How often should you cut your hair to keep it short? Every 30 to 45 days

Short-haired girl has doubts

  • You should cut your short hair every 30 to 45 days because it’ll start losing shape.
  • However, this isn’t a strict rule because particular and personal characteristics may modify it.
  • Actually, the trimming frequency to keep your hair short depends on 3 factors: growth speed, hair type (fine, thick, graying), and the type of cut you want.
  • We’ll see them in depth in this article, don’t miss it!


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Do you wear your hair short and wonder how often you should cut it if you want to keep it always impeccable?


This is a very common question at the salon.

Clients who like their hair short usually   go often to the salon to maintain its shape.  

But what is the advisable time frame for trimming it?


Usually,   you should cut your hair every 30 to 45 days   because it’ll start losing shape after that.

But since there are no hard and fast rules in hairdressing, we’ll look at the   3 factors that affect whether you have to go sooner or later to the salon to keep your hair short.  

Are you ready?


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How fast does your hair grow? Some ideas to learn how to calculate it

surprised short-haired girl with watch in her hand

Our hair grows an average of 1 centimeter per month. However, it may vary between half a centimeter and two for different people.

Precisely,  on long hair it is doubtful that you will notice this growth. .

But that centimeter is very noticeable on short hair because  the cut deforms very quickly. .

That’s one of the ways to control growth. How?


The most common phrase inside the salon is “I was managing my hair perfectly well and  suddenly, one morning I woke up and my cut disappeared,  my hair became unmanageable, it’s entirely out of control.”

Has this ever happened to you?


Another way you can see how fast your hair grows is if you dye it.  Apply the dye today and see how long it takes to see your hair grow back. .

Depending on how much your roots measure at 30 days will be how much you grow back each month.

Although this is not a general rule, it estimates how long it takes for your hair to grow. Add to this other factors that speed up or slow down growth.


Do you have thin, thick, or graying hair? This will interest you

Red short-haired girl hides her overgrown sideburns

  Hair type is also a determining factor   when calculating the time to trim it and keep it short.


  •   A very fine and straight hair will resist longer   because it won’t lose its shape so quickly.

It may be more visible at the sideburns and bangs or at the nape of the neck, but it’ll always be concealable.

In cases like this,   you can cut your hair every 2 or 3 months.  

Have you ever thought about your sideburns to make them look nice?


  •      In the case of thick hair, it should be   very short to look attractive.

Therefore,   it’ll soon start to lose shape.  

You’ll need to   visit the hairdresser every 20 to 25 days   if you want to keep the original look of your thick hair.


  •   Finally, gray will be highly unruly,   so short hair will tend to lose its shape quickly.

It would be best if you also tried to   trim it every 25 to 30 days.  


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What kind of haircut do you wear? Learn how often you should cut it to maintain it

different styles of cuts for short hair

Short hair comes in many styles. Depending on what your style is,   that will tell us how often it will need to be cut again.  

  • Pixie: This cut   is the one that grows and deforms the fastest,   therefore, it’s also the one that shows the most growth and sloppiness.

Although as it grows, it can give way to a shaggy, if you want to continue wearing the pixie style,   you’ll have to cut it again in a period of between 20 and 30 days.  


  • Shaggy: This cut, although short, has the advantage of being very casual and light.

Therefore, you can “disguise” the growth and give more time to the next salon visit, say,   between 30 and 40 days. 

The shaggy is an ideal cut if you want to look younger.


  • Mullet: This haircut is defined by a very short front part and a long back part.

The fringe is short and there are slightly shaggy locks (but that doesn’t mean it’s not well cared for).

  This fringe grows quickly.  

So, to maintain this cut   you’ll have to cut it again in about 25 to 35 days.  


  • Short bob: The short bob can grow   into a long bob.  

The bob cut has many more variations you and your stylist can play with as your hair grows.

You can transform a short bob into a square bob with bangs, an asymmetrical inverted bob, a graduated bob, a blunt bob, and finally, a long bob.



Whenever we talk about growing times, we must consider the 3 factors I just explained and the economic circumstances, which are often decisive.

  While you manage to afford to go back to the salon, play with your hair.  

Whatever length it is, you’ll enjoy (and disguise) different hairstyles and shapes.

And when you can go back to the salon, talk to your trusted hairdresser.

  Ask for tips on how to manage the cut with good styles  and appropriate products for your hair.

Take advantage of that and your hair will look unique. Don’t hesitate, GO FOR IT!

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