7 stages of growing out a bob – Timeline from month 1 to 15

growing out a bob timeline

These are the seven stages of a timeline you’ll have to go through while growing out your bob cut:

  • Stage 1: In the first two months, take advantage of the fact that the cut hasn’t lost its shape and improvise fun and different hairstyles with the help of gels, waxes, and accessories.
  • Stage 2: Between two and four months, you’ll need to do some touch-ups at the salon to take your short bob to an intermediate bob.
  • Stage 3 and 4: Between five and ten months, you’ll be able to play more freely with your hair. It’ll be long enough even with curly hairstyles that give volume from the nape to the crown of the head.
  • Stage 5: Between ten and twelve months, you should decide on a new look for your hair. Also, use volumizing mousses and sprays to have fun with your hairstyles.
  • Stage 6 and 7: After a year, your hair has grown about 25 centimeters, and there’s nothing left of the bob cut.


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Have you cut your hair to show off a beautiful short bob?

Congratulations. It’s a cut that only the most daring people can pull off.

Best of all, your stylist probably chose the bob style that accentuates the most beautiful features of your face.

So, why the long face?


Let me guess.  You’ve discovered that a bob cut on Jennifer Lopez is one thing, and a bob cut on your mane is quite another. 

You also miss your long hair, the one that made your boyfriend look at you like you were an amazon escaped from some fantasy island.


I’m not going to fool you.

 Your long hair won’t come back overnight.  You can’t pick it up and stick it back with some glue.

However, what you can do is focus on the present. Only by focusing on the present moment, in the here and now, you’re able to have enough peace of mind to make the best decisions.


And from there, take advantage of everything you have to enjoy your new bob cut. Yes! I’m not crazy.

Who said that growing out your bob would be a nightmare?


Believe me, in this 7-stage path of growing your bob cut, you’ll realize that there are more roses than thorns.

Don’t you believe me?

Get your sneakers ready, and let’s start walking through the timeline.

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Stage 1 – Day 1 to two months – Show your bob to the world with a smile!

highlights neck and face features

Focus on the present. You’re here, your bob brings out the best in your face, and you want to conquer the world. You’ve got it all!

As you enjoy it, your hair will gain inches month by month. After two months, the shape of the cut will start to deform.


This is your time to enjoy that big step you took when you got the bob cut. Flaunt your beautiful neck, neckline, and show off the beautiful sideburns that enhance your features.

 At this stage, you should take advantage of having short hair. You can use gels and waxes to achieve hairstyles with well-defined strands  that will give your look a very youthful and fresh air.

Shall I give you a tip?


If you use wax to style your bob, remember that can give a stiff look.

Therefore, it’s best to apply it in the palm of your hand, heat it between your palms until it becomes malleable, and distribute it through your hair with the palms of your hands. Finally, just use your fingers to better define the strands and shapes.

I can see the smile on your face. I told you, it wouldn’t be so bad.


Stage 2 – 2 to 4 months – A few tweaks will give you an enviable mid-length bob

a month of growth

At this point, your bob will have begun to deform because the nape of the neck starts to populate again, the peak takes on more volume, and the sideburns stretch and lose harmony.

Of course, it sounds like you’re going to go from swan to ugly duckling. But don’t worry, you only have to go to the salon for a few touch-ups.


 It’s good to take your short bob to an intermediate bob, like the old carré manes.  A fuller outline will give you a more classic shape, allowing you to play with a more compact mane.


Also, you can style it in different ways, such as changing the parting taking advantage of your more symmetrical length.

Also, you can even dye your hair with a copper tone which will give fire to your intermediate bob.


Stage 3 – 5 to 7 months – Play with asymmetry in your intermediate bob

caramel highlights

At this point, you’ll barely remember your short bob. Still, you should keep the asymmetry of the cut to reinforce the idea of letting it grow out and look neat.


 It may be time to give definition downwards from the nape of the neck towards the chin. The idea is to achieve a length towards the front, marking the asymmetry. 


Yes, it’ll still be a bob, but longer, asymmetrical, super practical, and eye-catching. This is the best time to play with hairstyles that give volume from the nape of the neck to the top. Beautiful curls turned into waves will help a lot. It’s the stage of freedom in your hair!


Stage 4 – 8 to 10 months – It’s time to focus on your hair length

growing out a bob timeline

The asymmetry has helped to accompany the length because the back strands are already below the shoulders.

This gives you the possibility to pair the asymmetry with a gradient bob at the ends so as not to lose the movement.


You can also deepen the asymmetry. It’s up to you. You can consider the possibility of block colors to mark depths and glimpse the change that’s on the way.

Here you can play with straight hair to mark the gradient of the tips. The color blocks will help you to get a well-defined frame.


Stage 5 – 10 to 12 months – You’ve reached the long bob

side part

As your hair has grown out, it’s time to visualize the change you’re looking for. Your new length allows looking for new haircuts.


 It may be just the right time to get a fringe or a well-defined bob to give your face a new frame. 


It’s also a great opportunity to play with volume. You’ll need styling products like volumizing mousses and sprays. If you’re skilled, blow-drying will be your greatest ally.


Stage 6 – 12 to 15 months – Your hair is finally 25 centimeters long!

one year since her hair was cut

At this point, there is no longer any memory of your short or long bob. It’s time to match the different lengths.


Look in the mirror!

You have a medium-length mane. It’s ideal, for example, for a balayage to start the new direction your hair will take.


And  with that length, you have a range of styling possibilities from casual updos to loose braids, to casual semi-updos. 

You can also wear extreme straight hair from blow-drying and flat-ironing.


Stage 7 – 15 months – Enjoy your new hair length and decide what cut or style you want to wear

one year and a half

Your hair is once again a blank canvas to start painting another work of art. To renew is to live, and you’ve done that for the last fifteen months.

You can put together a photo album to see that that short bob you had over a year and a half ago,  has given you the wonderful adventure of renewing your look every two or three months. 


You’ve gone through different lengths, hairstyles, and colors. You’ve experimented with textures and shapes. Now, you have a blank sheet of paper again.

It’s time to decide what look you want to wear next season.

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