11 pros and cons of layered hair that no one tells you about

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  • The advantages of layered haircuts are many. Your hair is more balanced, defined, with volume, movement, and easier to model in the perfect frame for your face.
  • However, layers also have their hidden side and their disadvantages. They take a long time to return to normal. Also, they require expert work, maintenance, and care.


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How do you make a decision?

You can evaluate what the advantages and disadvantages are.


That is, you make a list of the pros and cons.

In this article, I advise you to do the same: to evaluate the pros and cons of a layered haircut.

If you’re excited about the idea,  I’ll give you some good news: the pros of getting a layered haircut outweigh the cons! 


I could tell you that it has many benefits for almost all types of hair because there is an infinite number of variations of layers: short, medium, long, diagonal, stripped, invisible, and more.

Of course, it’s not really about showing off layers but, instead, about discovering the art of creation and styling.


Let’s start with the bright side. Let’s look at the list of the 7 pros of layered hair.

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7 Pros of Layered Hair


1- Your hair will look more stylish

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One of the great benefits of layers, especially if you have very thick and heavy hair, is that they’ll help you style it.

Whatever the length, your layered hair will look more balanced.


2- Your curls will look more defined

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Another great benefit of layers is that they are ideal for all types of curls and waves.

If you have wavy hair, adding layers will define it and give it a better shape. It means that you’ll gain in both style and hair shape.


3- Your hair will look like it has more volume

blonde dyed

If we talk about benefits, we cannot fail to mention volume. Layers are especially beneficial for thin hair by giving it more volume. 

You can also consider getting short layers starting from the top of your head to get a more grunge style that will suit your thin and flat hair.


4- Your hair will have more movement

Another great benefit, as I mentioned above, is that layers go well with all hairstyles.

I mean the invisible layers, which bring movement and volume to all hair. They work great even if you have thin, flat hair.


5- Your hair will be easier to style

easy to style

If you love to comb your hair, layers will always work for you. You don’t need to get sophisticated hairstyles, as they work even if you just shape your hair with your fingers.

Of course, layers will look great if you use a heat tool such as a curling iron.


6- Layers will make you look younger

make you look younger

Layers are an ideal frame for your face and make it a perfect oval. So, another great benefit is that they’ll always give you a happy and younger look because they refresh your image.


7- Layers will give your hair a unique visual effect

great visual effect

You may be already convinced that layers are great. To complete the list of benefits, they can create the visual effect of more length, density, and volume.

It’s for all these reasons that we love layers so much!


However, pay attention that not everything is so fantastic.

While layers are spectacular, they also have their hidden side and tricks to look great. If you don’t know how to take advantage of them, you might be disappointed to find out that they are not as beneficial for you as you thought.

So, before you go crazy with your layers, let’s see what the downside is.


4 cons of a layered hair

1- Hair will take a long time to grow back

If you’re considering a layered haircut, consider that it’ll take a long time for your hair to grow back. If you get tired of having the same style or hairstyle, it could become a real problem. Keep in mind that it will take a while for your hair to grow back and look full.


2- A great layered haircut require an expert professional

Although I said that layers go well for almost all hair, not everyone can achieve a good cut. If you decide to have your haircut, you should ask an expert professional who knows how to polish layers.

In my years as a professional stylist, I have seen real disasters in layers that are very difficult to conceal! An unpolished layer will make you look untidy.


3- Layers require more maintenance than other hairstyles

If you already decided on layers and you’re going to get professional help, remember another possible disadvantage: you have to maintain it with a stylist.

If you’re not a fan of salon visits or don’t want to spend money on it, forget about layers. If you don’t maintain them tidy, they won’t look well.


4- Layers require time

Maintaining your layers will not only require you to visit the salon more often, but it’ll also take more time in your daily routine. I mean, your look could totally fade if you don’t comb and fix it every time. Keep in mind that you’ll need to separate and style it layer by layer.


Now that we’ve gone over the seven pros and four cons of a layered haircut, you’re probably wondering:


Should I get a layered haircut? How do I make the final decision?

I suggest you make your own list.

Write down the pros and the cons in two different columns. Then, analyze them. You can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does it suit me?
  • Is it what I’d like to have?
  • Would I like to have more volume?
  • Am I willing to style and maintain the haircut, or do I prefer a haircut that requires less maintenance?
  • Will I be able to afford it?


Once you answer those questions, you’ll find the answer!


 You can also search Instagram, or your favorite social media site for layered haircuts. Then, imagine what you’d look like with that haircut. 
  • Can you imagine yourself wearing that haircut?
  • Can you imagine looking at yourself in the mirror every day with that haircut?


If the answers to these questions are not a clear “Yes, of course, I can,” then perhaps you should consider other options before getting a layered haircut.



I told you about the many advantages of layered haircuts and that they are suitable for all hair types. You just need to know how to style and adapt them to each unique and personal hairstyle.

There is no such thing as a bad haircut. So, choose carefully a stylist who will design your layers to avoid a bad experience.


When you decide on a haircut, think about whether you can keep it and whether it suits your style.

Now you have all the necessary information to decide what look you’ll surprise everyone with!


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