Can you cut hair with regular scissors or do they have to be professional ones?

can break the hair

Do you want to know if you can cut your hair with regular scissors?


The answer is almost obvious:

  •  If you use the scissors for cutting hair, and I repeat, “only for cutting hair,” you can use them without a problem. 
  • Now, if you use that pair of scissors for other domestic chores, like opening packages or cutting paper for your kids, the answer is that you shouldn’t use them for cutting hair.
  • Because the blades won’t be sharp enough, and instead of cutting your hair, you will tear it, leaving yourself with split ends and ruining your haircut.


I’ll give you an example, so it’s more clear.

Have you ever gone to a cloth or fabric store?


If so, you’ll have seen the store’s employee take scissors and cut the piece of fabric you need.

Did you notice that the scissors slid along the fabric without any problem, as if it were cutting air?


Afterward, you get back to your house, make some cuts in the fabric, and use the scissors you have at home to cut all types of materials. What happens?


The fabric frays everywhere, and the cut is not clean as it should be.

What’s more, you can even ruin the fabric that you bought so lovingly.

And that’s because the scissors that the fabric stores use are sharpened to perfection for cutting cloth without ruining them or causing them to fray. Also, they only use them for that purpose.


It’s the same with scissors used for hair cutting. The blades need to be sharp and in a good condition. 

So, if you want to cut your hair with the scissors that you have at home and use to cut many types of things, go ahead; no one will see you. But undoubtedly, you’ll ruin your hair, and you’ll literally hurt it.


Every day in the salon, people that cut their own hair come in desperate because their ends look bad.

Without going further back in time, a few hours ago, Paula came to see me, and she asked me if I would trim her ends, which looked horrible, completely split as if they wanted to grow in different directions.

What had happened?


One week ago, she wanted to trim her ends and used her mom’s sewing scissors.

At that moment, it seemed like everything had gone well, but after a few days, her hair started to change, and her ends were a reflection of it.

They looked completely split. Do you know why that happened?


 Because the scissors that she used had ripped her hair. 

When I asked her how it’d felt when she was cutting her hair on her own, she said that she felt as if the scissors were cutting a rope instead of her own hair.

Of course! The scissors hadn’t been sharp enough!

The result?


Three centimeters less of hair, but this time trimmed with scissors that are only used for cutting hair.

Do you still have doubts?


If so, keep reading, because I’ll tell you:

  • Why it’s better to cut hair with scissors exclusively used for that purpose
  • How the scissors you use to cut your hair should be
  • The best scissors for cutting hair that also aren’t expensive


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Why it’s best to cut your hair with scissors used exclusively for that purpose

sharp blades

Not all scissors are alike, and the same is true about knives.

Surely, you have different types of knives in your kitchen, which you use, for example, only for cutting fish or meat.

The same thing happens with scissors for cutting hair—it’s not only about the sharpness.


  •  Many people assume that the only important thing about scissors for cutting hair is the sharpness, given that it makes the cutting easier. Still, actually, the design of the scissors is also important. 

Surely, you’ve noticed that stylists use scissors that are no more than 13 centimeters, and this is because larger scissors prevent you from moving skillfully or from opening and closing them without putting too much pressure on your hands.

Scissors for haircutting aren’t thick, and the handles are minimal, and they come with a really sharp end and pointed so that you can get in your hair and make exact cuts.


  • If you use scissors that haven’t been designed for cutting hair, you can cause damage to the hair cuticle in the places you’re cutting. For that reason, even though your ends can look “fresh and healthy,” when you cut them with the wrong type of scissors, you’re just damaging your ends.

Those ends or tips split easily and quickly, like what happened to Paula, which means you’ll have to cut your hair more frequently.


If your scissors aren’t sharp, they will tear the hair fibers, damage the cuticle, and create split ends, which can appear even two weeks after cutting your hair.


  • Did you know that, also, the scissors that stylists use are self-sharpening? 

Each time we cut hair, the edge is sharpened, so for the next cut, it’s as if the scissors have never been used before. Also, its blades have a different slant that’s much more precise than common scissors.


What the scissors that you use to cut your hair should be like

Now you know the importance of using scissors that are just for cutting hair, exclusively for this purpose.

If you’re going to have in your home a pair of scissors that’s just for cutting your hair, then you should have these things in mind:

  • Don’t choose scissors with big blades.
  • Sharpen the scissors after each cut.
  • Oil the pin of the scissors so that the pivot point doesn’t get stuck, and it slides during the cut without a problem.
  • Always sterilize the scissors after using them.
  • Clean the scissors well so that it isn’t hairy or doesn’t get hairs stuck in the pin.
  • Now, if you’re one of those girls who likes to do everything by themselves, from coloring to cuts and styling, I recommend that you invest some money and you buy professional scissors.

    Some professional scissors are perfect and affordable for everybody. Do you want to know which these are?


    Good, affordable scissors for cutting hair

    Some of my clients prefer to trim the ends of their hair on their own because of a concern for the cost. What I do ask them is always to use good scissors.

    Specifically, I recommend these two brands:



    These scissors for cutting hair seem very practical, because of their size, given that they aren’t more than 17 centimeters and are stainless steel, which means they have an anti-rust treatment.

    Also, their slip-proof handles will give you more control when you’re doing the haircut.


    • LePINKO

    This brand also stands out for the quality of its materials and measurements, which allow you to do layered cuts without any problem.

    It’s a kit in which you’ll find a pair of scissors of 16.5 centimeters for cutting hair and another for correctly cutting layers in your hair.


    Now you know, if you’re going to cut your hair yourself, always use scissors that are exclusively for this purpose, because your hair health depends on it.


    Do you cut your hair yourself? Which type of scissors do you use?

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