What happens if you never cut your hair? Nothing good and a hairdresser explains why…

Long haired girl covers her mouth in shock.

If you never cut your hair, here’s what will happen to you:

  • You’ll get split ends.
  • Your hair will be constantly tangled.
  • Your hair will lose body and volume.
  • When you finally go to the salon, you’ll be forced to cut much more than just the ends.


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Do you get lazy going to the salon and wonder how bad it could get if you never cut your hair?

Maybe you think that never cutting your hair will make it grow infinitely until you become like Rapunzel, right?


Well, I have some bad news for you.

If you never cut your hair, not only  will it not grow infinitely, but it also won’t look as pretty as Rapunzel’s hair.

Hair, like nails, grows from the root. So as time goes by,  the ends deteriorate. 


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Of course, this depends a lot on the care you give your hair:  using a hair dryer or straightener at high temperatures, bathing with hot water,  tying your hair in tight pigtails, rubbing it with a towel, dyeing or bleaching, chlorine, sun, wind…

 All these factors weaken your hair  and you know what?


If you don’t cut those ends, that deterioration will soon spread to all your hair. Still not sure?

To convince you, in this article I’ll tell you exactly what can happen to you if you never cut your hair.


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If you never cut your hair, you will have split ends

Girl worried about her split ends

As I said above, if you never cut your hair, the ends will split. How?


The cuticle, which is the outer part of the hair,  weakens and frays. 

Therefore, this exposes the cortex, i.e. the inner layer of your hair. This increases the risk of brittle hair.


If you never cut it, your hair will be tangled all the time

Girl frustrated by her super tangled hair

If you don’t cut the damaged ends, they will be much thinner and weaker.

As a result,  your hair will become very tangled  and you will struggle daily to untangle it. Want to know more?


Every time you comb your hair, the brush will be full of hairs: not the hairs you normally lose when detangling your hair, but  hairs that broke because they were weak. 


If you don’t cut your hair, it will lose body and volume

Girl with damaged and flattened hair

As it tangles and breaks,  your hair will gradually lose body and volume.  It’s as if you gradually removed each of the bristles from a broom. Can you imagine how thin the broom would get?


Of course, you won’t go bald, but you won’t have healthy hair either. If your hair is fine, not cutting it is a big mistake.


If you never cut your hair, when you go to the salon you’ll have to remove much more than just the ends

damaged hair

So, what happens if you’re careless and go too long without going to the hair salon? Damaged ends will be the least of your problems because the cuticle will open up and the damage will go all the way down to the root. So what does that mean?


Well, you’ll be forced to  cut a lot more than just the ends. 


I know I’ve probably scared you off! I admit that’s the point of my article. Of course, I’m not doing it out of malice. Simply put,  my advice as a professional hairdresser is to always trim your ends. 


But fear not, you don’t need to go to the hairdresser’s once a month. Cutting your hair every 2 or 3 months is more than enough.

If you do this,  your hair will continue to grow at its natural rate,  but it will look a thousand times HEALTHIER.


This way, you’ll avoid having to cut it too short on your next hair salon visit as you do when your hair is brittle, ugly, or limp.


Hair grows about 1 cm per month. So,  if you cut just one centimeter every three months  your length won’t be affected.

But this simple action will make a big difference to your hair. It will be stronger and shinier, just like you always wanted it to be.


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Here’s a 100% true story of a woman who went years without cutting her hair

Very surprised long haired girl covers her mouth

Soledad hadn’t cut her hair in years. And not only that: her hair had endured dyeing, balayage, and re-dyeing. But Soledad still hadn’t cut an inch of her hair.


When she came to my salon,  her hair was very thin  and, from her shoulders to her waist, she had very little hair (unlike the top).

Can you imagine her reaction to the solution I offered her?


My new client almost fainted when I told her that  to get her hair back she had to cut it. 

But there are no magic solutions to instantly regain hair thickness and volume.

Although hesitant at first, she agreed to cut her ends, and then, over the months, I kept cutting little by little until I removed all the ugly, damaged hair.

The result?


Her hair was super healthy and, since that time, she learned her lesson. Now  Soledad comes every two months without fail for her haircut.  Mission accomplished!



If you never cut your hair,  it will break and won’t look pretty at all . Instead, if you cut it every two or three months, you’ll be able to show off your long hair, and most importantly: it will be HEALTHY.

Now tell me, have I achieved my goal?

Are you ready to cut your hair?

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