6 Low-Maintenance Layered Haircuts For Thick Hair (that everyone is talking about)

Some of the best low-maintenance layered haircut for thick hair are:


easy to style

If you have thick hair and are looking for low-maintenance layered cuts because you don’t want to spend hours styling your hair, you’ve come to the right place!

 A layered cut can lighten the weight of thick hair, lower its volume, and help you forget about looking in the mirror all day long. 


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They are effective and longest lasting. They don’t lose their shape as quickly. Also, you can spend up to 4 months without going to the hairdresser for a trim.

Of course, you can always go to the salon to get a hairstyle for a special occasion.


However, in general, layered haircuts are perfect for women on a tight schedule and can’t style their hair every morning.

They are the famous “wash-and-go” cuts.


 When you get out of the shower, you towel dry, put a little bit of styling cream, and tousle it for a better look! 

Looking for the perfect layered cut for your thick hair that won’t take hours of styling?


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In this article, I’ll tell you about the best low-maintenance layered haircuts for thick hair. I’ll also give you some useful styling tips to keep your cut looking great.

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Is a layered haircut for thick hair a good idea?

parted in the middle

Yes! I’ll tell you that it’s the best option for your thick hair.

When we cut the layers by slicing and thinning the hair, we are also lowering the volume. Also, we’re giving movement to hair that falls too heavy and is very difficult to style.

With the new layered haircuts, you’ll have light and bouncy hair. Also, the freedom to choose whether or not to style your hair.


 Almost all layered cuts are low-maintenance. You’ll only have to visit the salon two or three times a year. 

The only exception would be if you chose a haircut with bangs. In this case, you’ll need to get it trimmed every three weeks or a month. However, it’ll only take a few minutes at the salon.


You don’t necessarily have to choose a cut based on the shape of your face.

Nowadays, considering that a haircut may not look good on any face is old-fashioned. Nowadays, women are more concerned about their comfort favoring their personal style rather than following rules.


Here is a list of the layered cuts for thick hair that I get the most requests for at the salon. They’re also the most low-maintenance ones.


Shoulder-length layered haircut

bob cut

The ideal haircut for thick hair is the shoulder-length cut.

It admits a thousand variations and more!


The shoulder-length layered haircut can be very neatly parted. Only the last layer touches the shoulder.

However, be careful! If you have a lot of hair, you should thin it out to make sure it looks good.


Chin-length layered haircut

needs little styling time

When we make a chin-length haircut, we can also add some layers thinned towards the ends.

The latest trend in bob haircuts is to combine them with layers so that the base has movement apart from being straight.


With or without bangs, this is a very youthful and dynamic haircut. It looks perfect without styling.

It’s especially suitable for thick hair because of its loose effect.


Invisible layered-cut


In this case, the layers are internal and not visible. Still, they manage to give the hair a lot of movement.

Cutting the inner layers lowers the volume of the thick hair. Meanwhile, the outer layer displays an apparently fuller and wavy haircut.


 It is ideal if you want to reduce the volume of your thick hair without giving up your length   It also works when you’re looking for a more subtle effect. Then, the shorter layers will be almost unnoticeable.


Shoulder-length blunt layered cut

curly hair

The shoulder-length blunt layered cut requires low-maintenance. You can wear it tousled. Then, for any special occasion, it’ll look very well with blow-drying or flat ironing.


The layers can start at the top, providing a cascading look that will give thick hair a lot of movement, whether you style it or not.

This cut is ideal for thick wavy hair. The waterfall effect suits the shape of this type of hair much better.


Mid-back length layered cut

blonde highlights

If you have mid-back length hair, you have many more options to choose a layered cut.

One of them is to cut the layers from the top together with a thinning effect.

This will lower the volume and give a very dynamic movement to your thick hair.

Layers can also start at the shoulder or just at the end of your hair for noticeable but subtle movement.


Layered cut with extensions effect

does not need much maintenance

In this case, the layers are so defined and thinned to the end that the last layer only has some long strands. They resemble hair extensions.


It is an easy-to-wear and long-lasting cut. It lightens the hair and looks well with a tousled look.

If you want to forget about trimming your hair for a long time, this haircut is perfect for you.


How to style layered thick hair

brush, detangling cream

The layered cut is one of the most low-maintenance haircuts for thick hair because it doesn’t need much styling to look perfect.

If you follow just a few tips,  layered cuts will make you look as if you’d just come out of the salon. 


  • Apply styling cream after washing and towel drying, comb, and let dry.

When your hair is nice and dry, detangle it with your fingers to remove the wet effect of the cream. This will help to eliminate frizz.


  • If you have bangs, you can straighten them and style the rest of your hair with styling cream.


  • If you have a lot of frizz and don’t want to use styling cream, you can get treatments such as Botox, Keratin, Biotin, or straightening. They will leave your hair silky, hydrated, and frizz-free.

These treatments last approximately 4 months according to the state of your hair.

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