3 possible ways to fix a bad bob haircut (without losing your mind)

how to fix it

Did your bob not turn out how you expected? Is it not what you wanted?


If so, don’t worry. I’m sure there’s a solution, and there we’re going to help you find it.

  • If your bob is uneven because the ends in front are not the same length, part your hair down the middle and comb it again. I’ll explain why later.
  • If your bob haircut looks sloppy or uneven, you can fix it by trimming the back to even out the haircut without losing the shape.
  • If your bob was cut too short you’ll simply have to wait for it to grow. After all, bobs known to be are a short hairstyle. But don’t lose hope just yet, because here we’re going to go over what to do with your hair to keep it looking decent in the meantime.


Some women immediately get excited, or even on edge, when they start talking about short haircuts.

Although many women are choosing to wear short hair, cutting your hair short is a big change. And, I don’t know where, but some women have the idea that long hair is the same as being a strong femme fatal.

But the popular bob has started to debunk this idea. Women with short hair can be some of the most feminine and empowered on the planet.


But of course, it can be upsetting when you take the leap and cut all your hair off and it doesn’t go as expected.

A genuine, short bob, looks good with any type of hair, straight or curly, and on almost any face shape. Not only that, but it’s also a low-maintenance haircut, as all you’ll have to do is maintain the shape.

But what if you went to the salon and the haircut didn’t turn out well?


That’s what we’ll discuss next. So, if you wish you could go back to the salon and ask them to put all the strands of hair that ended up on the floor back on your head, take a deep breath. Because we’re going to discuss:

  • How to fix a messy or uneven bob
  • How to fix a bob that’s too short


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How to Fix a Bob Haircut

how to cut it

The first step to fix a bad bob haircut is to figure out what went wrong. The two most common issues with a bob are that they are uneven in front or messy in the back.

A bob is a rather complex haircut, that uses various tools to create a 45-degree angle from the nape of the neck.

And now we see some of the problems that can arise in a poorly done haircut.


Uneven in Front

hair salon

This is a very common error. A bob haircut ends with who strands that fall from the forehead to either side of your face.

In most salons, the stylist will part your hair down the center and cut the hair symmetrically.

Which looks great in the salon, but what about once you get home and part it to the side?


At that moment, one side will look longer than the other.

How can you fix it?


 One option is simply part your hair down the middle again, to make your bob symmetrical. 

Another option is to tell your stylist that you part your hair to the side before you get your haircut and avoid the issue altogether. This way they can adjust the haircut to how you style your hair and avoid the uneven ends.


The Back of the Bob Looks Messy

Like it said at the outset, a bob is a difficult haircut. Cutting a great bob requires the stylist to pay close attention to many details.

One of those details is the back of the bob, especially since a bob is in between shoulder length and pixie hairstyles.

What does this mean?


That the part above the nape of the neck rises. The effect is created by adding layers every 3/4 inch or so, that are cut at a 45-degree angle.

This is why it’s not a haircut for brand new hairstylists. If the back your bob came out uneven or messy, I would recommend going back to the salon and asking them to even it out.


 The stylist will be able to trim the layers to even out the style without losing the shape of the bob. 

One more tip: remember to ask your stylist not to use a razor when cutting your hair. This tool tears at the hair fiber and make it prone to splitting, and you will see split ends as soon as ten days after the hair was cut.

The back of the bob should always be cut with scissors.


What if your bob is too short? This time, I have some bad news for you. That being said, some good comes with the bad.

But let’s start with the bad news. It’s the best way to do things, at least according to my mother.

If you don’t like your bob because it’s too short, you’ll simply have to wait for it to grow.

And now for the good news: there are some ways to style the bob and make it look better in the meantime. And that’s what we’re going to discuss next.


How to Fix a Bob that’s Too Short

from 35 to 55 cms long

Like we said at the outset, a bob is a short hairstyle.

So if you request one, don’t expect your hair to fall to your shoulders.

This type of haircut starts at the chin and ends a bit above the nape of your neck. Although you can choose a longer bob, they’re typically only an inch or two longer.

So if you’re not ready for a short haircut, forget about a bob.


  • All that might feel like useless information if your hair is already cut too short. But don’t give up just yet. After all, hair grows, and there are many ways to style a bob in the meantime.
 While you wait, you can wear it half up and half down. All you need is a couple of clips for a fresh, young look. There are all kinds of options available in all colors, with glitter, and even with flowers. 

Simply use a comb to create two vertical strands of hair from your forehead to the back of your ears.

Comb them towards the rest of your hair, and secure them with a clip. And there you have a stylish bob.


To create this style, all your have to do is comb all your hair back and your favorite color or headband or ribbon, then Put the ribbon under your hair, and tie a knot with it around your head, like a headband.


Wider headbands work better on curly hair, while thinner headbands look great on straight hair.

As well as the headband, you can add ponytail on the side or back of your head, both styles look great. And you can buy bobbie pins to keep the headband from sliding.


  • Although they are more expensive, another option would be to buy clip-in extensions. Clip-in extensions are strands of hair that available in a variety of colors that you simply clip in your hair.

They can be taken out and used again and again whenever you have a special occasion to attend.


  • Lastly, you can help accelerate hair growth by getting biotin treatments at a salon.  A biotin treatment is an ampule that is applied to the scalp and left on for an hour.

Since biotin is the vitamin responsible for hair growth, the ampule stimulates your hair and helps it grow. While it's not a miracle cure, it does help.



If your bob didn't turn out like what you expected, or if you feel like the hairdresser didn't do a good job, the best thing is to go back to the salon.

Fixing a bob is not as simple as trimming the ends of your hair, as it's a complex technique that requires several different steps.


 So now it's your turn to share: what went wrong with your bob?

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