Long layers vs. short layers: a pro hair stylist helps you choose the best option for your hair

  • Short layers are ideal if you want to add more volume to your hairstyle, as hair tends to open out slightly towards the end of each strand. So, short layers add volume.
  • Also, short layers are suitable for all hair types. They add volume and shape to straight hair, and they define the shape of the curls in wavy hair.
  • Longer layers help reduce the overall volume of your hairstyle without having to compromise on length. They are also the best option for changing the shape of straight and blunt cuts without compromising the length of the hair.



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Has your best friend had a layered haircut, and you can’t believe she’s the same who watched marathon series with on Netflix yesterday?


I don’t know why you are so surprised.  Layered cuts, both long and short, can turn your look upside down. 

Do you want to know a secret?


People confuse layered cuts with short hair, but it’s a total fallacy. When we stylists talk about layering, we don’t mean the length of the hair.

Actually, the terms “long layers” and “short layers” refer to the layers’ distance. So, if there’s a long distance between the end of one layer and the end of the next, it’s a long layer.

shoulder length

Layered cuts are super versatile and can be adapted to all hair types.

When choosing a long or short-layered cut, it’s important to consider three fundamental things:

  • what you are looking to achieve with the cut
  • how much time you are willing to invest in styling your hair
  • the subsequent maintenance

Do you know what I mean?


I’ll tell you about it with two examples.

Ana is a 20-year old woman, a whirlwind of joy and passion. Her hair is part of her personality. She’s got long and wavy hair, which would astonish even Rapunzel.

Once, she came worried to the salon: she was bored with her long, curly hair, always with the same shape. Therefore, I suggested a long-layered cut.


 She looked at me in horror, as if a monster had just appeared. 

Her fear came from two misconceptions about layers: she thought that it would shorten her hair and that her curls would end up flowing out of control.


After I guaranteed that none of that would happen, she turned to my scissors, not before closing her eyes until I finished.

When she opened them, she felt delighted. Where there were uniform, dull curls before, now there were fun, flowing curls all around. Also, the long layers compensated for the roundness of her face and balanced her shape.


Maria’s case was different. I did a short-layered cut to her to gain more volume and styling possibilities. Also, I cut her layers using a razor because it makes the locks fall free and fun.

Also, Maria was willing to visit me more often at the salon to maintain her short layers while Ana did not have the time to come so often.


Therefore, you have to keep several things in mind before getting a short or long-layered haircut. To remove all doubts, stay with me because I’ll tell you:

  • What layered hairstyle should you choose according to your hair type?
  • What layered hairstyle should you choose according to your hairstyle preferences?
  • Do short or long layers require more maintenance?


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What layered hairstyle should you choose according to your hair type?

chocolate and caramel highlights

Let’s start with the short layers that fit all hair types, both straight and wavy.

Short layers add volume and dimension to the flattest hair.


Besides, they have the advantage of defining the curls and giving a unique style while adding movement to the flattest hair.

 So, if you want to gain more volume and movement in your hair, short layers are your best choice. 


 Long layers also suit all hair types, but they’re better for those looking for a more subtle change with more movement without modifying the length. 

This is why they are ideal for eliminating straight, blunt, and dull cuts.



  • If your hair is super straight, thin, and low density, opt for a short-layered cut, as it’ll give you more volume and density.
  • If your hair is long and wavy, choose the long layers to take the curls’ weight and define the curls.
  • If your hair is too voluminous, but you want movement, the long layers will keep the hair from frizzing.


What layered hairstyle should you choose according to your hairstyle preferences?


Before deciding whether to get a short or long-layered cut, you should think carefully about how long you style your hair every day.

It won’t do you any good to get a beautiful short-layered haircut if you don’t know how to handle it afterward.

For example:


  • If you like to wear a low ponytail every day, short layers will make it impossible, as you won’t be able to gather the first layer.
  • If you love to refresh your look with different updos, long layers are a better option because they’ll give a nice finish to your ends.
  •  If you’re a fan of changing your hairstyle, and you have plenty of time to innovate, choose short layers because you’ll have many hairstyles and looks to change daily. 


Do you want some hairstyle ideas?


  • If you choose short layers for your straight hair, just dry and separate them with your fingers side by side to achieve a natural effect. If you choose short layers for your curly hair, simply apply conditioner and let it air dry.
  • If you prefer long layers, concentrate on the movement of the ends. Use a curling iron, fine or thick flat iron, and turn it up and down to get more movement.


Do short or long layers require more maintenance?


 Layered cuts have one big advantage: you don’t have to worry about growth.

That means that if you don’t want to wear a layered haircut anymore, you simply have to grow out your hair. In the meantime, you won’t suffer a messy hair.


 A short-layered cut will always require more maintenance if you want to keep the shape. 

However, it is not a big deal. It’ll be enough to touch up the layers every three months, especially the first layer, to avoid losing volume.

On the other hand, you can touch up the long layers every six months since the movement will only be in the ends, and the difference will not be so obvious.



Before deciding on a short or long-layered cut, you have to consider some things. For example, what you want to achieve with your new style, how you’ll handle it in your daily life, and how often you’ll need to touch up the layers to maintain the effect you want.

  • If you want a style you can change often, more volume, and don’t mind visiting the salon every three months, short layers are for you.
  • If you want to give your straight hair movement without giving up on length, choose long layers. Finally, if you have curls and want to define their shape while keeping the length.


Now tell me, will you choose short or long layers for your new look?

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