Should a man dye his hair before or after a haircut?

a man dye his hair before a haircut

  • As a stylist, I always recommend my clients color their hair before they get a haircut.
  • Coloring is a chemical process that dries out the hair. Therefore, after coloring, you’ll remove the damaged parts and choose the cut that best suits your new color.
  • You should also visit a salon that specializes in men’s haircuts. I’ll tell you about that later.


Of course, this is a professional opinion. When a man visits me at the salon to get a coloring session and a haircut,   I do the color first. Then, we do the haircut.  


The order, anyway, depends on the professional stylist. Of course, it also depends on the client and his expectations.

For example, some men dye their hair to hide their grays. To be honest, Richard Gere and George Clooney, for example, look great with their gray hair.

However, not all men are comfortable with gray hair. The same goes for women.


Some are happy when they stop coloring their hair to show off their grays. Others, in turn, can’t bear to see gray roots.

It seems that Mars and Venus are in agreement this time.


Also, times have changed.

Nowadays, men are encouraged to wear highlights. In the past, however, people used to disguise their coloring jobs with phrases like, “I didn’t do anything to my hair. It must be the sun that highlighted my hair.”

People would say so even in the middle of winter.


Of course, millennials have come to break all the schemes. They dare to bleach their hair to wear fantasy, daring, and customized colors.


So, my dear gentleman, if you want to color and cut your hair, you can ask some stylists for their opinions.

As regards me, I prefer to apply the color and then cut the hair.

Here’s why.

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Men should color their hair and then cut it

dye in man and then haircut
There’s a reason for this.

If you’re coloring your hair for the first time, you should know what you’re dealing with.
Your hair needs to undergo a chemical process to change colors. During this chemical process, ammonia and hydrogen peroxide change the hair color, but also remove moisture and nutrients.


That’s why, after coloring your hair, you’ll probably feel that it’s drier and even brittle. But you can restore moisture and nutrients with some intensive moisturizing treatments, such as keratin or coconut masks.

Yes, men should also take care of their hair by applying moisturizing treatments!


So,   when you just want to cover gray hair or lighten its color, you can apply a hair dye.   The same applies if you want to darken your hair.


But if your hair is black and you want to go blonde, you should bleach it.

  Bleaching is more aggressive than coloring.   During bleaching, the natural pigments of the hair are removed.


Therefore, if you bleach your hair or just get highlights, it’ll be damaged. Dryness, frizz, and breakage will appear in some areas of your hair.

This is unavoidable.


Therefore,   before you trim your hair, you should change your color if you’re going to do both services.  


  • If your hair is damaged after coloring or bleaching it, the stylist will remove the damaged parts and your hair will grow strong.
  • The stylist will also adapt your new color to the new haircut.


So, here’s another important fact.


Men should choose the right salon to cut and color their hair

men's hairdresser for haircut and color
I’m sure that, by now, you’re an expert looking for opinions and recommendations online. After all, your detective drive brought you here.

Nowadays, we can all search for reviews online to choose an appropriate salon.

All you have to do is type the name of the salon in the Google search engine. In seconds, reviews and comments will pop up.


Is it good to follow recommendations?


Yes, but don’t let your critical instinct get the better of you. Look for a salon that has at least fifty reviews. Read them carefully.

What do they say about the salon? What do they criticize?


Some people, for example, rate the decor of the place. Of course, that’s not a piece of information that will guide you to professional stylists.

Instead, focus on reviews regarding professionalism, patience, the latest trends in men’s haircuts, etc. Those opinions can help you make your decision.


You should also remember that stylists have specializations.

Something similar happens in home construction. The architect develops the plans, the master builder directs the construction, and the workers carry out the work in the specific areas.

The bricklayer builds the walls and the plumber is in charge of the water pipes.


So, if you’re looking for a new male haircut and you also want to color your hair, remember that there are three types of salons for men:

  •  Barbershops:   they perform beard cuts and beard care. Some also do haircuts. They are specialists in the latest trends and modern cuts.
  •  Beauty salons:   they are jointly dedicated to all aesthetic disciplines such as color changes, cuts, straightening, perms, manicures, pedicures, massages, and waxing.
  •  Hairdressing:   they focus on the hair. That’s why stylists in hairdressing salons cut, change color, perm, straighten, and style hair.


What’s my advice regarding salons to cut and color your hair if you are a man?

If this is the first time you’re going to dye your hair, go to a hairdresser or a beauty salon. You’ll find professionals who can both dye and cut your hair.

Which professional should you choose?


You’ll find three types of professionals:

  •  Stylists:   they’ll give you advise regarding which haircut style highlights your features according to your hair type.
  •  Colorists:   They’re specialized in coloring hair.
  •  Coiffeurs:   They perform haircuts and are also trained on coloring techniques.


Therefore, if you want to cut and color your hair, I recommend you choose a salon or barber shop with a coiffeur that is specialized in men’s hair.



As a professional, I recommend you first color your hair and then cut it. You should also choose a salon with a coiffeur who specializes in men’s haircutting and color.

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