Does bangs make you look younger? What kind of bangs should you choose?

hide the hairline and wrinkles

  • Bangs will always make you look younger because they help hide expression lines and hairline.
  • It’s best to choose a “parted” or “long” bangs, as they suit all types of faces.
  • It is very important that you learn to comb it correctly for a perfect look, achieving the rejuvenating effect you are looking for. In a few moments I’ll tell you how to do it.


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Oh, the years don’t come alone. Not at all. The luggage can be quite heavy. Years give us experience, memories, and experiences which, when we look back, can be a revealing and wonderful experience.

However, they also bring us wrinkles which, in most cases, begin to show on the face. The truth is, they are quite hateful. Especially those wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes.

rejuvenates the face

We would all like to drink from the water of youth to keep us always young, but that only exists in universal literature.

So, what can you do besides using a daily anti-ageing cream?


Renew your look.  Yes, by renewing your look, and adding bangs to your hairstyle, I can guarantee you’ll get rid of a few years.  


In addition, you will achieve a more casual and youthful look, giving your face a new radiance.

Did I make you smile?


Then, keep reading, because I’ll tell you:

  • The style of bangs that will make you look younger
  • How to style and maintain bangs to rejuvenate a face

Are you ready to rejuvenate, without the need for a scalpel?

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What style of bangs will make you look younger?

Do you think there’s only one kind of bangs?


Welcome to the new reality!

There are different types of bangs for different face shapes. Within those types, there are some that are rejuvenating par excellence.


 For me, within these styles of bangs, there are two clear winner because they make you look younger, but they also adapt to all face shapes. 

Do you want to know what they are?


The “parted” bangs and the “long” bangs. Let’s look at them one by one.


  • Parted bangs to make you look younger

removes years from the face

This is one of my favorites if you want to look younger, but also look for a low-maintenance and easy-to-comb alternative.

It will also be good for you if you have a long forehead.

 Don’t be ashamed of your long forehead. You can hide it perfectly like I did. Yes, I also tried bangs to look younger.   Do you know why?


Because I lost a lot of hair when I had my son.

So much so, that the hairline became obvious. So, I gave up the feeding bottle for a few minutes and I renewed my look with parted bangs, which disguised my forehead perfectly.


I’m not telling you that I became a fifteen year old mother, but at least, youth came back to my face and, with it, my smile.

In addition, if you don’t have much time to get ready in the morning, you’ll find it’s very easy to comb and make it look neat, since you can wear it parted in the middle or swept to the side.


  • Curatin bangs, to take years off with low maintenance

parted in the middle

This bangs style is also suitable for any type of face, as well as any amount of hair.

It’s practically the same as the “parted bangs”, but a little shorter.

Are you one of those people who don’t go to the hairdresser’s often?


Then, this is your ideal choice because, when it grows again, it looks like a parted bangs

 So, you’ll still look young and your hair will still be neat.  


Now, what if your face is rounded or angular? Don’t worry, there’s also bangs option that will make you look younger.


  • Layered bangs, to lengthen the face and make it younger

This is a version with longer bangs, especially on the sides, which will lengthen your face, while giving your features a “sweet fifteen” look.

You’ll definitely love this style of bangs, as it will give a beautiful frame to your face and you’ll see how it conceals the hardness of your features.


  • Blunt bangs, for a classic look

shoulder length hair

If you don’t like to experiment too much with your hair, the straight, blunt bangs is ideal for you.

You can tune it at the ends to make it lighter and give you a more unstructured look, without leaving aside the classic line. It is also ideal for women who have a lot of hair.


  • Shaggy bangs, for a younger and bold look

hide the forehead wrinkles

If you have a round or square face, this kind of bangs won’t work on you. But, if you want to give your hair more volume in addition to taking years off, choose this style.

Shaggy bangs are a slightly shorter, super stripped bangs with a lot of texture, which is achieved by cutting thin, delicate layers.


Have you chosen the bangs style that will take years off of you?

Then, it’s time to know how to style it to keep the shape.


How to style and maintain your bangs to rejuvenate your face

First of all, it’s very important that you always have a good heat protectant spray on hand. Do you know why?


  After having a haircut, you’ll have to comb your bangs for the first two weeks until they fit that new style.  

To do that you’ll have to use heat tools. That’s why the heat protectant will protect the hair fibers from extreme heat, whether it’s from the flat iron or the hairdryer. The idea is to look younger, but without ruining your hair.


  • The first thing you’ll do with freshly washed hair is to apply a little heat protectant and, then, use your blow dryer to dry it, using only your fingers.
  • You’ll dry it back and forth, up and down, to remove any swirls or streaks.
  • Then, with the help of a brush, you will comb it for the side you want. You can also use the flat iron for a neater finish of your bangs.


Now, all that remains is for you to draw a smile and show the world that, overnight, and only with bangs, you have left ten years of your life behind.

You will simply have to cut it out to keep the shape and this will depend on the style of bangs you have chosen. The longer it is, the more often you will need to trim it.



A fringe is the best way to rejuvenate a face, as it helps to eliminate expression lines on the forehead and around the eyes.

Just choose the style of bangs that best suits the shape of your face.


For those who don’t want to become slave to bangs, but want to look younger, I recommend the “parted” bangs and the “long” bangs, as they fit all faces.

What style of bangs will you choose to look younger?

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