Does cutting hair dry cause split ends? Short answer: NO

woman looks at her split ends with a magnifying glass

  • Cutting hair dry doesn’t cause split ends.
  • So, if you’re considering asking your stylist to cut your hair dry, or if you’re even more daring, thinking about cutting your own hair dry, I’ll tell you the secrets of this technique that professionals are increasingly using.
  • We’ll take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of cutting hair dry.
  • But, there’s more: I’ll also give you tips for cutting your hair dry so it turns out perfectly (and free of split ends).


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Are you thinking about cutting your hair dry and you’re afraid that you’ll end up with split ends?

Who hasn’t had to deal with split ends at some point in their life?


Split ends are annoying, don’t look good and are the visual manifestation of weak hair.

That means they appear when your hair structure has changed or has been damaged.


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We all want to avoid split ends.

In this article, I’ll tell you why cutting your hair dry could be good for it.

But first, let’s take a look at what really causes split ends.

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4 reasons why you might have split ends

split ends from bad haircut


These 4 factors can cause your hair to weaken and split ends to appear, which may be more or less noticeable depending on your hair.


 As you’ve probably seen, cutting your hair dry doesn’t appear in this list, so you don’t need to worry about it causing split ends because it doesn’t. 


At my salon, when clients come to me with the problem of split ends, the first thing I suggest to them is a trim to clean up the ends. It can be done on dry or wet hair.

So, you can already be sure that cutting your hair dry won’t cause split ends. It’s actually quite the opposite!

If you cut your hair dry, that will get rid of the weakest part of your hair, helping to get rid of split ends.

Even though cutting your hair dry doesn’t cause split ends, it should be done with a certain technique to make sure that it doesn’t have any ugly aftereffects.


Disadvantages to cutting your hair dry

cut ends dry hair

Cutting your hair dry is quicker than wetting it and then having to dry it again.

But, if you’re not a professional, cutting your hair dry might take more time than you think.

The key to a good dry cut is to do it with a good pair of scissors.


Let’s see: If you’re planning to cut your hair with a normal pair of scissors, that’s not going to cause split ends, but…

Are your scissors sharpened?


I doubt it.

 If that’s the case and you cut your hair with dull scissors, the end result is going to be an uneven and messy haircut.  


Be careful: This might be even more noticeable if you have straight to extremely straight hair or fine hair.

On the other hand, if you have curls or your hair is a bit thicker, any unevenness caused by this cut will be easier to hide with your hair type, but that still doesn’t mean that your ends will have been cut well.


Another disadvantage to cutting your hair dry is that it might be very hard to do with a blunt pair of scissors.

In fact, dry cuts are usually done with precision scissors to make sure that your hair doesn’t end up uneven.

Are you planning to cut your hair dry with the scissors to have at home that you also use to cut paper or other things?


I’m warning you: Don’t even think about it!

I don’t recommend cutting your hair dry with the same scissors you use to cut paper. It’s best to leave cutting your hair dry in the hands of a professional.

A complete change in your hair style requires sharp professional scissors, whether you’re hoping to cut your hair wet or dry.


Can I dry cut just my ends?

cut ends on dry hair

If all you want to do is trim the ends of a style that was previously designed by a professional hair stylist, then the situation changes: You have my permission to do it at home.


But,  do remember that in order to cut your hair dry at home, you need to have a pair of good professional scissors that are nice and sharp. 


If you’re planning to just trim the ends, go ahead and do it, but my advice is to do it on damp hair.

It’s going to be much easier and the margin of error will be even lower. Keep in mind that damp hair is much easier to work with.


6 tips for cutting hair dry

Are you still thinking about cutting your hair dry?


Because it’s because you have curls and you’re worried that when they dry, they will shrink. Or, perhaps you’re thinking of touching up your bangs and you don’t want them to end up too short.

Whichever the reason, pay close attention to these tips to make sure your dry haircut turns out neat and tidy.


  • Get a good pair of scissors, I am not even sure how you would be able to cut your hair dry with any old pair.
  • Trim your ends or touch up your bangs,  but don’t try to do a full change in your style because that could be a true disaster.  Think about how many months it could take for your hair to go back to normal.
  • If you have straight hair, take small clumps of hair and cut at a slight diagonal, don’t cut too straight across because that could end up damaging your hair.
  • If you have curls, cut straight across because the curls won’t open up at the ends.
  • Cut little by little and ask for help from a friend.
  •  Don’t put your hair up in a ponytail and then cut it all at once.  That technique will make your cut look extremely uneven, like a wild animal took a bite off the end of your hair.
  • The most important thing is to cut little by little, don’t do too much at once.


Conclusion: Cutting your hair dry doesn’t cause split ends, but please do it correctly

In this article, we’ve seen why cutting your hair dry won’t cause split ends and some of the advantages to it: It’s much faster and you’ll always be able to see how long your hair will end up.


But remember, if you don’t have the right pair of scissors, these advantages can turn right into disadvantages. Be careful!

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