5 low-maintenance bobs for round faces: you’re going to love them!

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  • The best low-maintenance bob hair styles for round faces are super short bobs, box bob, classic bob, long bob (lob) and asymmetrical bob.
  • If you choose any of these five cuts, you’ll give your round face a more oval appearance, lengthening your neck and creating more movement in your hair, all of which will draw attention away from the roundness of your face.
  • They’re also all low-maintenance cuts, so you’ll only need to go back to the salon for a trim every three or four months.


Who told you that women with round faces can’t have bob haircuts?

That’s a myth and we’re going to totally bust it today.


Listen closely to what I’m about to tell you: A bob is the perfect haircut for a round face, if and when it makes both your neck and your face look longer.

 With any of these low-maintenance haircuts, you’ll make your face look more oval and at the same time, highlight your best features. 


soft waves

People with round faces are the ones that have the hardest job when it comes time to change up their look.

And believe me, I know what I’m talking about because I’ve seen many of my round-faced clients go through the same thing.


In general, people try to hide their round faces from onlookers, through many methods, from long and boring locks to exaggerated make-up and even by wearing a hat all day long.

Some people get so obsessed by their round face that they start to feel very insecure, thinking that everyone’s eyes immediately go to their wide cheeks or what they feel is a giant chin.


  • A BOB can create more volume around the crown of your head, making your face look longer.
  • A BOB with bangs can bring more attention to your cheekbones and eyes, instead of your jaw.
  • A bob haircut that adds volume to the back of your head will give your hair more life and movement, which will help you forget about your round face.


And all these different cuts are low-maintenance, so there’s no excuse if you want to make this change.

There’s nothing preventing you from cutting your hair. You can’t say that your round face is what’s stopping you from having this daring, modern look.


So, all I have left to ask you is this: Which side are you on?

  • Are you one of those people that curses their luck, angry at having a round face that stops them from changing their look?
  • Or, are you one of those people that takes risks, and is ready to bust myths about hair styles? Are you happy to bring something new into your life?


If you consider yourself part of that second group, then you’ll see in just a few moments that the universe has heard your plea. Sometimes it listens and gives us miracles. Sometimes it listens and the good news can come in the form of a haircut that allows you to draw attention away from your round face.

Let’s start with the first BOB style that will make your face look more oval.

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1- Super short BOB haircut: the best low-maintenance option

This is a daring cut, one that your grandma probably wouldn’t recommend for your round face.

Believe me, I love my grandma, but I can admit that when it comes to hair styles, the years are showing, and keeping up with the latest trends isn’t exactly her forte.


All you need to keep in mind is that this style of bob should have layers to give it texture and get away from the roundness of the cut and your face.

 This cut always goes with a middle part, and sometimes, curly hair to give it more fun, bouncy look that will bring everyone’s attention to your hair and not your chin. 


When should you go back to the salon for a trim with this cut? Every four months.

If that’s not low maintenance, then I don’t know what is.

What else could you ask for from a haircut?


2- Box Bob, for daring women with round faces


Have you always dreamed of short hair?


If so, stop dreaming and get to it! This cut will hide your face shape, and it will always be shorter than your shoulders.

Now, you should make sure the ends are texturized to get what you need. And what is it that you need (besides winning the lottery)?

To lengthen your face and hide the round shape of your face!


 My recommendation? Get this cut with waves and a side part, which is great for round faces. 

A Box Bob does a good job at thinning the sides of your face and creating length beneath your chin, thus lengthening your overall face shape.


3- Classic Bob, with ends that soften your round face shape


The classics aren’t always easy. That’s why you need to be very careful with this style of bob.

Talk to your stylist, and if it’s necessary, keep talking until she’s tired of you saying it, so she understands that you want to cut to have movement and most of all, ends with lots of texture.

This is very, very important, because if this cut doesn’t have movement, it will actually make your face look even rounder.


4- Long Bob (aka Lob or Should-Length Bob): it requires a little more maintenance, but nothing crazy

disguise the round face

I know that you were looking for low-maintenance bobs, but I couldn’t leave this option out. Do you know why?


Because although it does require a little more maintenance, that doesn’t mean that you need to go back to the salon every 15 days.

 If with a super short bob, you need to go back to the salon every four months, with a lob, you should go back at least every three months.  See? The difference isn’t too bad! It’s certainly something most wallets won’t even feel!


The best part about this style of bob is that you can accompany it with cute bangs, and even a middle part if you can’t imagine life without that.

The lob is a great cut that you can play around a lot with, since you can wear it straight or with curls.


5- Asymmetric bob, great for playing with different profiles


Do you want me to tell you a secret?


Asymmetric cuts have been my favorite since high school, back when I didn’t even know I’d be a stylist.

Let’s be real, back then all I thought about was what clothes I wanted to wear to go out!


Maybe I like them so much because they let you have two different profiles, depending on which side someone is seeing you from, or because they remind me of those Mad Max-style dystopia films.

And in the case of an asymmetric bob, I like that it lets you play with the length of a round face. What do I mean by play?

I mean that you can start with a short asymmetric bob, and as it grows, you can try different lengths to see what you like best.


And that brings me to one of your most important concerns:  This style of bob is a perfect low-maintenance cut, and it also does an excellent job at hiding your round face shape.  

And, if that weren’t enough, it also adds depth to your hair, lengthening your face and has the flexibility to go well with a middle part, side part, curls or straight hair.



comb in hand

Today we busted the myth that bobs aren’t for round faces, and what I’m most excited about is that you’re someone who is happy to turn the tables and try new styles instead of crying over spilled milk.

Your round face deserves a change, and you’re the only one that can give it one.

Try out one of these low-maintenance bobs that will uniquely thin and lengthen your face!

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