Why does my hair look choppy after a haircut? It’s badly cut, but there is a solution

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  • If you see your hair looking choppy, it’s because it’s cut wrong.
  • The cut may need to settle. Try washing and drying your hair before making a decision.
  • Or you may need to go to the hair salon to fix it so your hair won’t look choppy.
  • In this article, I’ll give you 4 solutions to stop your hair from looking choppy.


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Does your hair look choppy after you cut it?


Well, let’s analyze together what could have happened.

 If your hair looks choppy after getting a haircut,  it’s probably because it’s cut wrong.

I say that with all the certainty in the world. Now tell me, did you cut your hair at the hairdresser’s or did you do it yourself at home?


If you cut your hair yourself, you have no one to complain to.

 It’s also no good blaming the YouTube video that explained step by step  how to cut your hair.


 But if you went to a salon and after cutting your hair, they left your hair choppy…  I don’t know what the hairdresser was thinking while they were cutting your hair, but you could ask for a solution.


In either case,  your hair looks choppy because it’s badly cut.  In this article, I’ll show you the solution to this problem.


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I have badly cut hair, what do I do? Don’t worry, there is a solution

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If your hair is badly cut because you cut it wrong yourself, then  the solution is to go to a beauty salon  to help you solve this problem.

Did you get a bad haircut at the salon?


If it was at a hair salon, the best thing to do would be to go back so they can fix what they did wrong.

Maybe you can find a new salon, but  if you paid for a good haircut, you deserve a repair.  Stick with it.


I don’t recommend you try to fix it alone.  The cure can be worse than the disease . And maybe getting a professional to fix your hair in a salon will be easy.

If your hair is straight, any flaws will be much more noticeable than if you have curls.

If your hair is fine, a bad cut is one of the worst mistakes you can make.


4 solutions to stop your hair from looking choppy

  • If you got a layered cut, maybe those layers aren’t linked to each other.

When doing this type of cut, you can make the mistake of doing a few layers, but without continuity between them.

This happens especially when you have a lot of hair.  It will look like it’s divided into parts  and it doesn’t look pretty at all.

The solution, of course, is to merge those layers together.


If you take too much, it will probably look pretty bad.

If this is what happened to you,   you can do layering or get a part. 


  • If your hair is straight,  it’s likely that the cut needs to be shaped. 

In this case, try washing your hair and drying it as you normally do. Then see if you need to fix it or not.


  • Sometimes it can be that  because of how the hair is styled, it looks choppy. 

Also in this case,  wash and dry your hair.  Maybe that’s enough to fix it.


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Here’s a 100% true story of a girl who cut her hair after watching a tutorial on YouTube

girl cuts her bangs in front of the mirror with concentration gesture

That girl is my sister, no less.

Recently  she asked me to make her a long fringe . Since I was busy with a thousand activities, I told her I would cut her hair in the evening.


But  my sister is one of those people who when she wants something, she wants it right away. 

When I came back in the evening, she had already cut her fringe. Can you imagine how it looked on her?


She had cut off a big chunk of hair she felt she could turn into a fringe. Of course,  she never imagined that the result would be a disaster! 


Instead of a fringe, her forehead had a staircase.  Her excuse was that she followed the steps in a video tutorial,  but there was no turning back now.

She had cut too much hair, so  her hair looked choppy. 

Good thing I got there in time to fix it.  I did a little trimming to disguise the bad cut  and it looked pretty great, although, of course, it wasn’t the same as her initial idea.



If your hair looks choppy, it’s probably because it’s not cut properly.

But before going to the salon to have it fixed, the best thing to do is to wash your hair as you usually do and  only then check and see if it really looks choppy. 

But rest assured that this has a solution. So  don’t despair; go to your trusted hairdresser  so you can show off your amazing hair again.

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