Why do hairdressers always cut too much? What can I do to avoid it?


cut too much

There’s a myth that hairdressers always cut too much, but I can guarantee that not all of us are like that.


Although I must admit that some colleagues go overboard when it comes to showing off their skills, others respect every inch of hair.

We have nothing to do with this urban legend.


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If you were hesitating, I’m lucky to find you here, in the right place.

Together, let’s look for the possible causes and unveil that question that many people ask themselves.


Why do hairdressers always cut too much?

I don’t want you to think we’re all the same. So, I’ll give you some ideas to help you feel confident that your stylist won’t cut too much.


You’ll be able to give yourself another chance and go back to the salon without taking any risks.


The length of the cut

cut ends every 20 days

Did you know that most stylists are good people and want the best for our clients?


Therefore, when we do a designer cut, we want it to last over time. However, some haircuts lose their shape in twenty days or less.

 This could be one of the reasons why some professionals cut a few centimeters too much. 


You see, we know that no one wants to get their hair cut every twenty days. But it’s also true that some people don’t want to cut those extra inches.

I’m convinced that it’s not the stylist’s ill will. Instead, it’s about their eagerness to see you dazzle everyone with your spectacular cut. It leads them to make some wrong decisions.


The last time you went to a salon, did you leave holding back tears because you were cut too short?

Alternatively, maybe you know a friend who suffered something like that?



Then, if you have doubts or don’t want to go through that negative situation again,  you could tell your stylist that he can touch up your haircut more often. However, he needs to respect the length you proposed. 

Always be polite. People understand each other better when smiles are involved.


Trim only the ends?

while hair goes back to normal

In my years as a stylist, would you believe me if I told you that 95% of my clients say, “Mimi, just cut the ends?”

Then, I have to ask each how much they want to cut. To tell you the truth, “the ends” is quite a relative measure, don’t you believe me?



I’ll tell you a rather funny anecdote. In a math class, the teacher gave all her students a 30-centimeter ribbon and gave them instructions.

What was the instruction?


She asked them to cut the end of the tape without giving any other measurement.

Guess what happened?



Some cut almost half of the ribbon, some cut just the ends, and some cut a little too much.

Everyone had a different concept of cutting the ends of that ribbon.

Can you see that?


Usually, communication problems lead to certain misunderstandings.


My advice after this anecdote is  to avoid asking to trim “the ends of your hair.” Instead, say a finger, two fingers, or whatever you want to cut. 


I’m still convinced that it’s not the stylist’s bad temper. I think that the more specific you are when it comes to the cut, the less risk you take.


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The feedback

hair loss and keratin treatment


I put myself in your shoes and imagine that it must be difficult to tell someone what to do without them taking it the wrong way.

So, remember this. The number one rule is to communicate. Don’t ignore each other and no angry bulldog expressions.


Creating a friendly, respectful atmosphere between the two of you will help you create the perfect environment for you to explain to the professional what you want.

 If you bring a photograph, even better. There’ll be no doubt about the centimeters you want to trim. 

I remind you, communication is everything. It’s the basis of a relationship.



When I try to communicate with my clients, who are very different, I try to get as much information before cutting, especially with those who don’t say much.

It’s also good to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and think that not all people are the same. Some have a harder time expressing more, while some have a harder time expressing less.


I know you think hairdressers always cut too much.

 However, I wish you would think that SOME hairdressers always cut too much.  A large part of us are aware and know how important hair is to most people.



Anyway, I understand if you feel a little apprehensive about going back to the salon for a haircut.


Having said that, don’t let a bad experience stop you from getting your hair cut again!


What if you ask her to show you?

It’s a little challenging, but as long as you ask nicely (don’t think no one does), it’s a good idea.


In fact, most of my clients ask me to show them before cutting. Do you think I’m offended by that?


Not at all. Straightforward is the best option, especially when it comes to hair.

 Remember that a good relationship will create that magical and pleasant atmosphere where one will take a comment badly. 


Even so, I’d like to reassure you that we’re not all the same. There are good and bad professionals. It’s like life itself.



The appointment time

tired hairdresser cuts too much

Even knowing that not all stylists cut too much hair and knowing many, many colleagues, I can’t deny that there are many stories about stylists and their excessive haircuts.

You know I’m not here to defend anyone, but, honestly, hasn’t it happened to you that you’re looking at the clock to fly away after an exhausting day’s work?


So,  when you book an appointment with your stylist, do it far from closing time so that you don’t find him or her rushed and wanting to rush out. 

That way, you’ll make sure there’s no excuse to cut an inch too much.



We are stylists, but we are human beings first

Remember that good communication between the two of you is essential.

Apply the tips I gave you, and why not? Tell her about your experience and your fear. Always be clear and specific when explaining the haircut you want.

I’m sure your next salon visit will be a great experience, and you’ll go home with a beautiful look.

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