Layered vs Non-Layered Hair: all the differences and the best option for your hair

it seems to have more volume

Layered or non-layered hair? Which option is better for your hair?

That’ll depend on your hair type, your lifestyle, and other factors that we’ll discuss below.


Today, I want to tell you all the differences between a layered and a traditional non-layered haircut.

Most of all, I want to help you choose the best haircut for you.


 I can assure you that in less than three and a half minutes, you’ll know if your hair needs a layered cut or a non-layered one.  Ready to start?


First, I want to share with you some general ideas that I’m sure you’ll find interesting

  • If your hair is straight, and you’re looking to add volume, layering will create the feeling of having volume. If your hair is wavy, you should ask for textured layers to have better control of the haircut.
  • If your hair is fine, AVOID layering. But, if your hair is curly, layering is ideal as it reduces the amount of hair and gives you more movement.
  • And finally, if you’re the type of person who’s looking for an effortless haircut and you’re willing to give up the heat tool, then a layered haircut is definitely for you.


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When it comes to a makeover, women look for photos on the Internet to decide which cut is the best for them. One of the most popular cuts is the layered cut.

It doesn’t just happen with internet searches. I also get many queries in my salon about it.


Alejandra, will I look good with a layered cut?

Alejandra, will I be able to handle the layered cut to make it look like I just got out of the salon?

Those are some questions from my clients.

subtle highlights in lighter shades

There isn’t only one answer because no two women are alike.

 When deciding on a layered haircut, you need to consider several factors before deciding if it’s the right haircut for you. 


You should carefully think about it. Once the hair is cut, you can only hope that it grows back, or continue cutting and sacrificing the length of your hair.

What factors do you have to take into account? Can you imagine what they are?


To make it easy, I’ll list three main factors:

  • Hair type
  • Hair thickness
  • Hairstyles


Have you paid attention to the factors I listed? Are you sure?

When you decide on a haircut, you’re choosing more than just an excuse to upload a photo to your Instagram profile.

You’re deciding how your hair will benefit from a layered cut and how much time you’ll spend looking “good.”


So, before you make an appointment with your stylist, stay with me because I’ll tell you:

  • Layered cut and hair type: suitable for all, but be cautious in curly hair
  • Layered cut and hair thickness: forbidden for fine hair
  • Layered cut and styling: not recommended for those who love to style their hair in different ways


Today, you’ll find out if a layered cut fits your hair type and lifestyle. Ready?

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Layered cut and hair type: suitable for all, but be cautious in curly hair

  • A layered cut is excellent for any type of hair, whether it’s curly, wavy, or straight.


  • If your hair is curly, you must assume your hair volume will increase. It means that when you comb your hair, you’ll notice it taller and more voluminous. It’s as if the amount of hair is doubled.

Are you sure you want to see your hair with twice as many curls? Can you handle that situation, where you might feel like you have a lion’s mane?

If you’re willing to take the risk, you can talk to your stylist and ask for a textured-layered cut to give structure to your hair.


  • Are you tired of looking in the mirror and seeing your hair stuck to your face? Do you only notice that your hair has movement when the wind blows?
  If your hair is straight, you definitely need to try the layered cut because it’ll give you movement and volume.  What’s even better is that you can opt for cascading layers, round layers, V-layers, or thinning layers.

Now, what about hair thickness?


Avoid layers if you have thin hair

vs layers on thin hair

  • Layered cut for thin hair

I don’t recommend layered cuts if you have fine hair unless you want your hair to look even finer, which will make you think you have less hair.


 When cut in layers, fine hair can look even thinner  and become too full. Just like when small portions of hair are removed, the density decreases and it becomes more volatile. How will you perceive your hair?

As if the top layers were ‘swollen,’ which can be quite unpleasant.


  • Layered haircut for medium or thick hair

Now, if your hair is thick, you can touch the sky with your hands. By cutting it in layers, you’ll remove weight and it’ll have more movement and volume.


Finally, how do you usually style your hair? Do you like to improvise a different hairstyle every morning in the mirror?


If you’re looking for a comfortable cut to look your best after a shower, a layered haircut is for you


  • It doesn’t matter if your hair is straight or wavy because the layered cut doesn’t need any kind of styling after a wash.

That’s an advantage for many women. For example, those who live behind the clock. Also, women who don’t have the patience to handle curlers or flat irons, or who don’t know how to make a stylish updo.


  • If you’re used to curling or ironing your hair on special occasions, layering may not be what you need.

That’s when you want to look your best and, for you, that’s the same as ironing or curling your hair.


  • If you flat-iron your hair after a layered cut, you’ll lose the effect of the cut. You’ll see the untidy and asymmetric layers.

The same thing will happen if you want to model your hair with a curling iron. You’ll get long and short curls, a chaotic and messy hairstyle.


  • If you like to vary your hairstyles, one for each day of the week, forget about layering!

If you love ponytails, buns, braids, and updo hairstyles, layered haircuts won’t allow you to wear them. The hair is cut in different levels and each of those levels forms a layer.


  • Definitely, the layered cut is for women who love loose hair.

However, it’s not all bad news. If you want to change your look without sacrificing length, layered haircuts can be an alternative. They’ll also be useful if you aim at removing a few inches of damaged hair.

Finally, when it comes to layering, there’s something to suit all hair types and women.


The layered haircut should always be done by a stylist, whereas you could try doing a non-layered haircut if you’re very daring.

sharp scissors

Yes, I know you just watched a video on YouTube, and you think that making a layered haircut is easier than making a latte. But believe me, it’s just a misconception.

I’ll test your knowledge: how do you position the scissors to do the layers? Was your answer “I don’t know”?


  • Well, it’s a good thing you’ve read this far because this technique is applied differently depending on your hair type.


  If your hair is curly, the layers will be at 45 degrees. If it’s wavy, at 90 degrees and, if it is straight, at 180 degrees.  Yes, mathematics exists even for haircuts. Thanks, geometry!


  • I know you think that with a pair of scissors and 2 or 3 hair clips, your haircut will be perfect. However, as a professional stylist, I can foresee that it won’t be like that.
  If you don’t have the necessary tools, such as well-sharpened scissors, thinning shears, and several mirrors, you can damage your hair. 


  • Also, the most complicated part of layering is to get symmetrical and even layers.

To achieve that, you need to use the round layering technique. It’s difficult for you to do It yourself without damaging your hair and messing up the cut.


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brown hair and subtle highlights

I think you can draw your own conclusions today. When you decide to get layers, you decide much more than a haircut.


It has to do with what you want to achieve with your hair, whether to increase or decrease the volume. It also has to do with how much time you spend on styling it. It defines you as a changing person who likes to surprise her friends with new hairstyles every day.


Don’t be fooled. Layering may be for you, but it doesn’t mean you should cut your hair yourself running the risk of getting unpleasant results.

Or maybe you should if you’re willing to pay the price for your audacity.


Now, I’d like you to tell me, have you decided to get a layered haircut, or are you going to continue with a more traditional non-layered cut?

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