Are layers good for thick hair? What kind of layers should I choose?

  • Layers are good for thick hair as long as they are designed considering hair and length types.
  • As a professional, I recommend long layers that are light at the ends. They’re the only ones that won’t inflate or create the helmet effect you want to avoid.


thick hair

Thick hair looks spectacular at first sight. However, as a stylist, I can guarantee that I know many women who have thick hair and suffer from it every day. Does it happen to you too?


In general, thick hair gets too big; it’s hard to manage; it tends to get too dry, and it’s hard to maintain and style.

If you feel identified and  you’re wondering if layers are good for your thick hair, let me tell you that they are. 


Layers offer many advantages, even in thick hair. You just have to get the right cut according to the effect you want to achieve.

Read on. I’ll tell you which cuts are the most appropriate to avoid the opposite effect you’re looking for.


Let’s start with the length of your hair. It’s not the same to have longer than shoulder length hair. I’ll tell you what you can do in each case.

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What layers are good if I have thick, long hair?

caramel highlights

If you have long, thick hair, the volume is most likely under control. Why?


When thick hair is cut straight, it has a significant weight and it’s possible to control it.

But if you’re really bored of wearing it that way,  I guarantee that it won’t get big if you design a long-layered cut. It’ll also add lightness to your long thick hair and  give you a completely new look.


Also, you have the option to get light layers only at the ends to keep your look without compromising the length or having to make big changes.


What’s a possible layering style if I have thick and medium-length hair?

If your hair is shoulder-length and you’re thinking about layering it, you won’t have many options for long layering. You could make the mistake of getting extreme volume.

I advise you not to cut your thick mid-length hair straight. It may generate the puffy ends effect or helmet effect of thick and heavy hair.


The best thing for thick and midi hair is light and thin layers. Even though the layers add volume, if you thin them, they’ll have a lighter-tip effect.

You can also opt for an interesting alternative: adding a blunt side fringe to accompany the new layers.


There’s nothing worse than wearing a badly designed cut. If you don’t want to rely on your hairdryer, choose lightweight layers.


What are the benefits of layers on my thick hair?

blonde dyed

As I mentioned above, layers have many benefits. They are super stylish and don’t go out of style.


If you want to look younger and lighter, layers are ideal. They’ll help you to shape and master thicker hair, create modern looks, and reduce drying time.


Layers, especially lightweight ones, will never be a problem for you. When you don’t want to wear them anymore, just let them grow out and you’re done.


Are there any disadvantages to a layered haircut for thick hair?

cascading layers

I have some good news: as long as you wear the suggested layers at your length, you won’t find any disadvantages. On the contrary, the benefits are many.


If you cut your hair too short, remember that you run the risk of getting a helmet effect or increasing your volume too much.

Always go for layers that help thin your thick hair.


So if you don’t want to end up with badly cut layers, I recommend you visit a good stylist to have them done.


Do I have any other alternatives for my thick hair?

Of course, you do. I’ll tell you about the different options you can choose for your hair type.


  • You can get a pixie or boyish cut.

eight months

These cuts are usually layered and will look great on your thick hair. They’re a great option if you’re looking to make a change and cut your hair short.


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  • You can wear beautiful hairstyles.


You also have the option of wearing beautiful hairstyles in your thick hair. For example, braids look great and will help you style it. High ponytails will also be your ally. If you have layers, even better, as they’ll look more aesthetic and thinner.


  • You can accompany the cut with styling products.

for a party

While layers will help you a lot, you have to use anti-frizz products to prevent your thick hair from playing tricks on you.


Also, nurture it and keep it hydrated at all times. Masks are an excellent daily care option.

You can also  use a spray to help your layers stand out so that they shape without heat. 


  • You can space out your hair washes

wait at least 72 hours

Thick hair tends to dehydrate more than any other hair type and gets rougher to the touch. Therefore, you have to wash less often.  This way, you’ll avoid sweeping away the essential oils that protect your hair and you’ll keep it healthy. 

When washing your thick hair, try to give it extra moisture. As I said before, you can alternate a good conditioner with a nutrition mask.



Now you know what layers are best for your thick hair depending on your hair length and the cut you want.

Thick hair looks great, but it has its own tricks to make it shine. After everything I’ve taught you, I’m sure you’ll find the look that suits your hair best and you’ll be able to get the most out of it!

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