Does short hair make your face look fatter or skinnier?

parted in the middle

Do you want to know if your short hair can help your face look thinner?


Many women that come to the salon want to try to cut their hair short, but they are worried about increasing the volume of the their face.

There is nothing to worry about because short hair makes the face look thinner if you use the right style for your features.


Lucia, one of my clients was afraid of changing her look and now has a short hair cut that is more tuned and harmonious with her face.

Do you want to get that too?

bob style

Of course you do!

That’s why, I’m going to help you choose the style that works best for you.


 When Lucia got to my salon, she said she wanted to change her look and try something that she had never done before: short hair. 

But someone had told her that short hair isn’t Good for women that have round or thicker faces, and she was afraid of ending up drawing more attention to that which she wanted to hide.

Lucia told me that she lived with an inferiority-complex about the round shape of her face, and that if there was a hair cut that would make her face look skinnier, she would do it.


To me, Lucia had a beautiful face and I wanted her to see that, which is why, taking into account her taste, her features, and her request to want to polish her face, I worked on an asymmetrical pixie cut with a large side bang combed toward her cheek.


When Lucia looked in the mirror, she was so surprised she almost screamed.

Her new look gave her what she wanted: a longer face, more stylized features and we highlighted the areas that we wanted to pop.


 When Lucia went to the salon, she wasn’t the same, and I don’t mean for the drastic change of her look, but because she had gotten more self-confidence, reminding me of why I love my job so much. 

As a professional stylist, I take my clients’ concerns seriously, which is why I always keep up on new teachings to offer them the best quality service.

I know how important it is for you to choose the right style, which is why I want to give my best advice in the process.


That’s why I will tell you:

  • The best haircuts for round or thicker faces
  • Cuts to help polish and stylize your face
  • Cuts that you should avoid if you don’t want your face to look like a cookie


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3 haircuts that look good for people with round or thicker faces


Asymmetrical pixie

helps to sharpen the face

Asymmetrical cuts are great for you because they are the star and they draw attention away from your face.

The undercut of the pixie, the different lengths and multiple looks that you can get with this style, makes it perfect for modern, daring, risk-taking and adventurous women.


Medium Bob

slims wide faces

The bob is a very beautiful, short, and automatically stylish cut. You can use it asymmetrically or not, that will depend on your taste. Remember that the type of bob that works best for you is medium, because a short bob could give you the opposite effect of what you are looking for.

This type of cut is recommended for elegant women that like to look a bit more formal.


Medium-length hair

If you want your hair short, but not that short, then medium-length is right for you.

Accompany this cut with a few long layers that start below your jaw. This detail will give volume at your ends and will help hide your round face.


Hair at your shoulders or just above your shoulders accompanied by soft waves will look marvelous on you.

If you are a more classic woman and you like your hair to look natural and simple, this would be the perfects style for you.


With these pieces of advice, you will polish your face

hide big face

  • The important thing about short hair to hide your round features is to have volume at the ends, otherwise, your face will look rounder.
  • Reducing the volume at the sides and increasing it at the crown will soften your features.
  • Straight hair is ideal to lengthen round faces.
  • Soft waves are the best. Curls are not recommended.
  • Bangs can become your best friend. To stylize your face, chose one large side bang.


The cuts you should avoid if you don’t want your face to look like a cookie

These types of styles aren’t meant for women that want to polish their face.

  • Avoid a sytle that is too short, for example, those cuts that are very close to your scalp.
  • Don’t use a short bob or any other cut that is at the chin or higher.
  • Avoid short cuts at the sides.



As you can see, there is a perfect cut for all types of faces, and as long as you can get used to it, you can do it.

It is important that the stylist you go to is sincere with you, just as you are sincere with her.


Be clear at the moment you explain what you want and what you don’t want with your hair.

 I recommend to my clients that they take two pictures of the looks they want to achieve. Based on that, we can evaluate which would look better. Some times we don’t decide for one or the other, but we do a mix of both. 


The most important is that you keep in mind your tastes, your features, your type of face, and even your stature.

I hope that you have found your next look with me, or at least you have a clearer idea. Remember that the most attractive look is one that goes with a smile and a confident woman.


And you, have you discovered the best cut for your face?

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