How long does it take to grow a mullet? From 10 months to one year

mullet cut

  • A mullet cut takes from 10 months to one year to grow.
  • This time is an estimate since many factors can influence the growth rate of a mullet.
  • In this article, we’ll look at the growth of your mullet cut month by month.
  • We’ll get to the point where you can change your style if you want to.


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Did you get a mullet and wonder how long it’ll take for your hair to grow back?


You’ve come to the right place.

As I said, your hair will take between 10 months and a year to grow back after a mullet.

In this article, I’ll tell you the stages your hair will go through as it grows month by month.

First, let’s look at  3 factors that affect the growth of your mullet. 

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3 Factors that affect the growth of your mullet

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Factor 1: How long does hair grow per month?

The standard hair growth rate is one centimeter per month.

 In exceptional cases, hair can grow between one and a half and two centimeters. But these are rare cases.


Therefore, your mullet will grow an average of about twelve centimeters per year.

The enigma is solved: hair usually grows about one centimeter per month.

Factor 2: I don’t like the way the mullet cut looks

The mullet is an accurate indicator of personality, but of course, it isn’t a cut for all hair types and faces.

For example, you need to be an experienced hairdresser to get a perfect mullet on straight hair. Otherwise,  the result can be disastrous. 


The same goes for very thick hair. In those cases, the mullet can be more of a problem than a solution. Have you discovered that the mullet doesn’t suit your style? 


In that case, a drastic solution (but a solution nonetheless) is to go for a pixie cut.

The pixie is a much shorter cut. In fact, it’ll take away the volume at the top and nape of the neck, and give you a very youthful and fresh look.

Surely, it’ll take longer for the hair to grow from a pixie cut, but  it’ll grow even  and it’ll be easier to style.


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Factor 3: I don’t like the mullet… how do I grow it out without cutting my hair shorter?

If you’ve just discovered that you don’t like your mullet cut, but  don’t want to keep cutting until you get to a pixie,  I really only have one piece of advice for you: PATIENCE.


Now that you know that the mullet doesn’t suit your style, you’ll need to be patient.  As it grows out, you can move on to other cuts.  How?


Find ways to style your new mullet cut while you wait for it to grow out.


Grow your mullet month by month

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Month 1

Take this first month to  experiment with different products  and see how you can wear your new mullet.


Gels to define a side parting for a romantic look, waxes for a rocker look, or foams for an eighties look.

Your trusted hairdresser advise will be perfect to  inspire you on how to wear your new style. 

Month 2

At this point,  the sides of your hair should start to grow.

 Depending on how short you made the mullet cut, it may be time to start cutting the top and nape of the neck without modifying the sides.

This will start a slow approach to even out the lengths without changing the cut too much.

Months 3 and 4

At this point, your sides will be between 5 and 7 centimeters long. Although your hair is still short, you’re now ready to  take that same length at the nape of the neck  and get a short bob. It’s a completely new cut with a lot of attitude.

Months 5 to 7

At this stage, your sides are long enough to modify the mullet.

Obviously,  you must keep control of the sides of your hair

 so that they don’t take on too much volume.
You can play with the lengths of your sides for a sexy look that defines the beginning of a long bob.

Months 8 to 10

At this point, all lengths will be completely suitable to make the mullet cut disappear completely. You can wear an even length, or you can play with a cropped cut….

You can even wear  an asymmetrical cut if you feel more daring  Your hair will be ready for you to get a new style.

Your hairdresser will have a blank canvas to start with a new work of art.

Months 11 and 12

Only the photos will remain of your mullet. Your hair will be just a memory.

These last few months,   your hair will be approximately below your shoulders.  It’s more than long enough to start all over again.

From here on, you can play with a thousand styles or just let it continue to grow. You’re ready for a new adventure.


Conclusion: if you didn’t like your mullet, be patient

Clients usually choose their new haircut because their favorite actress is wearing it. Nowadays, Ursula Corbero, for example, has sported many trendy cuts including the mullet.

Obviously, every look that the actress shows is thought and designed for  her hair type face. 

The problem arises when clients get this or another cut that isn’t the best fit for their face and hair type.


Therefore, my advice is to make an appointment at the salon.  Your hairdresser can take you through a visagism test  to study the lines, volume, and shape of your face and hair type.

You’ll be able to find the style that suits you perfectly. GO FOR IT!

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