Should you Wash Your Hair After a Haircut?

a while after cutting it

  • Washing your hair after cutting it won’t change the cut you’ve gotten done in any way.
  • That is if you want to wash your hair after cutting it because you don’t like the hairdo they did in the salon, or there are some loose hairs bothering you, you can do it without worrying.
  • That said, if you got a haircut that requires styling after washing it, you’ll need a bit of practice so that it turns out the same way as it did in the salon.


 As you can see, you can really do whatever you want, but make sure to always pay attention to how the stylist did your hair after having gotten it cut. 

And this isn’t a minor detail.


Let me tell you about one of my clients, Sophia, who came to the salon to get a short bob cut.

Personally, this cut fascinates me—it gives women a distinct look, a personal touch, that almost always makes everyone turn their head to look and admire them.


After going over the options, and making sure that Sophia’s features would look good with the cut, I got to work.

After two hours, Sophia looked like another person. The cut had given a freshness to her features, and by leaving the length below her chin, it hid the rounded part of her face.

She was happy and didn’t stop thanking for me for the change, which honestly looked really great on her.

But, two hours later she was back in the salon, furious.


I couldn’t believe the sudden transformation in Sophia’s personality—that she could go from being a nice, polite person to basically the reincarnation of a Scottish warrior. At least she had left her axe at home.

When I asked her what happened, she said that she had washed her hair when she got home and that the cut was badly done, because there was nothing left of the hairstyle.


I tried not to laugh, although it was hard not to, and I asked her if she remembered that I had told her that after washing her hair, she should always style it with a straightener to give it a face-framing effect.

Her face turned every single color, and she didn’t know how to ask for forgiveness. Poor Sophia! She felt really bad, so I decided to do her hair without charging her anything.

Do you realize why I’m telling you this story?


 Because washing your hair doesn’t affect your cut at all, as much as some stylists argue that washing it can put your hairstyle at risk. 

As if! If a haircut is done well, no matter if you wash your hair 100 times, nothing should happen to it.

That said, keep in mind that we are talking about haircuts, not about a style done with a hot hairbrush or a curling iron.


What’s more, I also put myself in my clients’ shoes. Even if in the salon, I put capes on them to avoid getting loose hair on their clothes, nothing is infallible.

And I understand that those loose hairs can be itchy or annoying. But now you know, you can put an end to this annoyance and discomfort, by washing your hair after your cut.

Do you want me to tell you the advantage of washing your hair after you cut it?


If you wash your hair after a cut, you will learn quickly how to shape and style it how you like it the most. That’s to say, you will be in control of your cut. Because let’s be honest.

It’s never the same to have long straight hair as a long bob cut—the time it takes to style your hair changes a lot, and you might even need to practice for a few days to give your new cut the perfect shape.


Therefore, so that you’re completely sure when it’s best to wash your hair after a cut, today I’ll let you know:

  • Easy cuts to style that allow you to wash your hair right after cutting it
  • Cuts that aren’t good for washing your hair right after cutting it
  • The times you should never wash your hair after getting it cut


Although the last point might seem contradictory because I told you that you can always wash your hair after getting it cut, there are some exceptions.

While you’re reading the following, try to imagine what the exceptions could be. Do you want a clue? Better no, put those brain cells to work.


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Easy cuts to style after washing your hair

eye color

As we saw before, haircuts don’t disappear after you wash them, but some cuts are easier to style than others. Also, many cuts only need a blowdryer, while with others it’s completely unnecessary.

If you are someone who likes to get out of the shower without having to do anything to your hair, I recommend one of the following cuts:


  • Shag

This is one of the cuts that’s the easiest to manage, the one way that the actress Jennifer Anniston made famous with the show “Friends”. Do you remember it? I had so much fun with that group of friends.

Why is it easy to style after washing your hair? Precisely because it’s a non-structured cut.


  • Layers

This is another cut that doesn’t require you to be an expert stylist to get amazing results. You can wash your hair, and you don’t even need to apply any type of product, like gels or mousse.


  • Long and medium-length haircuts

An always present classic for a reason, right?

These cuts are always comfortable and fresh. You can wash your hair after cutting it, and the effect of the cut will stick around, without you having to waste time styling it.


Now, some cuts will undoubtedly require you to work a bit more.

So, if you’ve gone to the hair salon because you have an event, and you want to make an impression with your new look, my advice is that you don’t wash your hair right away.

Because you will lose the exact hairstyle, and you’ll spend hours trying to shape your hair again the same way.

Do you want to know which haircuts these are?


Cuts that are difficult to style after washing your hair

You’ll ask what makes these cuts so difficult to style.

The truth is that some cuts that I’ll be naming shortly, have certain details that need to be kept in mind.

Some might need brushing or straightening, while others need some gel or mousse to highlight certain parts.

But let me repeat, this has nothing to do with washing your hair after the cut, it’s only because of the complexity of the hairstyling.


If even after knowing this, you want to wash your hair, you should you know:

  • Long and short bobs: If your hair isn’t straight, you should use a straightener to give it the pointy effect that frames your face.
  • Symmetrical bobs: You should use a hot brush to round the tips.
  • Blunt bangs: If you don’t have straight hair or a straightening treatment done on your bangs, you should use the straightener so that they look even.


Now, do you have some idea about when you shouldn’t wash your hair after a cut? If you’re still not sure, I’m about to clear it all up.


When you shouldn’t wash your hair

before and after

If in addition to getting your hair cut, you did any of the following treatments, you shouldn’t wash your hair after the cut.

Let’s start with the first.


Haircut + dye

If on top of a haircut, you dyed your hair, I don’t recommend that you wash it. The reason is simple. It’s always better to wait at least two days before washing your hair.

In this way, the dye pigments cling better to the hair fibers.


Haircut + Straightening Treatment

Don’t even think about washing your hair if in addition to cutting it you had a straightening treatment!

As you know with this process, it must set in your hair for at least 48 hours without even a drop of water touching it.


Haircut + Perm

Just like with the straightening treatment, perms need to be in your hair for 48 hours for the product to set.


Except for these three exceptions, when there is something beyond just a haircut, you won’t have any type of problem if you want to wash it after your cut.

You’ll just have to practice the hairstyle a little bit so that you can shape it to perfection.

So, will you be washing your hair after cutting it?

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