Bad pixie cut: Is there any way to fix it or should you wait for your hair to grow out?

If you think your pixie cut is bad or you don’t like it, I recommend two things.

  • Don’t cut your hair yourself because you will possibly ruin it even more.
  • Wait a few days because cuts like the pixie usually settle down as the days go by. Maybe, in a few days, you will end up liking your pixie cut.

too long on the top


  • If, after a few days, you still don’t like your pixie, you should identify what is bothering you. It may be that it’s too short or too long, that the ends are not polished, or that it looks untidy.
  • If the pixie is too long, go to your stylist and ask to have it trimmed. If the ends are not polished or the cut looks untidy, you can use gel or wax to shape it.
  •  Now, if you don’t like your pixie because it’s too short, you’ll have to wait for your hair to grow out. Later, I’ll tell you how to survive with your short hair during that time. 


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You cannot believe it.

So many expectations on your new cut, and you can’t even stand to look in the mirror!


You still don’t understand what might have gone wrong.

You looked up over a hundred images on Instagram with the pixie cut of your dreams, you talked for almost an hour with the stylist to make sure she was understanding correctly what you wanted.

You didn’t take your eyes off the hairdresser’s every move as she cut your hair.


 And yet, you feel that your pixie cut is a real mess. It has nothing to do with what you imagined and you feel doomed to hide your hair under several dozen hats and scarves that you’ve already started to collect from everyone you know. 


This is when you should stop.

In soccer, the expression “stop the ball” is used when players are so desperate to score a goal that they act desperately.

It is at this point that the coach cries out, “Guys, stop the ball”.

Today, I use the same expression to stop your desperation.

Take a deep breath and connect with your “calm self”. The first thing is not to panic. Everything has a solution, and a bad pixie cut is no exception.


 You must be calm and avoid making hasty decisions, such as getting the scissors and cutting your hair. If you do it, you will risk ruining your hair even more. 

Also, all cuts, both long and short, require a few days to settle. In those days, you might get used to the new cut, learn how to style it, and create some fun looks. Finally, you may feel that the cut is the one you wanted.


If, after a week, you still think the pixie cut is real torture, it’s time to act.

But first, I suggest you stand in front of the mirror and look at your hair carefully

  • Do you think it’s too short?
  • Is it too long?
  • Do you comb it and, still, it looks untidy?
  • Are the ends not polished?


These observations will help you to find the best alternative to solve a pixie cut that didn’t come out as you expected.

 If you understand what you really don’t like about the cut, your stylist will be able to work on it and improve it. 


Then, stay with me, because I will tell you:

  • How to quickly solve the imperfections of a pixie cut
  • What to do with a badly cut pixie while it grows

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How to quickly solve the imperfections of a pixie cut

Let’s start with one of the reasons why you don’t like your pixie cut.


  • Your pixie cut looks bad because it is too long.

looks like a bird

In this case, the best thing you can do is visit your stylist and tell him/her which areas you would like to see shorter.

Don't forget to carry several photos on your cell phone with the pixie style you want!


I know you've shown her pictures before too,  but it never hurts to reinforce your words with pictures. After all, your idea of short hair can be different from someone else's idea of short hair.  The same goes for things like layers and bangs.

It's important that, on this occasion, you monitor the hairdresser's every move, and ask her to show you how the back of the cut is looking.


  • The pixie cut looks bad because it is untidy or the ends are not polished.

In this case, you like the way your short hair looks. However, when you comb it, you notice that it's unmanageable. So, it looks untidy and the ends seem to want to run off each other.

You will need to use your wits, and some products to master your pixie cut and make it look stunning.


 One such product is gel, which is versatile and allows you to create dozens of different versions of any pixie cut style. 

Gel will help you to place each strand where you want it and to polish those ends that are not in the right place.

It will also help you achieve the idea of shorter hair or hair that is stuck to the scalp, in the lower areas.


You can also use hair wax, which will give you a wet effect, tidy up the ends, and make it look less voluminous in the areas where you want to reduce it.


Now, what if you don't like the pixie cut because it's too short?

In that case, you'll have to be patient and wait a few months for your hair to grow out and change your look.

However, I won’t leave you alone, and I'll tell you what to do with your bad pixie cut during that time.


What to do with a bad pixie cut while it's growing

The first thing you'll do is emphasize your hair care routine. After all, you want your hair to grow out to change your look.


sin sulfatos

What does washing hair have to do with its growth?


Everything! Sulfate shampoos remove your hair's natural oils, which are key to hair growth.

Try to limit your hair washing to two or three times a week, use a sulfate-free shampoo, and deeply condition your hair once a week.


  • Trim your ends every three months.

stylist hands

Yes, I know it may sound contradictory that you should cut your hair to stimulate growth, but it really isn't.

Open layers or split ends can cause your hair to break in half, ending up in thinner looking hair that won't grow.

The solution? Trim your pixie every 10 to 12 weeks, just a few inches, to get rid of the split ends. You'll barely notice the difference.


different materials

What would women be without their accessories?


The magic of good looks lies in them in many cases.   To hide a pixie cut you don't like, nothing better than adding accessories in your hair and decorating your pixie cut. 

Don't limit yourself. From headbands, which will make you feel like a queen, to buckles and hairpins of all kinds, they are waiting for you to give a new life to your pixie cut.


Caps, scarves, headbands, turbans, the options to hide a bad pixie cut are endless.

Besides, each of these alternatives can be achieved in infinite colors, patterns, and materials. Therefore, I assure you that you will not lack ideas.

I encourage you to look up "#hair accessories" on Instagram, or even in Google, and you will be surprised by the incredible accessories you can get.



  • If you have chosen a pixie cut for your hair and you don’t like the result, the most important thing is that you wait a few days for the shape to settle.
  • If you’re still not convinced by the cut, you can use some products to improve its shape, such as hair gel and wax. If it’s too long, your stylist can cut it.
  • If you feel that the pixie cut is definitely not for you, you should let your hair grow out. In the meantime, you can style it in different ways and with different accessories, to have more fun while you wait.

Now tell me, why don't you like your pixie?

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