Does thin hair look better short or long? What haircuts favor fine hair?

girl with bob cut at the hair salon

  • Fine hair looks best when short.
  • The best haircuts for fine hair are bob, pixie, layered cuts, and bangs.
  • When you learn how to style and shape your fine hair, it looks amazing.
  • You can also help your fine hair with texturizing products, highlights, fantasy colors, and blow-drying. I´ll tell you about it in this article.
  • And if you don’t want to give up your long hair, here are 3 tips to keep your fine hair long and textured.


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If you prefer not to cut your hair, here you’ll find 3 tips to keep your fine hair long


Do you spend hours in the mirror trying to shape your hair?

Do you comb it back and forth and it´s still dull?


There is a solution: TRIMMING your hair.

In this article, we’ll see  why it’s better to keep your hair short if you have fine hair. I’ll also show you the cuts that suit you best. 

We’ll also look at products and techniques that will help you add volume to your fine hair.

Don’t miss it!


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sad lady with very fine hair

First, identify if you have fine hair or just a small mane.

  • Fine hair is thin. Its diameter is 2 millimeters smaller than normal hair.
  • It tangles easily.
  • It tends to have split ends.
  • It dries quickly after washing.


 Having fine hair isn’t synonymous with having little quantity. 

There are manes with a lot of hair, but as it’s fine, it seems not to be much hair.

This’s important when it comes to choosing the cut.


If you have fine hair, it’s better to wear it short

smiling lady with bob haircut

When hair is fine, if you wear it long,  it’ll have a lot of weight and be difficult to add texture and body.  So, as I said, the best thing to do is to keep it short.

Here are the best haircuts. You should also learn how to add texture and body to your fine hair.


Haircuts that suit you best if you have fine hair

The best haircut for your fine hair doesn’t need too much attention and keeps its shape after washing. Phew!

Who wouldn’t want that every time?


 For your fine hair, short hair is definitely best. 

It won’t only add texture and volume to your hair, but also your own personality. Here are the best haircuts for fine hair, according to my experience:


Pixie cut for fine hair


Undoubtedly, the pixie is a very risky cut! However, whether you have little or a lot of hair, it’ll be ideal for fine hair.

Why do I say that?


You can get out of the shower, tease your roots and that’s it!  Volume and style in a minute. 

If you want, you can add a short fringe. I love it!


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Bob cut: a great option for fine hair

touch up pixie with scissors to avoid mullet

The bob is one of the most popular haircuts in the world, because it’s suitable for all styles. You can have straight, wavy, or curly hair, and it’s perfect for anyone.

It’s one of my favorites. Do you know why?


I always struggled   with my straight hair.  It’s thin and it always looks the same. One day, I discovered this cut and it was my salvation!

I wouldn’t change it for anything!


Short and straight hair: simplicity and elegance

from pixie to bob


Cut your hair straight and always keep it above your shoulders. Cut your hair straight and always keep it above your shoulders.  This cut is ideal if you have fine hair.

I advise you not to go past shoulder length because it could cause the opposite effect to the one you want to achieve.


Short bob cut: a classic that never goes out of style and is ideal if you have fine hair

The hair is at jaw level with full layers. It creates the feeling of texture and volume.

This classic cut is a favorite of actors and models of all time.


Layered cut: an excellent idea to add volume

needs little styling time

If you have thinning hair, a layered cut will help to add texture and density to your mane. But be careful:  when your hair is thin, the layers shouldn’t overlap each other. Otherwise, you’ll create the opposite effect. 

With this option, you can choose your hair length. You can also add some waves!


Bangs for your fine hair

cut ends every 20 days

I love bangs: they frame and change your features. You have to choose your bangs according to your features.

 If your face is long, the bangs shouldn’t go past your jaw. 

If your face is round, opt for longer bangs.

For fine hair, open bangs or short but low-length bangs are excellent options.


Cutting isn’t everything: techniques and products to add volume to fine hair

Bleached fine hair with colored streaks

  • Highlights: : Highlights add depth to your mane as well as a unique touch. This is a very good solution for fine hair because  the color of the highlights will give that visual effect of volume. 

Get a great haircut and you’ll look amazing! Highlights are on trend, take advantage of it.


  • Fantasy colors: they’re trendy and special.  Playing with colors gives that effect of density in the hair. It’ll make all the difference.

You can see here some fantasy colors for cold skin and warm skin.


  • The hairstyle: The hairstyle is very important when we talk about fine hair and especially if you have little quantity.

Whichever cut you choose, blow-drying is essential when it comes to achieving volume.

 If you chose layers, blow dry it with the head down and give it lots of movement.  If you chose a short bob cut, always comb it inside out.


  • Texturizers and sprays: Texturizers are a good option if you have a special day. But I don’t advise you to use hairspray daily because it dries out the hair.


3 tips to keep your fine hair long

Girl curls her fine hair to make it look more

 If you want to wear your hair down to your waist,  it’s also possible.

  • Tip 1: Get soft waves at the ends for movement.
  • Tip 2: Vary your hair parting. For example, take all your hair to one side to add volume and style.
  • Tip 3: Get highlights and colors. They always add density, which is great for fine hair.



If you hesitate between wearing your fine hair short or long,  the best is to go for it and wear it short.   Whether you have a little or a lot, short hair will always add volume to your fine hair. 

If you follow these tips, I assure you that fine hair is going to be your best secret. Enjoy!

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