I Am a Woman, Which Side Should I Part My Hair? Hint: your face shape is the key

long straight hair

  • To know which side you should part your hair, you should evaluate your face shape, hair type, and haircut.
  • People with round faces should avoid side partings. Other face shapes allow you to play with both left and right side partings.
  • The type of haircut you have will also determine the hair part. It could be a middle, right, or left part. For example, if you have curls, you should opt for the middle part.


There’s so much talk about gender that it also includes hair parting.

Let me tell you something: the way you part your hair has nothing to do with whether you’re a woman, a man, or whatever your sexual orientation is.

It doesn’t have to do with political ideologies either.


 In short, whether you part your hair to the left, to the right, or the middle shows how you feel most comfortable. It’s as simple as that. 


highlights her face

If you feel that parting your hair to the left flatters you, that’s the right side for you. After all, we tend to be the strictest judges of our appearance.

However, you may part your hair to the left and not feel comfortable with it. Then, if you don’t feel comfortable either parting your hair to the right, you can take some other issues into account to make up your mind.


At the end of the day,  the best you can do to define how to part your hair is to try different alternatives. 


  • You can part your hair to the left for one week. During that week, you can make the most of this option with different hair accessories, different makeup colors, and even different outfits.
  • The following week, part your hair to the right. Again, experiment with the accessories you can think of, including gels, curlers, or mousses.
  • During the third week, try a middle parting, but don’t forget to accompany the change with different shades of makeup, clothing, and accessories.


After three weeks, your experimentation stage will be over. Just like any researcher, you can draw your conclusions.

  • Have you ever felt like a goddess when you combed your hair with the part on the right?
  • Did you feel that the part on the left highlighted those features you wanted to hide from your face?
  • Or maybe you’ve realized that for you, a middle part is best?


If after those three weeks, you still don’t feel comfortable, and you don’t know which side you should part your hair, it’s time to evaluate other issues. Do you want to know which ones?

Read on.

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Where to part your hair according to your face shape

bob cut

Round, square, oval, heart-shaped, triangular, and rectangular. I’m not talking about geometric shapes, but the different shapes of the human face.


We, stylists, consider them even when deciding which haircut to make.

 If you want to know which side to part your hair, your face shape can give you some clues. 


If your face is round, your best option is the middle part.

This way, you’ll be able to slim and elongate the sides because the body of the hair lengthens the face.

You can innovate by styling your hair with a bobby pin or leaving it behind your ears. You can also let a strand flow on each side or style your hair in an updo or semi updo with those strands flowing on the sides.


If you have a square face, you can use a part on the left or right side.

It’ll soften your features and lengthen your face.


 Part your hair on the side leaving about two centimeters from the middle.  It’ll take away the harshness of your jaw and get a fresher and softer style.

Do you have shorter bangs than the rest of your hair?


Don’t be afraid of the part to the side! Play with thinning out the sides.


If you have an oval face, you can part your hair to the middle or the sides.

The oval face adapts to all haircuts and hairstyles.


So,  take advantage of this opportunity that nature gave you. Surprise everyone with a left side parting one day and another day with a right side part.  

Take advantage of the versatility of your face.


If your face is rectangular, part your hair on the side you like best.

In this case, both your forehead and jaw are the same width. What do you need?


To slim your face shape!

You can part your hair on the left or right side, whichever you feel more comfortable with.

A good option is to layer the sides from the ear down to balance the proportions between the forehead and chin.


If your face is heart-shaped, comb your hair with a side parting.

In this case, your face has a wide forehead and a very thin chin area. So, you should look for a balance between the two.

That’s why I recommend a side parting. It’ll reduce the width of your forehead. If you leave a long fringe on the side, you’ll balance it with the thinner area.


If your face is triangular, a middle parting is the best alternative.

As your forehead is narrower than the cheekbone and jaw area, you need to create volume.

If your hair has a one-length cut, choose the side parting that is more comfortable for you. If your bangs are at the level of the cheekbones, try a part. It’ll create volume at the top and a more harmonious face.


Where to part your hair according to hair type

side part

  • If you have curls, you probably have a lot of volume. Therefore, you can part your hair to the left or to the right. Take into account the shape of your face.


  • If your hair is straight, you can style the parting either in the middle or on the side taking into account the shape of your face. If you prefer to use a side parting, you can take advantage of a good haircut that will help you get more volume or lower it if you have a lot of hair.


And speaking of haircuts…

oval face

  • The side part looks good on mid-length or shoulder-length hair.
  • The middle part will allow you to stylize your features in cuts like the long bob. You can also choose a middle part for a layered cut from the jaw down.



Parting your hair to the left, right, or the middle will depend on how you feel most comfortable. If you can’t find your style, you can help yourself by taking into account the shape of your face and even your haircut.

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