Thinning shears ruined my hair, will it grow back as thick as before?

  • If thinning shears ruined your hair, don’t worry because it’ll grow as thick  as before.
  • What thinning shears actually do is leave some hairs longer than others. However, the thickness of your hair doesn’t change.
  • I’ll guide you with a detailed month-by-month plan to learn how to deal with the mess the thinning shears left in your hair. We’ll see various styling ideas, asymmetrical cuts, styling products, and volume control treatments.


remove hair volume


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I know. Right now, it seems that you won’t find relief anywhere.

But believe me, this storm will be over. And you can survive it in the best way, or in the worst.



The worst would be to lock yourself in the bathroom. Also, forbid your friends and boyfriend to enter, start buying every hat they sell on Amazon and confine yourself in an invisible cell for, let’s say, about a year.

Yes, it isn’t encouraging.

 There’s also a good way to keep your hair growing after the thinning shears ruined it. Do you know what it is? 


Apply emotional intelligence and accept a perfectly designed plan. Even if your hair looks like a real mess, you can disguise that bad cut, and escape from confinement.

Remember, hair grows.


badly cut hair with thinning scissors

What happened to the thinning shears doesn’t matter.

 Maybe after watching your stylist or some tutorials on social media, you thought it was an easy tool to use and convinced your best friend to use it on your hair. 


At first, everything was well because the thinning shears are a noble tool with one blade with teeth and one blade without. The teeth are sharpened like grooves that quickly take your hair out in even sections.

Everything was going well. It seemed that you were not sacrificing too much hair. After all, it was what you were looking for.

But slowly, what “seemed to be going well” turned into a peace that precedes the storm.



Finally, the storm broke out with Poseidon fury.

Then, your hair was sporting some long locks on one side and some too short strands on the other.

What had happened?


 Most likely, your friend had run the thinning shears twice through the same place, through the same strand, visibly reducing the amount of hair remaining. 

Past is past.


avoid damaging hair when cutting

First, you have to calm down because everything has a solution.

Now it’s time to focus on your hair type. Using thinning shears on frizzy hair is not the same as using them on straight hair.


  • If your hair is straight or fine, your problem is not so serious. Your uneven hair from the cut made with the thinning shears won’t get out of control. Your hair won’t grow to unsuspected volumes. Therefore, the easiest solution is to visit your stylist to fix the cut.


  • If your hair is frizzy, thick, and abundant, it may be complicated. Even so, I’ll guide you to wear it in the best way.

Do you have a strong personality?



Then, come along with me! Just this once, put the scissors aside.


What can you do today and for the next three months with your hair ruined by thinning shears?

touch up a bad haircut

The haircut is done. Chances are you have strands of different lengths. Can it get any worse than that?



  • If you used the thinning scissors very close to the roots, the resulting short strands will be hard to handle.

In this case, I advise you to go to your salon so that a stylist can give you short haircuts ideas to shape the hair while it grows.

soft waves

  • Alternatively, if you can’t resist sacrificing many inches of your hair, you can always ask your stylist to suggest asymmetrical haircuts to “disguise” those short strands.

You’ll renew your look with a very personal touch to give your hair time to grow back. Then, you’ll be able to manage it with gels, creams, waxes, and pomades.


  • All of these styling products are firm. Therefore, they’ll give you control over your hairs that were left so short.

So far, we’ve made it to three months. Who knew, right?



Well, don’t let your guard down because the second battle continues. It’ll take you up to five months to succeed.


From three to five months: continue to use styling products and even use frizz-control treatments.

get rid of frizz

I won’t lie to you. This is the most critical time, but you’ve made it this far and it means you’re brave enough to face the road ahead.

Why is this the most critical moment?



Because those short hairs will have started to grow and volumize your mane.



 Everything has a solution. It’ll come from the styling products you’ve been using for the first three months.  And that’s great news because you already know how to use them.

You can play any way you want!



Nothing stops you. Have fun creating lots of fun hairstyles!


 And if you’re exhausted from styling products, you still have an ace up your sleeve. 

I mean less firming, more nourishing treatments. They’ll help you tame that volume you’re worried about.


You can resort to hair botox, keratin treatments, hair lifting, and any hair treatment that aims to lower the volume and control frizz.


Although your hair will have grown a few centimeters, shorter hairs don’t weigh enough and will tend to frizz.


Six to nine months after your hair was ruined by using thinning shears, you should have a loose cut that allows you to play with different hairstyles.

curling iron

During this period, your hair will have started to put on a bit of weight. So, it’s time for another salon visit for a maintenance cut.

You can opt for a very relaxed mane to play with controlled volumes.


  • It’ll be the right time for straighteners and curling irons. Give style and movement to your hair, dare to play with unstructured hairstyles, and give your hair a freer look.

Also, you’ll still be able to hide the last traces of that bad thinning cut.

You can also use styling products such as mousses, some light hairspray, and styling creams.


  •  Start celebrating. After nine months, there’s almost nothing left of your thinned-damaged hair. 

Come on, you made it. Smile and enjoy because from month number nine, that bad experience with the thinning shears will be just a bad memory.


  • The short strands have already grown. So, they’ll be heavy enough to tame the volume. Also, your hair will have significant length and low density, from the shortest strands to the ends.

What’s the last step?



Another visit to your stylist to tidy up a few ends and get your hair totally in place. Everything will be over. You’ll be able to choose what new shape you want for your hair.



No haircut will permanently damage your hair, even if you use thinning shears.

Finally, as a stylist, I advise you to talk to your hairdresser about the pros and cons of using thinning shears on your hair.

That tool isn’t suitable for all hair and all cuts.


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