5 Differences Between Good Layers and Bad Layers (don’t be fooled by a bad cut)

seems to have more volume

There are many differences between good layers and bad layers.

I could name to you 25 differences and still wouldn’t finish.


As I’m sure you want something more synthetic, I’m only going to tell you the five main differences between a good layered haircut and a bad one.

Here’s a preview of the differences. Then, we’ll go deeper into each one of them.


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Logically, apart from telling you the differences, the idea is that you can differentiate between good and bad layered haircuts.

For example, if I showed you a haircut right now, would you be able to tell me if it’s good or badly layered?

Well, here it goes.


the layers are too noticeable

What do you think?

Do you think it’s a good or bad layered cut?


I’ll give you the right answer later. I’m sure you’ll be able to give a much more accurate answer after reading these five differences.

Before we start with the differences, let’s review what a layered cut is.

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What is a layered cut?

A layered cut is achieved by cutting the hair to different lengths. It sounds simple, but a trained professional must do it for good results.


While some layered cuts create a messy or wild hair effect, it doesn’t mean that the hair is cut randomly. That’s not cutting hair in layers.  The layers, although uneven, maintain a harmonic symmetry that allows certain characteristics of the hair and face to be enhanced or concealed. 


For example, if you have little hair, some layers can help you look like you have more hair. If you have a lot of thick hair, other layers can thin it and make it look more harmonious.

Now, what if you have a bad haircut?


Let’s look at the difference between a good and a bad layered haircut.


Difference 1: Appearance

A good-layered haircut will look spectacular, attractive, and sexy when you leave the salon. On the other hand, poorly layered hair will look strange and perhaps untidy when you leave the salon, and maybe even worse, the days after.

It’s a fact that every time we go out and get our hair done by a professional, it looks great. However, your layered hair doesn’t look too good when you leave the salon, watch out!


It’s an indication that something didn’t work. So, pay attention to this detail that isn’t minor. Although it’s normal for hair to take some time to settle, it shouldn’t look bad.

 If you notice that your hair looks strange before you finish your appointment at the salon, don’t let your stylist persuade you. Tell him or her that you’re not entirely satisfied. 


Now you know.  A good layered cut should make you fall in love with yourself when you look in the mirror.  If you’ve had a radical makeover, you should get compliments from your friends and acquaintances. I know that the most important thing is that we like our new look, but it’s always nice to receive compliments, don’t you think?


On the contrary,  a bad layered cut will generate the opposite effect. You won’t like it when you look in the mirror. And you won’t get any compliments either.  I’ll tell you more.

If the layering is bad, maybe one of your friends will comment on it. “What did you do to your hair?

Of course, the comment won’t mean she likes your change, rather the opposite.


Difference 2: Easy styling

thick hair

A well-done layered cut will be easy to model. On the other hand, a bad layered cut will be difficult to comb, and you may never be able to shape it the way you like it.

A layered cut will be easy to model even with your fingers. A well done layered cut is always a pleasure to wear because you can let it dry naturally. Also, enhance all its beauty with a flat iron or curling iron.


 On the other hand, a badly done haircut will be a hairstyle odyssey. 

Not only will it look strange, but it’ll also be a problem. You’ll have to use heat tools to be able to hide its imperfection.

It’ll result in much longer styling time and continuous exposure to heat. So, watch out for this, as it’ll be a real nightmare to hold.


Difference 3: harmony between the face and the cut

curtain bangs

A well-done layered cut will enhance the best features of your face and hair. On the other hand, a poorly done layering cut will do the opposite. It’ll bring out the imperfections in your face or hair that you don’t like so much.

A well-done layered cut is always ready to enhance your best features and all the beauty of your hair. In addition, if it is well designed, it can hide those features we don’t like so much about our hair.

For example, a good-layered cut can hide the fact that your hair is too thin or too thick. At the same time, it can make your face more round.


On the other hand, a bad-layered cut won’t do this as it’ll depend on where your flaw is located. It’ll reveal the imperfection of the face or hair.


Difference 4: Easy maintenance

grows unevenly

Maintaining a good-layered cut will be easier and more relaxed than a bad one.

Maintaining a good-layered cut will depend on the length of the layers you want to keep. Otherwise, you can let it grow, and it’ll keep its shape and fun.


 A bad layered cut will lose its shape over time as the layers grow unevenly.  It would improve or worsen depending on its shape.


Difference 5: hair ends

long hair

The ends of a good-layered cut look harmonious and with natural movement. However, the ends of a bad layered cut look heavy and rough.

The idea of a layered cut is to reflect ease and movement. It’s always fresh, nice, and youthful. A well-done layered cut gives the ends a beautiful and healthy look.


 On the contrary, the ends aren’t harmonious and don’t accompany the movements of the head in a bad layered cut.  Therefore, they look hard and stiff.


For example, the feather cut combines the layers with feather ends. If those feather ends are bad, it looks sad and graceless, two key features of feather cuts.



Remember I showed you a picture of a layered cut and asked you if it was well done or not?

After reading all of the above, what do you think? Was it a bad or a good cut?


Of course, it was a bad cut.

You don’t have to be too smart to see that the layers are noticeable. And that’s not the point of layered hair.

 The goal is to create a harmonious style with grace and movement to the hair, whether it’s straight or curly, long or short. 


If you’ve made it this far, congratulations. You may have noticed that a layered cut shouldn’t be taken lightly. It takes a lot of experience and skill to achieve successful results.

A bad haircut can cause you many aesthetic problems. Get a professional to design your haircut. Don’t try to cut your hair yourself if you don’t have experience.


  • If you’ve cut your hair yourself and, after reading this article, you find that it looks bad, make an appointment at the salon to try to fix it.
  • On the other hand, if you’ve had a bad haircut at a salon, go back with all the arguments you already know and ask them to go over it. Surely, they can fix it.

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