Why do haircuts look better after a few days? How long does it take for a haircut to settle?


worried about his new cut

Has it been three days and you’re still waiting for your haircut to look absolutely great?


Does it happen to you that, after two days from your haircut, you notice that it doesn’t look the same as the one in the Instagram photo you showed your stylist as an example?


In some things, love at first sight inevitably doesn’t work. Do you know why?


  • Because almost every haircut needs a few days to settle down.
  • If you just trimmed the ends, your hair will look great almost the next day. But, if you went for a complete and drastic hairstyle change, your hair can look perfect approximately two weeks later.
  • Also, don’t forget that you need to get used to your new haircut, not just visually. You will also need to learn how to style and manage it.



To help you understand it better, I’m going to tell you a story from my childhood. My grandmother was an expert using scissors, both sewing scissors and those she used to cut the hair of all her grandchildren.

When the day came to cut my bangs, I would sit at her kitchen table, wet all the hair in my bangs very well, and stretch it quite tightly, sometimes too tightly, so that it would be straight and heavy.


Then, with the surgeon’s precision, she would take my hair between her index and middle fingers, tighten each strand well, and start cutting.

When she finally put down the scissors, my bangs would end in a clean, straight line, incredibly straight. But, when she put the mirror in front of me to see how my hair looked, I didn’t like it. Of course, I never dared to confess that to her.

  I knew that, as the days went by, I would get used to it and comb it in a way that would make me look perfect. 



That same feeling is what many people have after a haircut. The first few days you don´t feel comfortable when you look in the mirror. It’s as if the reflection of that person was not you.

And if you’ve gone for a drastic change, i.e. from having long hair to your waist to a pixie cut, things can be worse. You won’t have that hair you used to tangle your fingers in for hours anymore.


 That’s why, after having a haircut, patience is important. Patience to wait for the haircut to settle, and patience to learn how to handle your new style.  



If you’re tired of cursing in silence, and you need a bit of calm to enjoy your new haircut, read on because I’ll tell you:

  • Reasons why a new haircut takes several days to look good
  • What to do with your hair until it looks good


You must be patient and wait. Your hair needs a few days to settle. [/su_highlight]


In addition, the hairdresser uses an infinite number of hair products to make the haircut look better.

Even if you try to remember, you’ll see that before you had your hair cut, you had it washed, You practically participated in a ceremony.

  • First, a shampoo and a hair massage.
  • Then, conditioner and more massages on the scalp.
  • And since all good things come in threes, the third round of conditioner, so that there’s no doubt, that if anything was going to be achieved with your hair, it’s that it feels soft.


Then comes the haircut. And then, your stylist works like she’s doing the very Miley Cyrus’ hair. And you watch her, as she deftly uses her tools and products, in an absolutely well-orchestrated dance.


But leaving the salon with spectacular and dream movement hair is not what you’ll find at home in the morning.

 Your hair can take up to two weeks to settle after a simple wash.  Why that difference?


It´s very simple. If all you did to your hair was a simple trim, and you didn’t change its shape, after the first wash it will regain its normal movement and volume.

But, if you drastically changed the shape of your hair, for example, from long hair to a long Bob cut, it will most likely take up to two weeks until you can see the final result.



Also, besides the fact that your hair has to settle with the movement of the new haircut, you’ll also have to change your hair habits.

You’ll need to change your hairstyling and brushing habits because every haircut has a different style.  And to find the best way to style your new haircut, you’ll have to try different hairstyles until you find the one you like best. 

It’s a matter of trial and error that can take up to two weeks.


Ideally, your stylist should help you with this change and give you useful tools to manage your hair at home in the best possible way.

Can you do anything until your new haircut settles down to feel better? Of course, you can.



What can you do with your hair until your new haircut looks good?

takes a few days to settle

Let’s talk about some things you should consider before you cut your hair and what you can do from the moment you’ve cut it until it looks good.


  • Before you get a haircut

One of my first recommendations before giving you a new haircut is to talk to your stylist. Sometimes, it’s not enough to take a picture of a famous influencer.

You must explain to your stylist what you want with that haircut, and it is also important that you tell her about your hair care habits. That will help your stylist recommend the best haircut for your lifestyle.



You can also use apps which, by just loading your photo, they simulate a change of cut, color or hairstyle.


  • After your haircut

Before you leave the salon, ask your stylist to give you some useful tips on how it is best to manage your hair at home.

The first few days after cutting your hair, wait. It’s as simple as that. I know that you’re disappointed or desperate, but rushed decisions are not good advice.


There are cases where haircuts really do go wrong. But, other times, it’s just the change that scares you or doesn’t allow you to look good. Wait up to two weeks, because you will find a new perspective and the cut will actually end up looking as good as you wanted.



 Try new hairstyles and styles with your new cut. Use Instagram, your imagination or even ask your stylist for some tips. 

If you usually comb your hair with a middle part, try a side part. This simple change can hide messy layers, a fringe that doesn’t quite convince you or the full shape of a haircut.



If you are going to get a dramatic change in your hair, always keep in mind that it will take up to a fortnight for your hair to settle.

During those fifteen days, it’s important that you have patience and try new hairstyles until you find the one with which your new haircut looks perfect.

And now tell me, how have you experienced those first ten days after having a haircut?



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