4 Best Transition Hairstyles for Growing Out Short Hair


Do you have short hair and you want to let it grow out? Then you have two options.


You can maintain the form of the cut you had, or you can keep cutting your hair. Since you’re reading this now, it seems like you no longer want the second option. So pay attention, because these 4 haircuts will let you grow out your hair with no problems.

  • If you have a pixie cut, you should keep cutting the hair on your sideburns, sides, and nape to keep your mane from getting too round and looking sloppy.
  • If you have a tapered pixie cut, you should let the lowest layer grow out.
  • If you have a short bob cut, you can play with longer or shorter layers.
  • And if you’re already sporting a long bob, you can have some highlights done to give it a more personal touch.


 Going from long to short hair is a true transition, meaning you can face some moments of true distress. 

I get you because I also went through the same situation a few years ago which is why I don’t only understand you as a hairstylist, but also as a woman whose appearance is important to her.


When I got halfway through the transition to longer hair, I really wanted to give up. My hair got increasingly unmanageable, it was hard to style, and when I was finally able to get it where I wanted it to be, I wasn’t really satisfied with the result.

So I ended up looking in the mirrorless so I wouldn’t have to see my hair – I felt it was a disaster.


In many moments, I was ready to give up and keep cutting my hair, but luckily, I didn’t go through with it, and today my hair reaches to the middle of my back.

 Today I want to help you so that your transition from short to long is less painful, and the key for this is to choose a good cut for your hair. 
  • What haircut can you choose according to the length?
  • Which can you choose according to your face shape?


Today you’ll leave behind any pain and frustration because I’ll give you a few genius ideas so that your short hair won’t become a thorn in your side.


Do you have short hair and you want to let it grow out? Choose one of these 4 cuts

There is the saying, “tell me who you go with and I’ll tell you who you are”. For me, when it comes to hair, I have my phrase, “tell me your hair length and I’ll tell you the best haircut”.


That’s why we’ll start with the most extreme haircut, the pixie.


1 – Pixie cut

In this instance, you have to keep in mind that you should keep cutting back the hair on your sideburns, sides, and nape until your longest locks from the top of your head start to “touch”, as I think of it, your ears.

That way you’ll avoid letting your mane get too round and messy looking.  When you touch up the top part of your hair, ask your stylist to only trim it a little since you want to grow it out. 


While your hair grows out, you can always turn to use a scarf or hairband to make your hair look more orderly and keep those difficult locks in place.


2 – Tapered pixie cut

triangle face

If you fall into this category, you can play a little more, because there are various alternatives and styles.

You can even opt for bangs if you’re up for it.  The most important thing in this stage is to let the lowest layer grow out since that way you’ll be able to add some small braids to change your appearance a little and give it a fun touch. 


3 – Bob cut

If this one applies to you, do a little dance, because the worst is over.

Because now it may even seem like your hair is growing faster.  That’s why I recommend that you choose a bob that works best for your hair and needs. 


For example, if you have a lot of frizz or your hair tends to curl up, I suggest that you cut your hair in layers. You could even go for a shaggy cut since it’s in fashion now.

Another option is to play with the way your hair falls, with no layers and making the front part a little longer.


4 – Long bob

oval face

If you were dancing from the cut before, it’s time to put your hands in the air!

The long bob is super practical and versatile. You can play with textures, and if you want it to be more classic, you can leave it without layers.

Do you want more movement? Go for the layers then!


Now that you know that all these short haircuts will allow your hair to grow out in a good shape without making you look disheveled, I’ll tell you how your face shape is related to your haircut.


How to choose the right haircut for your face shape


Round face

For my clients who have a round face, I recommend straight hair and layers, focusing the layers from the chin down.

This will bring a lot of light to your neck, slenderizing it. Now, if your hair is curly, your best ally will be a medium-length haircut with a lovely side bang.

You can also try a side part, which will cover up a part of your forehead and part of your chin, achieving a thinner face in a matter of minutes.


Oval face

This face shape is compatible with any type of cut, so you can play with different styles.

Want some ideas? You can put in some fun waves to have a different look, or do something more classic, a shaggy style with lots of layers to give movement, and even combine these styles with some nice bangs.


Square face

Here, the goal of the cut is to hide the angles on your face, so the best cut for you is one that generates volume in the upper part.

You can cut your hair in layers; if you have wavy hair, you can give it more shape with a styling cream or sport a side bang. But you should always avoid a straight bang.


Inverted triangle face

My recommendation is that you get used to haircuts with a side part because this detail will change everything. I suggest that you go for a jaw-length bob cut.


Triangular face

In this case, the cut that agrees best with you is one with long, wavy layers.

You can also add a bang to it, whichever type you like best, as long as it’s above your ears.

And one last recommendation, use a middle part because it will hide the angles of your jaw.


Diamond face

Waves, waves, and more waves – I’m not talking about the sea, I’m talking about the ones in your hair to give it movement.

Long hair with a lot of movement is ideal, and you can combine it with a middle part. If you prefer medium-length hair, you can add some waves around your cheekbones.



As you can see, the transition between short and long hair doesn’t have to be torture. You can choose between different haircuts and maintain it in a way that keeps it looking put together and fun.

You can also turn to gels, no-rinse styling creams, scarves, and hairbands for help.


And be patient. Remember that hair grows between 1 to 1.5 centimeters per month, which is why it’s best if you can visit the hair salon every three months for a trim. That way it’ll grow out faster and healthier.

So, which of these haircuts will you choose for your happy transition?

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