Do Layers Make Your Hair Look Thinner or Thicker? (secrets your hairstylist won’t tell you)

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  • The layers don’t make hair look any thinner or any thicker. They just create a visual effect.
  • If you have fine hair, a layered cut will give you volume and movement. It’ll create a different effect, but it’ll still be fine.
  • Conversely, if you have thick hair, a layered cut will decrease hair volume and smooth its thickness. Still, your hair will feel heavy.
  • However, a layered cut can completely change your hair. Just try the one that’s right for you.


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The layers are suitable for all women and all hair. The trick is to know how to make them and how many to make according to your desired effect.


So, if the layers don’t make your hair thicker or thinner,  the key is to choose a visual effect and find the best layered haircut for you. 

That works for both fine and thick hair. Here are some tips for each case.

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I have fine hair… what effect will I achieve if I get a layered haircut?

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If you have fine hair, you’re looking for more volume, more movement, and thickness.

As I said, while layers won’t make your hair thicker, they can give you a special visual effect.

Remember that the more layers you have, the “thicker hair effect” you get.


  • For example, you can ask your stylist to design your hair in layers from the crown to the ends. This way, the thin and subtle layers will give an incredible effect of abundant hair.


  • If your hair is long and you want it thicker and with extra volume, you can opt for infinite short layers from the crown to the ends and add bangs.

  • If you don’t want to compromise your hair length but want it to look thicker or bulkier, you can go for diagonal layers. They’ll give a subtle volume effect without changing too much. Those layers lift the hair and create a thickening effect.


  • If you have fine hair and you wear it at shoulder height, you can opt for invisible layers to create a visual effect of thicker hair. The layers will be hidden. They are ideal for the finest hair and low volume, especially if you don’t want to change your look too much.


  •   Beware of very long layers.  I don’t recommend them for fine hair because very long layers will give a lesser effect between layers. So, if you don’t want your hair to have a thinner visual effect, don’t make them so long.


  • On the contrary, if you have fine hair and want to keep it, you can resort to long layers and have a “thin ends” effect.


A final but not less important comment  for fine hair: the layers in that type of hair must be well designed because they usually highlight any mistake.  So, always ask a professional stylist. Don’t play with scissors at home!


If I have thick hair… what effect will I get with a layered hairstyle?

Unlike the previous case, people with thick hair usually look for thinner or, at least, less thick and voluminous effects. Thick hair is more resistant and, at the same time, it absorbs more humidity from the environment. Therefore, it swells and frizzes much more than fine hair.

For this reason, layers are ideal for thick hair if you want that fine and delicate hair effect.


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  • If you have thick and long hair, long layers will be your ally in removing weight and fine-tuning it. You can ask your stylist to make long, feathered strands if you don’t want to give up your hair length. You should avoid too many short layers as the effect will be more voluminous and look thicker.


  • If you have medium hair, you’ll have to ask for to two or three layers, at most, and also give them a feathered-ends effect.

too short

  • If you are looking for a more modern look, you can get inverted layers and remove weight from the nape. This way, your hair will look super sensual and with a finer visual effect. It’s a great way to completely revamp your look. These types of layers work great, especially with any shoulder-length cut.


  • If you have short hair, you can get a shaggy cut, which is a type of layered cut, to make it look thinner.


  And a final comment for thick hair: remember that layers must be well managed to avoid swelling.  The good news is that, if you dare and want to cut your hair yourself at home, go ahead!

The possibility to make mistakes will be minimal, as thick hair has the advantage of hiding any imperfections.



cascading layers

Do you have fine or thick hair? Here are some tips for each case.

It’s amazing how a simple layered haircut can transform the look of a mane. The visual effect of the layers is fabulous!


We can’t fight with our genetics. We have the hair we got, whether it’s fine or thick.

Fortunately, there are so many options for layers that we can adapt them to us according to our desire. Some can thin hair; others can make it thick and lush. Now that you’re a connoisseur, you know that layers are perfect. Which one will you choose to achieve the visual effect you want?

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