My hairdresser cut my layers too short. Is there a solution?

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Did your hairdresser cut the layers of your hair too short?


I recommend that you do the following:

  • Wait a few days for your hair to settle at the new cut. It’s normal to feel weird at first.
  • Discuss what you don’t like about the new cut.
  • Get a hairstyle that hides the cut: a bun or a ponytail.
  • Use XXL accessories: scarves, headbands, bows, buckles or wide turbans.
  • Next time you go to the hairdresser’s, be specific about how many inches you want to cut and research the salon’s reputation before you go. Read customer reviews on Google or ask your friends for recommendations.


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Hairdressers have a reputation for over-cutting hair, but is that true?


It is, actually.

Generally, women ask to have all the hair in bad condition cut off, and we don’t specify how many inches we are willing to lose in the cut. Your hairdresser may have taken it too literally, and now you find yourself cutting too much.

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What can you do if the layers of your hair are too short?

The first thing you should do is not panic and wait a few days.

Hair usually settles and looks different after a few weeks. Of course, if the layers are too short you will have to wait several months for them to grow, but it is essential to give time to hair to adjust to the new haircut.


 You shouldn’t make a hasty decision and run to the first hairdresser recommended. Instead, take a few days to analyze what to do and find out what you don’t like about the new haircut, so you can explain it clearly to the next person who gets their hands on your hair.


Women, unlike men, go a long time without cutting their hair, sometimes several months or even years. Therefore, it is normal to feel strange when we go to the hairdresser’s to have a trim. We may find that we have been overcut just because we are two or three centimeters shorter.

However, men who get a haircut every month don’t have this problem.  I want you to understand that sometimes it’s a matter of getting used to the new haircut for a few days.  



Now, if you can’t accommodate it because you’ve really been overcut and the length of the hair layers is too short to even make you uncomfortable, then here’s what to do


How to comb your hair after a badly layered haircut

while hair grows

If your hair layers have been cut too short, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with new ways to style your hair.


  • One option that will be very favorable to this type of cut, is a bun that arises from a half ponytail.

To do this, you should part the hair in the middle and make a half ponytail or a bun. This way,  you’ll have a super trendy hairstyle and no one will notice the hair. 


You can start buying XXL size accessories to use in a half ponytail to hide the short layers. This alternative seems to me to be a great way to combine accessories with the color of your clothes.


  • Among the options you will find: bows, scarves, ribbons, wide buckles, etc.

The trend is to use wide headbands or turbans. They may seem very 80s, but, today, they are trendy and are part of the complement that cannot be absent in the box of women’s accessories to complete any outfit.


 They will help you hide those short layers of your hair very well!  This way, your hair will be more attached to your head. If you’re in the winter season, it’s a way to keep your head warmer.


As you can see, you have very practical options to be able to comb your hair after a bad haircut. Do one of the hairstyles I just shared with you and take at least two weeks to think and decide what to do with your hair: either let it grow out and rest or get a new haircut.


How to ask for your next haircut after having had too short layers

stylist hands

There are many haircutting techniques. Some are to create a shape or perimeter that determines the length. Another one is to cut the inside or layers.


Also, after making and creating a shape, hairdressers texture or polish the hair. Generally, polishing is done after the hair has been dried. It is done with special scissors that refine the ends so that they do not fall so completely and have a softer fall.


Now, we will focus on the last cutting technique I mentioned: polishing or texturizing.

This is what you should ask your hairdresser to do to make your hair look lighter and stop it from having marked geometric shapes. The effect you will achieve is hair that lengthens in your figure, softens your fall, looks more connected, more manageable and with less relief.


How to make sure you choose a good salon the next time you cut your hair

If you don’t want to keep cutting your hair, I understand it. You will surely go some time before you can trust another person to touch your hair. However, one day you’ll need to go to the hairdresser again, and when that day comes make sure you’ve checked out a few salons.


  • The best way to know if a place is reliable is to ask for other people’s experience.

You can start by asking your friends where they get their hair cut or you can read Google reviews.[/su_highlight]


  • Make sure the person who’s going to cut your hair is a cutting specialist.

There are expert hairdressers in cut and style and other experts in color. If you choose someone who only cuts hair, chances are they have more advanced knowledge thanks to the experience of doing the same thing every day.


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