Growing out a pixie cut without trimming it: foolproof 5-stage plan starting today.

  • To grow your pixie cut without trimming it, you’ll need two things: patience and creativity.
  • Patience because the shape of your pixie cut will disappear between 9 months to 1 year. It’ll transform into incredible short hair or Bob cut.
  • Creativity because, if you don’t want to trim your hair, you’ll need styling products such as gels and mousses, and accessories. They’ll help you style your Pixie Cut in a fun way as your hair grows out.
  • And today, I’m giving you a foolproof 5-stage plan to grow out your Pixie Cut without being tempted to trim your hair.


short hair to medium length

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Have you been wearing that Pixie cut for a long time and feel it’s time to grow out your hair?


You’re facing a challenge that can only be met with patience.

The worst thing that can happen to you if you decide to grow out your Pixie Cut is to lose your temper and trim your hair.

 Hair doesn’t grow out overnight. You knew that when you decided to get a Pixie cut. But it does grow eventually. 


And there are ways to master and tidy up the funny and whimsical shapes that the Pixie cut takes on when it grows out. You’ll need hair products and accessories.

That’s why today, I want to advise you so that you can go through this process as naturally and gracefully as possible without having to trim your hair.


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Why will hairstyle products and accessories be your best allies while growing out your Pixie cut?

does not damage hair

Because you’ll be able to add texture to your Pixie, finding the form that best suits your style.


Hair accessories can also help you in this process. You can wear hats, bandanas, buckles, headbands, and even hair extensions if you wish.

I know. As you read this, you’ll be thinking, “How long will it take to grow out my Pixie cut?”


How long will my pixie cut take to grow out?

To be honest, the growth time will depend on the type of pixie you had, how it’s cut, and even your genetics.

However, according to the general rules and my stylist’s knowledge, you’ll have enough hair to say goodbye to your Pixie cut after 9 to 12 months.

Does that seem like a long time?


I can assure you that time will fly.

 During the transition from leaving your Pixie cut behind, you’ll learn a lot of new ways to style your hair in a fun and unique way that you never imagined before. 


But remember,  to reach your goal (growing out your Pixie cut without trimming it), you’ll have to fill with patience and learn to master those moments of despair  while your hair grows and it seems out of control.

What do you do in those desperate moments to keep yourself away from the scissors?


Plan ahead as I’ll detail below.

Are you ready? Let’s start with the first stage.

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Stage 1: 1 to 3 months after Pixie cut

transition to grow hair

The saying goes that the one who warns is not a traitor. So, I’m telling you straight out: these will be the three most difficult months you’ll face while growing out your hair after a Pixie cut.


 It’s like when you quit smoking. The first few months are terrible, but then you finally get used to it, and you start missing the cigarette less. 

Why is this one of the hardest stages?


Because your hair will have started to grow out and, then, you’ll notice that the neat shape you had is not there anymore.

Don’t worry! You’re still in charge of your hair and you’ll be able to control it.  And you’ll have the help of wet and dry gels and hair texturizers. 


 Those elements will help you play with different shapes and create some of the short hairstyles that will make you look super sensual. 

Shorthaired hairstyles?


Of course, they exist! In the styling world, creativity has no limits and your slightly grown-up Pixie cut can give you many different styles.

For example:

  • You can put on gel on the sides and give volume to the peak or top, as you prefer to call it.
  • If you have curls, you can play with your natural volume.
  • If you have straight hair, dare to give it volume and movement with a flat iron or a curling iron, if the length of the Pixie cut makes it possible.


Stage 2: 4 to 5 months after Pixie cut

hair accessories

It’s a completely playful stage to continue experimenting with the hairstyles and different textures of the grown out Pixie.

This is a crucial time when you should not give up and trim your hair.  On the contrary, if you’ve made it this far, you can’t give up or even think about the scissors 


You may be tired of gels and styling products by now. When you don’t use them, you feel that your hair’s shape is a constant reminder of that tiredness.

But you have to resist. If you let despair win, all the effort you’ve put in so far will be worthless. Please don’t throw it all away and change your strategy.



By alternating styling products with accessories. Want some ideas?


  • If you’re timid and don’t like to call attention right away, you can take some of your most rebellious locks and hold them with invisible pins and some gel.


  •    A tip? Choose designs in neutral colors because they’ll be easier to combine with the rest of your clothes.


  • If you have already passed all the “I believe in myself” tests, enjoy some bandanas to wear in your grown-out Pixie cut. They bring color and freshness.


  • For the boldest, hats are the most sophisticated accessories. Best of all, you can find them in all sizes, textures, and colors.


  • Finally, remember the latest fashion: the spectacular effect of wet hair that can be achieved with a considerable amount of fixative styling gel and bringing the hair back.


Stage 3: 6 to 7 months after Pixie cut

from short to medium hair

Here you are. It’s been a little over half a year now, you know? And you’ve come this far without trimming a single hair and putting a lot of creativity into achieving hairstyles that are fun and comfortable.


However, we still can’t call it a victory. At this stage of the transition, there’s still a bit to go. Your nape and sideburns will be full of short hair in very different stages and you won’t be able to recognize the kind of cut you have.


 Believe me I understand you. It’s definitely not a Pixie cut and it’s not a Bob cut either. However, you have to be nice to yourself: you still have to be patient. 

Don’t despair. You’re about to pass that limit. It’s the limit that allows you to reach your goal and have your hair long enough to stop being Pixie and become a Bob cut: short hair where the sides are longer than the nape of the neck.

How can you style your grown-out Pixie at this stage?


  • Comb out the front strand, with side bangs. Take the rest of the hair behind your ears, holding it with buckles or just fixing styling gel.
  • You can also add a headband or bow with a nice decorative accessory.
  • For evening outings or parties, you can lift the hair at the back of your neck with gel and simulate a high hairdo. Alternatively, free your imagination with waves to make it even more shaggy.


Stage Four: 8 to 9 months after Pixie cut

eight months

You’re one step away from your goal. It’s been nine months, yes, the same as pregnancy.

And in a way, you have also created something new in you. You possibly even discovered that you succeed when you set your mind to a goal because you have the perseverance and patience to do it.


 At this point, your Pixie cut is just a memory. You probably look like a shaggy Bob out of proportions.  The worst part of our journey to leave behind a Pixie cut has been left behind.

From now on, styling your hair will be easier. All you’ll have to do is touch up the nape of your neck to transform your new hair into a Bob.


Stage 5: 11 to 12 months after Pixie cut

in one year

You’ve done it! Your hair will probably be either under your jaw or over your shoulders.

You’ve been through many stages, and there were good days and bad days in each of them. There were moments when you didn’t even want to look in the mirror and other moments when you had fun trying on hats to hide your short hair.


By now, you’re an expert in short hair. Even better, you can show off your hair in an amazing Bob, where the length on the sides will make you smile every day.

All that’s left is for me to say congratulations on your journey!



The Pixie cut is elegant, sensual, and fun. However, when you decide to let it grow out, the transition is a hard process that will make you go through all kinds of sensations.

To avoid the temptation to trim it, you must set a goal to reach a Bob cut within nine to twelve months.


And as the months go by, learn how to manage your grown-out Pixie with styling products such as gels, and accessories, which will allow you to play with different hairstyles.

Ready to grow out your Pixie without trimming your hair?

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