How to avoid a mullet when growing out a pixie cut

growing out a pixie

  • To prevent your pixie from turning into a mullet, I’ll tell you about the 3 stages your hair will go through. Also, everything you can do to avoid that eighties style that we don’t like so much anymore.
  • During the first stage, your allies will be styling products and your creativity to style your hair.
  • In the second stage, a few touch-ups from your stylist will even out the front and back of your hair.
  • And in the third and final stage, you’ll start sporting a short bob, leaving the mullet behind for good and getting ready for your next look.


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When I think of a pixie cut growing out, I imagine that it’ll transform into the unflattering mullet without proper care.

I prefer not to imagine it…


To each his own, of course, but  I guess if you’re here, it’s because you want to avoid your haircut turning into a mullet. 

That’s why I’m going to show you everything you can do to avoid it while growing out your pixie.


avoid an ugly cut by growing out pixie

And to make it easier for you, I’ve divided the process into three 4-month stages that your hair will go through.

Let me warn you that if this is your first time growing out a short haircut,  you’ll have to be patient. You have to resist the urge to cut it when you think it’s getting a little difficult. 

Because it’s not!


I assure you that time will fly as your hair grows, and you’ll know how to manage it at every stage.

Shall we get started?

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First stage: how to grow out your pixie without going through the mullet. The first 4 months

pixie growing to a bob

Your pixie cut will start to grow out and lose its original shape. It’ll start to deform. But I have good news for you.

It is possible to go through this stage without losing your style. Do you believe me?


During the first 4 months, your hair will grow 4 to 7 cm, on average. You’ll wear a slightly wilder and more relaxed look.

However,  your mane will be easy to control with the styling products you have at hand, such as gels or mousses. 

This first stage is ideal for you to play with rocker pompadour and quiff hairstyles.


 My advice is to have several products to style your hair and to play and experiment with different textures. 

For example, you can use a bit of gel to shape the front of your hair or comb your hair back with gel for a wet effect.

You can also use a ponytail or simply let it fall to one side.


At the nape of your neck, where your hair will be a bit longer, you can apply a texturizing product.

It’ll give your hair a looser, more relaxed look.

The idea of using texturizing products is to prevent your hair from looking longer at the nape of your neck.


 You’ll test your willpower at this stage. This is when your pixie will lose its shape and, if you leave it alone, it’ll be on its way to a mullet. 

However, this is the best time to style and play with your hair using your creativity to the fullest.

Have you made it through the first four months without cutting your hair?



You’re ready to start the second stage.


Second stage: the 4 most difficult months to avoid the mullet

haircut to avoid mullet

The first four months fly by. If you have the right attitude, you may enjoy styling your hair every day and experimenting with different styles.


However, by this second stage, your hair will have grown in the front, and it’ll start to show.

The hair will also have grown at the back, and the difference between the front and back of your mane will be noticeable.

And if you don’t cut the hair slightly at the nape of the neck, you’ll get the dreaded mullet cut.


 This is the most dangerous and difficult stage. If you’re careless, your beautiful, overgrown, and misshapen pixie cut will automatically turn into a mullet

This is what you want to avoid!


So in these four months, when the back and front of your mane look very different,  it’s time to visit your stylist. 

You should tell him/her that you’re growing out your pixie so that he/she will trim only the back part.

This way, you’ll avoid the mullet. Instead, you’ll be creating a bob cut.


If you don’t want to cut your hair, another option is to use clear bobby pins to lift your hair at the nape of your neck.

But that will take a lot of time and you’ll end up throwing all your effort out the window.

So  my advice is to trim the ends at the nape of the neck to even out your hair. 

Also, this will renew your mane and give it the strength it needs to keep growing.


How did you do with your haircut?

I’m sure you’re ready to move on to the third and final stage, where you’ll leave the mullet behind for good. Shall we?


Third stage: the last four months going from short hair to long hair without a mullet

touch up pixie with scissors to avoid mullet

Without you even realizing it, a little over half a year has gone by and your hair is closer to the length you want.

And the good thing is that you’ve already passed the most difficult stages of growing out your short hair. All that’s left is for you to visit the stylist twice more to touch up your cut. 


If you look at your hair, you’re already sporting a micro bob, believe it or not.

And if you’re even luckier because your hair is growing faster, you’ll be going into a bob cut by the end of this stage.


It’s because the cut you got in the previous stage helped your hair grow faster.

 From now on, you should only trim it every two months. 

This way, you’ll continue to even out the nape of the neck avoiding the difference between the front and the back that is so characteristic of the mullet cut.


You’ll be much more relaxed at this stage because the danger of sporting a mullet is practically behind you.

Of course! As long as you visit your stylist every couple of months for a trim, you’ll avoid the mullet and be on your way to a true bob cut.


And by the middle or end of this stage, you’ll notice that your bob is more defined. You’re getting close!

Once you achieve the bob cut, you can choose the future cut or look you want for your long hair.



So now you know. Growing out your short hair will take some time, and you’ll have to be patient.

But believe me, it’s worth the wait. In the meantime, you can experiment with the different lengths and shapes your hair takes.

You can even achieve some very original styles while you wait.


What do you think of these ideas?

Do you think you’ll be able to resist the temptation to cut your hair early?

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