3 low maintenance pixie styles for oval faces (here’s your new look!)

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There are three pixie styles that go very well for oval faces and require little maintenance.

  • Mega Short Pixie
  • Medium Pixie with bangs
  • Medium Pixie


The shape of any one of these three cuts will hold up much longer, make your face look less narrow and draw attention to the best features of your face.

It is very important that, when you choose any of these pixie cuts, you include a fringe, a bit of texture and volume to avoid your oval face to look more elongated.


shaved on the sides

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Is your chin slightly smaller than your forehead? ¿Is your face about one and a half times as wide?

Then, you have an oval face. Therefore, you are one of the lucky ones, because this kind of face is one of the easiest to favor.


 The three pixie styles I’ll show you today will help you avoid making your face look too narrow. Best of all, since they are very short styles, you won’t need to visit the salon too often to touch up the shape. 

These pixie cuts will give you the freedom to enjoy a bold, comfortable and personal style, while not spending fortunes in the salon to keep the length.

However, if your face is oval, there are a few things you should keep in mind in your pixie cut.

For example, the bangs. In these pixie cuts, they become the soul of the cut. Do you know why?



Because the fringe will be in charge of shortening your face.

  • For example, if you want to draw attention to your eyes, because they hide a feline look, choose a fringe that surrounds them.
  • On the other hand, if your jaw is very pronounced, you can choose a side fringe, which will draw attention towards your cheekbones.


In addition, if you add a certain texture and volume to any of these pixies, such as soft waves, you will avoid lengthening your face.


 Finally, as they are very short, these pixies last much longer. 

In addition, as if that wasn’t enough, they are super versatile. When combing your hair, you can use gel, wax or serum to make your cut more durable.

Why do you use them? Because these products will help you to flatten your hair when you feel it’s too long, and to polish out imperfections.


Are you determined?

Then let’s move on to these three pixie cuts, which will give your face a new dimension, and for which you won’t have to spend much time or money on maintenance.

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1- Mega Short Pixie, for women with oval faces who live running against the clock

side parted cut

Are you the type of person who wastes time every morning fixing your hair and therefore, is late for work or for classes at the university?


This pixie cut is the solution to your problem.

First, because it’s such a super short style that you won’t even remember the comb. Secondly, because you’ll be one of the most punctual people on the planet. I’m not exaggerating.

Also, your new sense of punctuality won’t be threatened as your hair grows, because the shape lasts longer as it is a very short style.


 With this cut you’ll avoid your face looking too long and you’ll be able to play with different textures by applying specific products for short hair. 

Do you want to look more rocking for the weekend party?


Apply a good amount of gel to your hands and comb the top to form peaks. Then, get ready to sing in the best Gun N’Roses style.

blonde dyed

In addition, when your hair grows out after a few months, you can hide the length by applying hair gel to the sides and leaving the top of your hair natural. This way, you will avoid having to go to the salon for a trim for a long time.


However. If you’re worried about your femininity, always use earrings and accessories to balance the manly look of the cut.


2- Medium Pixie with bangs, for women with oval faces and romantic hearts

happy woman with his new cut

Who said that romanticism is out of fashion?


They probably think that because they don’t know you.

They don’t know about your love of poetry, folk dresses and headbands of all styles.

 If you have a strong romantic in your heart, and you want to wear short hair, comfortable and versatile, that favors your oval face, the medium pixie cut with bangs is your best option. 


A fringe will always make your oval face look less elongated. In addition, the cut is a short style. Therefore, you won’t need to live with the scissors to maintain the length.

Want to know the secret of this cut?

hides the shape of the face

You should ask your stylist to leave a four-finger length at the top of your face and to trim your bangs so that, when you look at it from the side, you will have a small peak to give harmony to your face.

Cheer up and play with different lengths of bangs or put some buckles on either side, which will give it a very feminine touch, to highlight your romantic style.


3- Medium Pixie, for those who don’t want to live with scissors

katie perry look

Very short sides and hair three or four fingers long at the top, define this pixie cut. Katy Perry made it very popular a few years ago.


You can comb it using mousse on the top to give more volume. The, on the sides, apply hair gel to give more angles to the face.

 This is an excellent option if you’re looking for low-maintenance pixie cuts, which are also versatile. You won’t get bored quickly with your look, because you can change your hairstyle using accessories, headbands or clips. 



Now you know that a pixie cut can hide the elongated shape of your oval face and highlight your best features.

Best of all, you won’t need to go back to the salon for a trim for several months.

Which of these options will you choose?

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