6 tips to thin out thick hair without layers

Here are six ways to thin out your thick hair without layering.



Do you have thick, voluminous hair and want to thin it out?


If you go to the hairdresser’s, you’ll be offered a layered haircut.

Layers are in fashion. They’re the solution for everyone in many salons.


Did your haircut look bad? Layers are the solution.

Are you looking for a haircut that expresses your femininity? Layers are the solution.

Do you have thick hair, and it’s driving you crazy? Layers are the solution.


When a technique becomes trendy, it seems to be the answer to everything.

However, what happens if you don’t want layers?


Maybe you don’t care about layers because you don’t want to have different lengths of hair.

Plus, you know that  layering involves a maintenance commitment because it needs periodic touch-ups. .

So, is there an option to remove volume from thick hair without layering?


The answer is yes.

Here I’ll tell you not one but six options to thin out your thick hair. None of them include layering.


If you were thinking of giving up and accepting that layers were your only solution, stay with me. Here you’ll discover some professional tricks you won’t find anywhere else. .

Ready to start taming that devilish hair?


Let’s start with the basics.

Do you know the kind of volume you have in your hair?


What kind of volume do you have?

You need to know what type of volume you have in your hair and why it appears. It’ll determine the treatment or cut you can use to thin out the volume from your hair.


For example, if you have volume and frizz, the solution will be a good daily moisturizing treatment. Also, a hair product to help finish your hairstyle. Then, you’ll be able to control it for many hours.

On the other hand, if your volume is due to thick and abundant hair, things change. In that case, you could, for example, thin out your hair into sections to reduce the volume.


Option 1: Thinning out the ends

due to lack of hydration

Shortening the ends to shape your hair is an excellent option.  It’ll allow you to control the volume and give your haircut a personal style.  The most important thing is that you don’t have to layer it.


There’re many different ways of thinning out thick hair.

The diagonal cut technique is used for thick, curly hair to avoid layers. It accompanies the natural movement of the curl and disguises the volume without layering.

Other haircuts for thick hair are simpler. It’s about trimming the ends and helping to hide the volume. They’re the best option for thicker and straight hair.


Option 2: Shaving a part of the hair

thin out thick hair without layers

It’s usual to see and do in the salon. It doesn’t mean you have to wear a punk look or anything like that. You can simply shave part of the nape of the neck to reduce a high percentage of your thick hair volume.

 I’d only recommend this technique for untamable hair with a lot of volume.  Another thing to keep in mind with this technique is maintenance. You’ll have to go to the salon for a trim every three months or so.

If the shaving technique solves your problem, it’ll be worth it. You’ll be able to thin out the volume without layers.


Option 3: Thinning hair with the thinning scissors

hair salon

This technique is still widely used to thin out the volume of thick hair.

The only downside is that it’s difficult to repeat the cut with the same strands of hair every time. Though it’s still used, it’s no longer recommended for all hair types. It’s only for very abundant hair with waves or curls.


 Cutting segments strategically placed in certain parts of thick hair gives good results and controls the volume.  This technique allows us to select the same strands or segments to maintain it. It’s ideal to thin out thick, straight hair without layering.


Option 4: Formaldehyde-free smoothing treatment

shiny and silky

Have you thought about getting a formaldehyde-free smoothing treatment?

There’re so many hair treatments that help control volume that you might want to think about investing in one.


The only precaution you should take is to do it with an expert  to make sure it’s formaldehyde-free. Try to avoid falling into those treatments that destroy the hair. .

The authorized straightening treatments hydrate and control the volume achieving an almost naturally straight hair look.


Option 5. Semi updo hairstyles

ponytail after a straight perm

You can learn some semi updos and braids to disguise your volume. It’ll be a temporary solution until you define what to do.


Option 6. Using specific products for thick and voluminous hair

Finally, we come to one of the alternatives that you have at hand. Carefully choose the products you use on your hair.

Have you ever thought that every product you use has a direct influence on how it looks?


 Choose your products correctly and your hair will look good. Choose the wrong products, and your hair will look bad. It’s that simple.  


Most of us choose the first shampoo and conditioner that comes our way… or the cheapest one.

However, to save a few bucks, you may end up using products that make your thick hair look ugly and messy instead of making it look healthy and beautiful.


 I suggest that, from now on, you pay close attention to all the products you use. .

You have to choose anti-frizz shampoos and conditioners. They have extra moisturizing components to help you reduce frizz and volume amazingly.


When you’re choosing products for your hair, make sure the label says “anti-frizz,” “thick hair,” “hair with lots of volume.”

Yes, you may find it strange those products exist. In fact, when I explain this to my clients, they gasp as if I were speaking Chinese. And that’s because they never thought there were products designed for every hair type. .

Now you know. Then, you have no excuse to keep using the same old products that make your hair look ugly and messy.


I also recommend a styling finisher or serum if you have straight hair and a styling cream if you have curly hair.



You learned that there’re several options for removing volume from your thick hair without layering.

There’re haircuts and styling product options that help make up the volume of your thick hair.

 All the options can be combined with each other.  You can use the products daily, and at the same time, thin out your hair, straighten it, and shave the back of your neck.


The options are varied. In the meantime, you can have a half updo or braid to control the volume of your thick hair. Most importantly, you won’t have to layer it.

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