How to section hair for cutting layers like a pro

  • There are many ways to section your hair to cut it in layers, but I’ll tell you an easy technique that’ll give you an excellent result.
  • You have to section your hair into five parts. Then, make a layered cut at 180 degrees. If you follow the steps I explain in this article, you’ll have no margin for error, and you’ll get a perfect layered cut!


for cutting layers

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Thinking about getting a layered cut but not sure how to section it correctly?

Don’t worry!


Today I’m going to show you  how you can section your hair easily so that your layered cut looks spectacular. 

First, remember that there are many possible ways to section your hair. I’ll show you one that’ll help you to make a layered cut at 180 degrees with a perfect cut and no margin for error.


As a first step, try to have a comfortable space. If possible, it should be wide enough to move.

Whenever you get ready to perform technical work such as a haircut, try to do it in a comfortable place. If you need to move, you should have the necessary space.


Do you already have that place?

Good. Now, you need to have all the necessary materials.

Take note of the list I’m going to give you!

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Items needed to section hair

sharp blades

  • a chair
  • a hairdressing cape
  • a pair of razor-edged scissors or hairdresser’s scissors
  • a sprayer to wet the hair
  • 5 clips to tie each section
  • a hair cutting comb
  • a tail comb


Now that you have your space and materials at hand, you’re ready to get to work!

As I told you earlier, there’re many ways to do a layered cut. In this case, I’m going to show you how to do the five easiest and most practical sections.


How to section your hair for a layered cut step-by-step

before coloring highlights

Try to follow the following steps to section your or your friend’s hair correctly and proceed with the layered cut:


  • First, something I never tire of repeating: make sure you have all the materials at hand. This tip works for your home as well as your living room.
 Imagine wetting a friend or client’s hair and suddenly you notice that your hair clips are missing or you don’t have your comb.  You have to run out and get it!

It’s not a very professional thing to do. So, always pay attention to organize your space and materials. Especially if you are in your salon, as it’s your calling card and will give you professionalism.


 Make sure that no part or strand is left dry.  It’s a very important step because it’ll help us to section the areas of hair perfectly and make precise cuts.


  • After thoroughly wetting the hair, comb it with your hair-cutting comb.


Now, the hair is ready to be sectioned!

  • Divide the whole head in two, from ear to ear. Do this first division with a tail comb because it’ll be easier for you.
  • Then, at the back half, section it in two again.
  • Take the front half, which is free. Mark a rectangle that’ll be in the middle of the head. To mark the points, take guide strands from that rectangle, guided by the eyebrows arch. What is a guide strand? It’s a small lock or strand that you take from the adjoining parting to know where you’ll cut and make sure all the lengths are equal.
  • Then, finally, separate the two sections, which will be just above your ears.


This completes the five sections you’ll for your cut: two at the back and three at the front. And the rectangle stays in the middle of the head between the eyebrow arch and eyebrow to the crown of the head.

Now you’re ready to move on to layering. So, you’re probably wondering:


What do I need to keep in mind when it comes to layering my hair?

What you need to keep in mind, depending on how many layers you want, is to raise the hair more or less.

The benefit of the five-section scheme is that you can use it for any layered cut.

 It’s a basic and classic scheme that’ll give you professionalism,  especially if you don’t have much practice yet, or if you want to do it yourself.


Yes, you can use these sections to do the layered cut yourself! I’m going to give you a tip if you want to cut your own hair.


What do I have to do if I cut my own hair?

You have to use those sections, but comb them upwards at 180 degrees and secure them with a rubber band, so no strands escape.

You’ll find a million tutorials on how to layer your hair yourself. However, if you follow the steps of these five amazing sectionings and work through them one by one, your layered cut will look amazing. I assure you there’s no room for error.

If you think you don’t need to ask for help, go ahead and do it yourself!


What difficulties might I encounter when sectioning my hair?

Your client may bring a previous cut or some shorter strands.

If you comb up any of the sections and discover uneven lengths, I suggest you continue as usual.  You’ll see that by working on each section separately, the cut will blend perfectly. 


Never forget the guide strands for each section. They’re strategic in all haircuts. If they didn’t exist, you would be cutting blindly, and it would never be exact.



Do you want to do a layered cut with no room for error, or are you in the mood to do a haircut yourself?


I assure you that with patience, moisturizing your hair well, and combing it in the five sections that I just showed you, you won’t make any mistakes.

Just follow the steps I’ve detailed and make it as long as you want, according to the length of the layers you want. With these sections, you’re guaranteed success!

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