8 pros and cons of thinning out hair (don’t let anyone trim your hair before you read this)

thinning out hair is not good idea

Let’s start with the cons of thinning out hair. Then, take a look at the pros:

  • Cons: Thinning out hair can bring frizz control problems.
  • According to your hair type, it may be flat and lifeless, messy and untidy, or shapeless at the ends.


  • Pros: If you feel that your hair is untamable and you need to control the volume, thinning out hair may be beneficial. It would be more manageable and easier to comb and style. Styling your hair may take less time, and it may even feel lighter.



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As a professional, I don’t like to talk bluntly about the pros and cons of any haircut. Everything will depend on your hair type and many other factors.

What can be an advantage for straight hair could be a disadvantage for curly hair.


 So, before you decide, you should know what you want to achieve. Also, take into account your hair type. 

That’s what I do in the salon when a client comes in with the wish to thin out her hair.

Is that really the right decision?

Before you thin out your hair, you need to know the reasons for your volume.

Volume is caused by different factors.


They range from the texture of your hair, i.e. whether it’s frizzy, wavy, or curly, to frizz.


Can you believe that even the weather plays a role in your voluminous hair?

That’s right. I’m sure you know about this if you live close to the sea, river, harbor, or jungle. They’re usually humid areas, which give extra volume to any kind of hair.

I’m sure that you’ve heard the expression, “It’s not the heat; it’s the humidity.” In the case of hair, I can assure you that humidity does destroy it.


Also,   the stylist who thins out your hair should know what method to use because it’s not just about scissors. 

Chemical processes such as hair botox, for example, help you tame the volume without trimming the hair.


Before we get into the pros and cons of thinning out your hair, let me tell you a truth that applies to all hair types:

  • If your hair is very frizz-prone or wavy, trimming it to tame it isn’t the best option.
  • If it’s curly and you don’t mind modifying its natural structure, a permanent straightening may be the best option to remove volume from your hair.

Having said that, let’s dig deeper.

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4 cons of thinning out hair

As I mentioned a few moments ago, the disadvantages will be in line with your hair type and the elements used to thin out your hair.


1- If your hair is very dry, you’ll only increase frizz

not good idea to thin out

In this case, you shouldn’t thin out your hair with a haircut.


 Far from decreasing the volume, you’ll only make it poofy. 

Just like a tamed lion’s mane.


Also, you shouldn’t let your stylist use razors to remove volume from your hair. It may cause the cuticles to break, leaving your hair even more porous and big.


2- If you have curly hair, be careful when volumizing it, unless you want to look like the famous boxing manager, Don King

cut with regular scissors

Thinning out curly hair is a double-edged sword.

I always remember the day Andrea, a beautiful Colombian girl, came into my salon with her hair full of curls. She came in looking for a solution to her previous attempt to thin out her hair.

What had happened?


She had had her hair thinned out but curls from different areas of her hair had been trimmed out without any control.

The result?


 A few days later, she had uncontrolled mane with an infinite number of curls in different lengths. 

Therefore, her problem had worsened. At first glance, she had doubled the volume, which made her look painfully untidy.

Can you imagine Andrea’s efforts to style her hair, taming the volume every morning?


If you have many curls and want to reduce the volume, you can resort to other solutions. I’ll tell you later what they are.


3- If your hair is thick, you should never thin it out from the root. Otherwise, as it grows, it’ll double the volume of the roots

thinning out hair

In these cases, the advice is usually to thin out your hair. However, be careful, you must pay close attention to the process.


 If your stylist takes the thinning shears, make sure he/she never uses them near the roots.  The immediate result will be excellent because you’ll feel you have half the hair. It’ll be easy to style and wear.


However, after a few months, you’ll feel like you’re living in hell. The hair that was trimmed will grow with much more strength and double the volume of the roots.

Close your eyes and imagine a jellyfish. This is what your hair will look like. Lots of volume on the head and little hair on the ends. Not even Ulysses will dare to face you.


4- If your hair is fine, removing volume will only bring more frizz

In these cases, you should be careful and never allow your hair to be trimmed above the shoulder. The shorter it is, the less weight your hair will have and the more prone it will be to frizz.


 You shouldn’t straighten your hair to tame frizz either because it would add volume.  Your fine hair will be flat on your scalp, giving a languid effect.

Talking about famous people, remember Morticia, from the Addams Family.


Now we know about some cons of thinning out your hair according to its type. But it’s not all bad. So, let’s move on to the good news.


4 pros of thinning out hair

When it comes to thinning out your hair, there’re four major advantages:


1- You’ll feel your hair much more manageable

easier to style and control

You will, even if you’re not obsessed with moisturizing routines and give your hair a nourishing hair treatment once a month.

Also, since you’ll feel more comfortable with your thinned-out mane, you’ll  no longer wear your hair tied up, which will lead to less fragile and brittle hair. 


2- By removing some of the volume from your hair, you’ll feel it easily settles

Sure, less hair volume to style makes it easier to do an updo, or even apply styling products.

Do you remember that daily struggle to get all your hair into place using a hairspray to style it the way you want it? That won’t happen again, which brings us to the next advantage.


3- If you thin out your hair, you’ll spend less time styling it

save styling time

If you usually wake up almost late, or you push the “snooze” button of the alarm clock for “five more minutes”, then you´ll be saved.


 You’ll never be late for work or college again.  Your boyfriend won’t fall asleep on the couch while waiting for you to finish getting ready to go out, and you’ll simply enjoy more free time to put on some more makeup or do funny faces in front of the mirror.


4- You’ll feel lighter

Well, let’s not exaggerate either. Having voluminous hair doesn’t mean you carry the weight of the world on your ears.


Still, feeling that you control your hair by removing volume  will make you feel a little more relieved or less stressed. 

When you thin out your hair, remember to do it the right way. That’s what I’ll talk about next.


4 proper ways to thin out your hair

1- Thinning out with haircuts

parted in the middle

If your hair is slightly wavy or straight, you can thin it out with layers that will look great, as long as the cut doesn’t start at the roots. This will give you a flattering wavy movement.


 If you have thick hair, you should thin it out with a razor cut,  which will last up to six months.

In this case, you can also opt for thinning shears from the mid-lengths to the ends to avoid too much volume at the top.


2-Thinning out through chemical processes

brown hair and subtle highlights

You can opt for many alternatives, such as permanent straightening, hair botox, keratin treatment, and hair lifting.


 But you should know that these methods modify the hair structure  and leave the hair completely straight. In these cases, your hair will be flat, frizz-free, and shiny.

If you can live without your curls and want to reduce volume, this is a great alternative.


3-Thinning out through moisturizing

Usually, hair volume has nothing to do with your hair type, but with the chemical processes it has.

Do you bleach your hair frequently? Do you color it monthly?


In these cases, the volume you want to eliminate may simply be frizz.

To fight this, instead of trimming your hair to reduce volume, you can do moisturizing treatments.

Look for good quality nourishing treatments that will ensure hydration and cuticle sealing to tame and reduce the volume of your hair.


4- Thinning out through styling

If you only have big hair when it’s too humid, or your hair seems to grow like grass in spring, you can blow-dry, flat iron, or curl it to keep it under control.

You can also use creams, gels, and other products that help with small everyday frizz problems.



As you can see, thinning out isn’t always the only solution to control your hair.

Sometimes the solution is a haircut. Alternatively, intensive nourishing treatments may help you control the volume without trimming your hair.

Now it’s your turn, what do you think? In your case, does removing volume from your hair have more pros or cons?

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