thin.


At that moment, a whirlwind of fear takes over your mind.

If your hair looks thinner when wet, are you on your way to inevitable hair loss? Is your hair losing volume? Are you on your way to unprecedented hair thinning?


Wait a moment, girl!

 If you feel that your hair looks thinner when wet, it may be due to a visual effect. 


So, before you panic, I advise you to think if your hair is really thinner when wet than when it’s dry. Many times, it’s only about a visual effect.

For example, is your hair the same color when it’s wet and when it’s dry?


The same happens when it comes to hair thickness.

 It’s not enough to observe it when it’s wet to know if it’s thinning. 


I’ll make you a proposal to cool down.

Look for a recent picture of yourself on Instagram or your phone where you can see your hair. It’s better to look at a recent picture where your hair is visible.

Do you have it? Now, compare it with your wet hair. Does it really look thinner when it’s wet?


You just breathed a sigh of relief but are still worried. So, stay with me because I’ll tell you:

  • What factors may make your hair thinner
  • An infallible method to check if your hair is getting thinner

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What factors may make your hair thinner

during shampoo washing

Before you keep trembling with fear looking at your hair be thinner when you wash it, we need to talk about hair density.

Do you know what it’s about?


 Hair density is the total amount of hair you have per area, regardless of your hair type. 

For example, many people have fine hair and a lot of it, while others have less but very thick hair. What about you?


Of course, if you have a small amount of hair but very thick, your feeling is that you have more hair than what you actually have. It’s, again, a visual effect.

So, the truth is that the amount of hair doesn’t determine if your hair is thinning. After all, it has to do with physiology and even genetics.


So, let’s see your hair care routine.

For example, let’s analyze your hair washing routine.


What kind of shampoo do you use?

shampoo and conditioner

Making a bad shampoo selection may result in messy hair and, therefore, it may look thinner than it is.

  • If you use a shampoo with silicones, that ingredient may have a blockage effect on the scalp. It means that hair cannot receive enough oxygen. So, hair turns thinner and more fragile.
  • Also, excessively oily shampoos compact hair making them solid and messy.


So, if you’re using any of those shampoos,  you must change for silicon and paraben-free products to avoid your hair from weakening and thinning. 

There’s something else that may make your hair look thinner when it’s wet: a recent haircut.


Have you recently changed your look?

after dyeing

Then, an incorrect haircut for your hair type may make it look considerably thinner when wet.

For example, layers and wavy ends look beautiful on dry hair, but they look like fine threads when they’re wet.


Finally, to rule out if your hair is thinning alarmingly, you need to consider certain external situations that impact on hair even if they’ve nothing to do with it.


For example, are you in a stressful situation?

how to make it grow again

One of my clients is a university Psychology student. During exams season, she notices that her hair gets thinner and brittle.

After checking with her dermatologist, she realized that it all had to do with stress. So, the doctor gave her a specific treatment.


Do you have a healthy diet?  As “you are what you eat,” you need to eat vegetables, products high in iron and vitamins, and fish. 

Don’t forget that menopause and hormonal changes may also impact hair thinning.


If you still need to check if your hair is thinning, I’ll give you an infallible method.


A foolproof method to check if your hair is getting thinner


Pay attention to this trick to know for sure if your hair is really thinning or if it’s only a visual effect when it’s wet.


You must do it with both dry and wet hair during one week.

  • Gather your hair in a low ponytail because we’ll be able to get the maximum amount of hair.
  • Get a measuring tape and measure the girth of the ponytail.
  • Write down the results.


  • If it’s less than 5 centimeters, we can say you’ve got a low hair amount.
  • If it’s between 5 and 8 cm, it’s an intermediate amount.
  • If it’s more than 8 cm, it’s a high amount.


Take those measurements for one week, with both wet and dry hair. Compare them at the end of the week.

  • If there aren’t any changes in the measurements, it means that your hair isn’t thinning. It just looks thinner when it’s wet as a result of a visual effect.
  • Alternatively, if you notice changes in the measurements, check your hair care routine. You can also ask a dermatologist.



Wet hair looks darker, fragile, and thinner.

So, before jumping to conclusions, check your hair care routine and the products you’re using. Don’t forget to do the infallible method I just taught you.

If you notice your hair is thinner after checking it dry and wet for a week, you should ask a dermatologist to evaluate your situation.


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