Why do I always hate my new haircut? How do I stop it from happening?

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If you always hate your new haircut, it’s probably because of one of these causes:

  • You cut your hair yourself or someone who is not a hairdresser.
  • You haven’t clearly explained the cut you wanted.
  • Expectation vs. reality: you saw the cut in a magazine and didn’t like the way it looked on you.
  • You don’t have a clear idea of the cut you want. Then, when you leave the salon, you don’t like your new look.
  • Your hairdresser ignores your comments and goes for a different cut.
  • Other circumstances in your life make you not like your new haircut.


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My hairdresser didn’t do what I asked. I’m very upset. What can I do?



Don’t tell me you came out of the salon again and don’t like your new haircut!


Don’t panic!

There’s no need to panic.

The first thing you need to know is that   it takes about five to twelve days for your new haircut to settle.   So, please be patient.


This problem is much more common than you think.

Many factors may influence you not liking your new haircut. We’ll look at each one in this article.

I’m sure you can relate because leaving the salon and not liking your new haircut is much more common than you think.

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You cut your hair yourself or someone who isn’t a hairdresser. Solution: make an appointment at the salon

woman cutting her own hair

Big mistake!

  A professional should always cut your hair.  

At most, if you’re ever in a hurry you can trim your bangs.


Solution: Don’t despair. This can be solved in a very simple way:   Don’t cut your own hair again   and don’t let anyone but a hairdresser do it. Go to a professional.


You didn’t clearly explain what you wanted. Solution: show the hairdresser a picture of the cut you want

In the hairdresser a girl chooses a haircut

 If you don’t explain what you want, you leave your destiny to chance:   your new haircut will depend on what the hairdresser understands.


Solution:   Take a picture or a screenshot of the TV, magazine, or computer   if you’ve seen the cut you want there.

Take as much material to the hairdresser as you can get your hands on.


Expectation vs. reality: when your new cut doesn’t look like it does in the magazine. Solution: talk to your hairdresser to have more realistic expectations

hair loss and keratin treatment

  You sit and show your hairdresser a picture of a gorgeous mane full of curls.   It’s a beauty.

However, it turns out your hair is straighter than if you had flat ironed it. Here are two things you need to know:

  •   The stylist isn’t a magician   who will turn your straight hair into a mane of curls with a magic wand.
  • A haircut can’t modify the internal structure of your hair.   There’s no way a haircut will magically turn straight hair into curly hair.  


Solution: Focus your expectations on more realistic results that are compatible with your hair shape and texture.

Above all, make sure the shape of the model’s face matches yours.

You don’t have a clear idea of the cut you want. Solution: get inspired by looking at Pinterest or magazine pictures

Pink-haired girl shows scissors

Another common problem is that when you leave the salon you don’t like your haircut:   you don’t know from the start what you want to do with your hair.  

Do you want a pixie or a bob?

Long or short bob cut?

Fringe or bob?


You’re bound to be frustrated if you haven’t figured it out before you get your hair cut.

Of course, if it’s always the same. You’ll never be happy with your haircut when you leave the salon.   Do you know what’s worse than not knowing what cut you want?  


  The worst mistake ] is to start cutting and defining on the go.  

Usually,   haircuts are irreversible   and will only leave us with great disappointment. Anyway, there are always ways to disguise a bad cut.


Solution:   Don’t let your hairdresser cut your hair until you evaluate options and choose   the look you want to wear.

This way, you’ll avoid being unhappy with your new haircut in the future


Your hairdresser doesn’t listen to you and cuts your hair differently than you want. Solution: try to speak with your stylist or ask to speak to the salon manager

Annoyed girl with the hairdresser

  I’ll get very serious and tell you that you shouldn’t let your hairdresser do whatever he wants to your hair.   You should get the cut you want and be happy with it.


  A hairdresser can never decide for you   because once a cut is done, there’s no turning back.

In all my years as a stylist, I have heard many clients complain: “The hairdresser didn’t listen to me,” or “The hairdresser cut me too short“. When they complained, the explanation was that this cut was the only possible option.
However, a good hairdresser should explain everything in advance and give you the best advice before cutting your hair.


Solution: In cases like this, you should agree on the details of the job you want in advance.

If you notice that the hairdresser doesn’t cut your hair as expected,   you should stop the job immediately, talk to him/her again and ask that they do as planned.  


Other circumstances in your life may make you dislike your new haircut. Solution: don’t go to the salon if you’re having a bad day

girl on a bad day sad with her hair

Did you do poorly on a test? Has your boss overloaded you with work?

Have you had an argument?

Are you having love issues?


If any of these situations resonate with you,   maybe it wasn’t the right day to stop by the beauty salon.     Revamping your look if you’re having a bad day won’t turn that circumstance around.  


Solution: Don’t make decisions in times of high emotional stress because they’ll probably be wrong. Try not to take a haircut as the solution to other problems.


Conclusion: Be patient and avoid anxiety when choosing your new look

In this article, we have seen that almost all situations that could lead you to be unhappy with your haircut can be solved by being more patient and clear on what you want.

  Keep anxiety from playing tricks on you when choosing your new look.  


Make an appointment at the salon and tell your stylist all about it. Of course,   don’t let anyone choose your new cut for you.  


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