Does longer hair make you look shorter? – 3 Haircuts to Style Your Body Image

it makes her look shorter

Are you worried that your hair length will make you look or feel shorter?


If you’re worried about this, I guess Mother Nature didn’t give you a runway model height. To ease your anxiety, I’ll give you a quick answer.

  • Longer hair than 18 inches can make you look shorter.
  • That length creates an invisible downward arrow that brings you closer to the ground.
  • The good news is that there are some haircuts and tricks that will help you look taller. I’ll tell you about them in a few seconds.


Since ancient times, longer hair has been a symbol of beauty, power and strength.

According to the Old Testament, when Samson’s long hair was cut, he lost his strength. However, it is not clear whether he looked taller or shorter.


According to the Navajo, an American tribe, long hair is synonymous with wisdom, no matter if you’re tall or short. After all, they are concerned with being wiser, not with their height.

Following the standards of female beauty, long hair means sensuality and appeal. If you’re not sure yet, let’s take a look at the Disney princesses, whose only exception to long hair beauty is Mulan.


 The truth is, if you’re not six feet tall and have very long hair, you’ll inevitably look shorter. 

Have you ever heard that clothes with vertical stripes stylize the figure?


In the same way, short hair can also make you look taller.

Apart from that, long hair takes more time, money and dedication to make it look really healthy and beautiful.


Therefore, if wearing high heels to look taller doesn’t work for you anymore, and if you’re tired of wearing short skirts to make your legs look longer, it’s time to rethink whether you want to cut your hair to look taller. 

Are you willing to sacrifice your hair length to gain a few “apparent” inches in height?


Then, keep reading. And, if you’re not willing, keep reading, too…


I’ll tell you:

  • 3 haircuts that will make you look taller
  • Do you want to look taller but you’re not convinced to cut your hair? Try some of these ideas

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3 haircuts that will make you look taller

Even if you cut your hair, your legs won’t stretch like elastic woman to make you look four inches taller.

However, there are some haircuts that can create the illusion (I repeat, “Illusion”) that you look taller. It’s the same as when you wear a pair of stilettos: you are not taller, you look taller.


 So, if you don’t mind sacrificing a few inches of your long hair to look less short, here are the three haircuts that will help you achieve that optical illusion. 


1- Grading haircut

This is a shorter, more faded haircut at the nape, increasing its length towards the apex and side areas.

When looking at your hair from behind, it will be concave in shape and the nape of your neck will be shorter, but it will be longer at the the front.


 This haircut is characterized by a lot of volume in the top of the hairstyle, so it will help you look taller and more stylish. 

The higher you comb your hair the more inches you gain, and it’s a haircut that fits all hair types.

In addition to looking taller, it will give you the look of a sexy, bold and daring woman. What more can you ask from a haircut?


Now, if your hair is wavy or very straight, you will need to use a hair dryer or an iron to make it look neater. But, if you have curls, you won’t even need to comb your hair.

You can also use a large roller and roll it up on the top, where the midline ends, to create a volume boost in your hairstyle.

If you have curls, you won’t even need to comb your hair.


2- One length haircut

All hair is kept at the same length, almost as if having the ends razor-cut. Its maximum length is 3 inches.

It is a short hairstyle, but very versatile and does not need much maintenance.

Why will this haircut make you look taller?


 Because, as it doesn’t reach the shoulders, the neck takes the real lead making it thinner, and therefore, creating that taller image. 

I recommend this haircut if you not only want to look taller, but also want to convey fun and eccentricity. Besides, it’s a very timeless look, because it never goes out of style.


3- Pixie haircut

Do you have fine hair and want to look taller?


Don’t hesitate for a second! Pixie is for you.

It will allow you to increase the volume of your hair, as it will not exceed 2.5 inches. So, the nape will be very short and the longest length will be in your bangs.


If you also feel like a fine, sweet and romantic woman, you will gain a few centimeters and look taller and more stylish.


 However, the advantages don’t end there, because this cut is practical and comfortable. You can wash and style your hair in just five minutes. 


Now, as my grandmother says, “You don’t fool me.” Maybe, even if you want to look a little taller, you’re not yet convinced to sacrifice a few inches of your hair.

Is there an alternative? Yes, there is. So my little Rapunzel, don’t throw in the towel just yet.


Do you want to look taller but you’re not convinced to cut your hair? Try some of these ideas

If you enjoy longer hair, I understand that having a haircut may not seem like your best alternative. Oh, don’t worry. I have some suggestions for you, too.


  • Try a hairstyle with a ponytail up.

Without cutting your hair, you can create the illusion of having grown a couple of inches overnight.

If you have long hair, create a high ponytail on the top of your head and form a large chignon, while sliding the sides back. The contrast between your voluminous topknot and the sleek sides will make you look taller instantly.


  • Change your hair color in some sections.

Using a lighter hue in certain sections of your hair will give you depth, body and, therefore, height.

You can ask your stylist for advice on the convenience of using highlights, too.



You can cut or style your hair in different ways to look taller. The final decision is yours.

But remember, whatever your decision, the important point is to create a contrast between the volume at the top and the softer side sections. That will create the illusion of being taller than you really are.

Now, tell me, would you be willing get a haircut to look taller?

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