4 Low maintenance Pixie Cuts for round faces (only for daring women)

pixie with bangs

  • The best low-maintenance pixie cuts for round faces are Pixie with side bangs and long side wicks, super-short Pixie, Pixie with long bangs, and Pixie Shag.
  • Any of these cuts have more volume at the top. So, they visually lengthen the shape of your face and hide the rounded contours.
  • Plus, as it’s a super short style, you’ll be able to limit your visits to the salon. The shape of the cut will take longer to change. This means that it can take up to four months before you return to the salon.


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Since I finished my hairdressing studies, I’ve been convinced that round faces get bad press. What does this mean?

That it seems that all people with round faces are born with a stigma: “you should always wear your hair long to hide the round cheekbones”.

However, that’s not true. Nowadays, as there are many variations of each type of cut,  the stylist has different ways of adapting the same style to different types of faces. 


  • Do you wish with all your heart a Pixie cut, and the only thing that stops you is that your face is round?
  • Alternatively, are you afraid of living as a slave to salon visits to keep your shape? [/your_list]


Cheer up, woman!

All that is only theory.

  • Firstly, because, today, I will show you four styles of Pixie cut, which will hide your rounded features, making your face look much more elongated.
  • Secondly, because as it's one of the shorter haircuts, the shape of the cut stays much longer. That means you won't have to go back to the salon so often.


with bangs

Did you know that the word Pixie, in English, means little elf?

In other words, if you're looking to wear this kind of cut, you have the spirit of an elf, a mischievous and funny spirit, sweet and sensual at the same time. One that is not afraid to face the world, showing your best face.

If you are a fan of beings that live in the forest, dare to release that adventurous spirit with any of these four versions of Pixie cut for round faces.

Once you make up your mind, the only thing that's round is going to be your happiness.


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1- Pixie cut with side bangs and long strands at the sides: the shortest with the least maintenance

subtle highlights

Do you want dimension at the top of your head, but at the same time, keep some strands of your bangs longer to play with movement?


Start dancing the dance of the ancient elves because this Pixie cut will give you everything you are looking for to hide your round face.

  Also, it's one of the cuts that need less maintenance, so you'll get a real 2 x 1.


Now, it is very important that, before you run off to the nearest hairdresser's, you know very well what we are talking about. That way, your stylist can understand you when you ask for this cut.

What should you ask your hairdresser?


You should ask your hairdresser to leave the sides shaved off. The strands on the top should be longer and with more volume.

Also, pay special attention to the bangs, since it must be well texturized to be used on the side. On each of its ends, leave some long strands to give more dimension and length to the face.

This haircut is only suitable for daring little elves. No shyness at all!


2- Super short Pixie cut for the most athletic women who challenge their round face

for big faces

Are you one of those who spend long hours in the gym looking for a firm, marked muscles?

Do you train daily to reach the record of your favorite sport?


In these cases, hair care can become a real ordeal because you mostly need to have it tied up. When you tie it up, it usually gets brittle and broken.

Also, as you sweat, you have to wash your hair every day. That means dehydrated and fragile hair.

Finally, if you also color your hair, the dye seems to make fun of you every time you take a bath!


  If there's one reason why you insisted on wearing your hair long, it was to hide the round shape of your face. But you've had enough! And you want a definitive solution. 


Here it is, a super short Pixie cut. In this Pixie cut style, you'll have to leave the top a little longer to give volume and style the shape of your face.

The sideburns should be super neat, short, and end in a pointed shape, so that they take all the prominence and provide a more harmonious frame to your face.


3- Pixie cut with long side bangs, for those with a round face who are looking for style and customization

easy to brush and maintain

You're looking for a low-maintenance pixie cut. Now, what do you mean by low maintenance?


A lot of times, women think that, as they have short hair, they have to visit their stylist every two weeks. That is not the case.

If you manage to lengthen your face, and it doesn't look round, would you be willing to go to the hairdresser's every other month to keep your shape?


If the answer is yes,  you have found the ideal cut. This Pixie cut needs a little more maintenance because it has the long side bangs, which gives a more pronounced length to the face. 

To wear this wonderful Pixie for rounded faces, you must keep your sides very short and the top longer.


The highlight of this Pixie is a long bangs on one side, which will give a special frame to your face and allow you to play a little with your hairstyle.

Try making some mini braids or some naughty waves to focus the attention there and divert it from the round face.


4- Pixie shag cut, for those whose round face doesn't stop them from setting trends

short hair and side bangs

A cut with name and surname, as God commands. Abstain from women who only follow the herd, because this style of Pixie is for those who enjoy innovation and use cuts that have seldom been seen.

How should you wear this Pixie shag?


 With tighter sides, fuller top, side bangs, and long strands across several areas, especially on the sides of the face. They will give you extra length to your neck. 

Everything is flattering in this Pixie cut to favor the round face. Best of all, you hardly ever cross paths with another woman with the same cut.


However, I have to be honest. This cut has only one disadvantage: to generate textures and give life and movement to the cut, you must comb it with hair wax.

Maintenance? You'll have to come back to the salon every couple of months, a pretty low price for someone willing to set the trend, right?


And now it's time to release your leprechaun spirit, whether it's a naughty or funny elf or a sweet and gentle elf. These Pixie cuts will change the perception with which the world perceives your round face.

Which one will you choose?

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