Does short hair make you look taller? 7 haircuts that will definitely make you seem taller

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  • The answer is YES, short hair makes you look taller and I’ll tell you why in a second.

I’ll also tell you about 7 different cuts that will help you lengthen your figure:

  • Pixie
  • Concave bob
  • Convex bob
  • Blunt bob
  • Textured bob
  • Asymmetric bob
  • Long bob (or lob)


I remember when my grandmother told me to cut my hair because if I didn’t, it wouldn’t keep growing, or when my mom told me to cut off my long hair to “look taller.

Many women know what I’m talking about since many of us are surrounded by all of these different ideas about what happens when a woman with long hair cuts off a few inches.


 What happens is that long hair makes you look taller because it opens up your neck and shoulders, lengthening them, and brings attention to your face. 

There are a few tricks you can use if that’s what you’re hoping to do.

You can get a haircut like a pixie cut or one of the many different kinds of bob: concave, convex, blunt, textured, asymmetric, or long. But not only that, but you can also tie it up or tease it.


Although there are many tips and tricks in the style world for improving your look and hiding flaws or making your good side shine, it’s also true that  sometimes we have to let ourselves be happy with things we don’t love about ourselves and know how to wear our hair in a way that makes us feel good about ourselves.  


It’s good to do something that makes it so when you look in the mirror, you see exactly what you want to so. That’s very important when it comes to learning how to accept yourself as you are, without worrying about all the rules of style.

That said, I do want to give you a few tricks as to how your hair can make you look taller.


Yes, short hair can indeed make you gain a few inches, but it’s also true that we can’t just rely on that.

Other factors come into play, like your face shape, body shape, hair length, profile, and more that might take it so short hair isn’t the best for you.

So, let me say, even if you have extra, extra long hair, you can still make yourself look taller!


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Hairstyles that make you look taller

highlights the face

So: Can short hair make you look taller?

Yes, it definitely can, but you can also gain a few inches based on how you do your hair, and there are many tricks I’ll teach you so you can start practicing.


  • One trick for gaining a few inches is to bring your hair toward the crown of your head, with a bun, bow, or ponytail.
 By bringing it away from your neck and your back, you’ll bring the eye’s attention to another place. You can gain at least two inches that way. 


  • The next trick I’m going to give you is to tease your hair at your roots, so you get more volume there. You can do that with a fine comb or brush.

You tease the opposite direction your hair normally falls so your hair ends up pushed against your roots, changing the way it naturally sits, giving more volume at your roots.

Then, you can douse your hair with hairspray, which will give it more definition and help stay the way it is as the day goes by.


  •  I think I’ve given you a few very specific and effective tips for helping you seem taller without needing to cut your hair,   but if you’re extra daring and you think the time has come to refresh your look, pay close attention to what comes next.

Your hair is a key part of your appearance and before cutting your hair, you need to keep in mind your lifestyle. Are you someone that can do your hair very quickly and do you have enough time to spend on it every morning?


After reading what comes next, you’ll be able to decide without worrying too much about regretting it.


7 haircuts that’ll make you look taller


1- Pixie

Pixie cuts got very popular when masculine styles started to become fashionable for women.

This style makes me think of a sexy, urban woman with style and a certain freeway about her.


Your hair at your nape is shorter than the rest of your hair, while at your crown it’s longer, creating a diagonal line from the top to the bottom, with the sides textured to soften your face’s angles.

 One thing is for sure: this is a cut that will generously add a few inches to your height. 


2- Concave Bob

This cut begins shorter at your nape and gets longer on the sides. That way, if you look from behind, you’ll see an inverted V.

It’s a style that elevates your neck and sharpens your figure. A haircut with a very glam style.


3-Convex bob


Although this style isn’t particularly on-trend right now, it’s a classic cut from the 80s, wherein the sides are shorter and lengthen as you move toward the back.

If you brush your hair back, you’ll see a V or a U, depending on the shape you’re looking for.


 This cut will lengthen your back, making your shoulders look smaller and overall lengthening your figure, too.  I recommend this style if you have a lot of curly hair, since it can help your manage your hair to help it fall naturally in a flatting way.


4- Blunt bob

Who hasn’t rocked this style at least once in their life?


If you haven’t, then I’d encourage you to consider the most comfortable, versatile cut out there. Although it’s very simple (you can even get it with a haircutting machine), it stands the test of time, since it works well on almost all women, and besides that, it has everything you need to look taller.


5- Textured bob

You can do this haircut with the shape of any of the previous bobs I’ve mentioned. You can get a blunt, convex, or concave shape, but with texture.

If you do, you’ll get a style with more texture and volume on the top, adding a few more inches.


6- Asymmetric bob

easy to brush

If you’re one of those people that gets bored with a style quickly, this may very well be your perfect solution.

 For women that aren’t sure if they want it short or long, blunt or concave, this is the cut for you, since you get two in one. 

You’ll get a straight cut at your neck, with one side cut diagonally forward (a concave bob effect) and the other straight. That way, you get two haircuts in one. How great is that?


7- Long bob (Lob)

oval face

The last option is the lob.

This is a cut that is all of the above options in one.


It’s a version of any of the previous cuts I’ve mentioned, but longer, like you, ’d let your short bob grow out a bit and now it reaches 2-2.5 inches beyond your shoulders. Although it’s not as short as some of the other options,  it will also help you gain a few inches, since most of the volume of your hair is still concentrated above your shoulders.  



Now you’re ready to decide what to do with your hair!


Consider the options I’ve gone through and get to planning your next new look!

Remember that the most important thing is to feel comfortable, learn to accept who you are as you are, and play on your best features without losing yourself.

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