Should I get layers in my hair? Only if you have one of these 4 hair types

  • If your hair is very straight or you have little of it, then a layered cut is ideal for you, since you’ll end up with more volume and movement.
  • But, if your hair is thick or very curly, you should avoid cutting your hair in layers because all you’ll end up doing is making your hair look bloated or poofy. Kind of like a lion’s mane.



Are you considering a new change in your look?

Are you tired of a flat ‘do that doesn’t have much life?


If so, then a layered cut could be a great choice for you. But, before you decide on it, it’s very important to take a moment to look at your hair to know exactly what kind of hair you have.


 Because in truth, a layered cut isn’t for everyone.   Before you go under the scissor to get a cut like that one you so loved on Instagram, take five minutes, stick with me, and we’ll go over some important details:
  • If you have one of these four hair types, a layered cut is perfect for you
  • You should avoid layers in these kinds of hair
  • What should you keep in mind before cutting your hair in layers?


Today you’ll find out if layers are for you!

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If you have one of these four hair types, then layers are perfect for you

Before you get any haircut, you should evaluate what kind of hair you have and what it is you’re hoping to get out of it.

Do you want your hair to have more movement? Does your hair fall into your face like a lifeless curtain? Do you have curls and you don’t know how to tame them?


Of course, you’ll need to know exactly what the problem is to find the solution. So, in a moment, I’ll tell you the four hair types that a layered cut is a solution for.


  • Straight, thin hair

subtle waves

Do you remember Morticia from the Adams Family? Well, if you’re tired of looking like Morticia, even if you’re blonde,  then layers are ideal for you because they’ll add volume and movement to your hair. 


  • Thin, frizzy hair


Do you have frizzy hair and you’re tired of fighting it every morning of your life? Well a layered haircut, the more layers the better, will hide any imperfection while adding volume.

A shag, for example, is a trendy haircut that would go well with this kind of hair.


  • Thin, wavy hair

In general, many people assume that curly hair equals a lot of hair.

But, that’s not always the case, curls can be tricky and end up being more fluff than anything else.

 If you have little hair, but it’s curly, then a layered cut will give your hair more movement and volume,  so you’ll give the appearance that you have more hair.


  • Thick, straight hair

straight hair and medium length

It’s time to change that look that’s boring you every time you look in the mirror.

Are you out of inspiration on Instagram for how to style your thick, straight hair?

Say goodbye to boredom and hello to layers.


Your hair doesn’t match one of these hair types? If not, then layers aren’t the best option for you.

But, don’t get down. At the end of the day, there are a million different kinds of cuts that can change your look without causing a headache.

For example, if you have curls, a bob might get you the change you’re looking for.


What hair types should avoid layers

  • If you have thick, curly hair, then layers aren’t for you.

If you want to look like Mufasa in the Lion King, then go ahead and get a layered cut and you won’t have to be jealous of the lion’s mane any longer.

Because layers will inflate your curls until they start to look like a sculpture made of hair on your head.


  • And lastly, if you don’t want to add volume to your hair, then layers definitely are not for you.

So, if you want to have flat hair, lacking in movement and volume, then you should definitely cross layers of your list of possible styles. If you’re looking for this kind of style, you should look for cuts that play with shape, like a style that curves your ends in a “U” or “V.”


What to keep in mind before cutting your hair in layers

  • Just like any haircut, if you want it to keep its shape, you’ll need to get it trimmed every three months, that way it will always look perfect.
  • It’s also important not to pull up your hair when your hair is wet since when it dries like that, it’ll lose its shape.
  •  And don’t abuse your flat iron trying to give this cut the form you’re looking for since as the days go by, it will settle into itself without your needing to add heat. 
  • If for some reason, you need to straighten it, remember that it’s important to use a heat protector to protect it from the extreme heat generated by a hairdryer and straighter so you can have your layered cut without a care in the world – and without drying your hair out.



Layers are a great solution for people that want to give their hair movement and volume.

I especially recommend it for straight, thin hair; thin, frizzy hair; thin, curly hair; and thick, straight hair.


And remember that to keep it looking as perfect as it did the first day you got it, you should get it trimmed every three months.

And now you tell me: Do you think that layers are right for your hair?

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