Why do I have split ends right after I get my hair cut?

  • If you have split ends right after you get your hair cut, you most likely cut it yourself. To top it off, you used the wrong scissors.
  • If your hair was damaged, you probably didn’t remove all the split ends.
  • You may also have done some chemical treatment, which damaged the ends again.
  • Any of these situations has a solution. I’ll tell you about them in a few moments.


damaged hair after cutting

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I know. All the evidence seems to indicate that you’re to blame for your split ends right after you get your hair cut. But you’re not.

No one is to blame if they’re acting in good faith to achieve a noble goal.

However, you should take responsibility. It’ll help you not to make the same mistake again.


Anyway, it’s not about admitting that you’re responsible.

 It’s about understanding why your ends are still split when you supposedly trimmed them.  


Only by understanding your mistakes will you be able to avoid them in the future.

And besides, you’re not the only one to whom this happens. Although I believe in the saying “misery loves company,” split ends after a haircut is a recurring theme in salons.


Tell me you’re feeling a little better. Good!

So, my question is, do you have a good memory?

We need to go back in time to the exact moment you cut your hair. Did you get there?

Let’s review what happened.

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If you have split ends right after you get your hair cut, chances are you used the wrong scissors

remove colored hair

In my opinion, you didn’t go to the salon. Instead, you cut your hair yourself, or you asked your best friend to do it. On top of that, you used any pair of scissors that was around your house.

Am I wrong?


I thought so. This is the most common reason why ends split quickly.

 The tools stylists have are professional and designed for precision work. 


That’s why I would never think of using my professional scissors to cut paper in the salon.

To cut paper, I have the same scissors you have at home.

I use professional scissors to cut hair. Also, they have my name. I’m very jealous of them and don’t lend them to anybody.


Homes don’t usually have professional scissors handy. I’m guessing your household is part of that majority.

 Paper cutting scissors have a completely different cutting edge. Professional scissors, in turn, seal the cuticle of the hair as they cut. 


So, if you used a pair of scissors that isn’t specifically designed for cutting hair,  the ends don’t get sealed. So, they remain open. 

But don’t leave the past yet. Stay a few seconds longer, and stop right at the moment you decided to cut your hair. Why?


If the ends are still split after getting the hair cut, chances are you haven’t removed the necessary amount of damaged hair

I’ll come to your defense. People tend to think that the ends are the last millimeters of their hair. But they aren’t.


So when someone asks me at the salon to cut “just a few millimeters to eliminate split ends,” I pray to all the saints.

And no wonder.  Stylists have been given a bad reputation for over-cutting, hence the famous phrase, “I asked for one centimeter, and they cut off ten.” 


When a stylist cuts a few extra inches, he’s actually saving your hair and removing all the split ends. It’s the ones you can see and the ones he identifies by his experience and knowledge.

Chances are that if you can see one centimeter of damage, your stylist can tell three or four centimeters of split or damaged ends.


That’s where we stylists find ourselves at the crossroads of  pandering to our client’s desire and not providing a real solution to the problem of split ends or trimming correctly and annoying our client. 

Life is all about balance. Do you know what I do?


I try to have a preliminary talk with my client, explain how her ends are, and evaluate the possibilities of recovery and maintenance to achieve healthy and strong hair.

Do you know who gains the most from the talk?


The client. She agrees to trim the amount of hair I advise her. That way, we make sure that no split ends are left after the cut. 

Now, what if you went to a salon where they used professional scissors, and your ends are split?


Now I invite you to travel to the future to that moment where all the work of your stylist was erased in one stroke. That’s the source of your problem.


A chemical treatment can split your ends after a haircut

while hair goes back to normal

I appeal to your honesty. After trimming your ends, did you color your hair?

Alternatively, maybe you wanted a fresh start and decided to bleach it.


Well, it wasn’t the best decision.  These processes are aggressive to the hair, and I can assure you that your ends will get the worst of it. 

In these cases, it’s best to do the coloring, bleaching, or perming first. Then, trim your ends.


Now you know why your ends are still split. However, is there a solution?

Of course, there is.


How to fix split ends after a haircut

The first thing you should do is go to a professional. You really need to get rid of split ends. As we saw earlier, your stylist will know how much hair to trim.

Also, he or she will use professional scissors. Choose this option because you have everything to gain.


Now,  if you don’t have the time or money to go to a salon, some alternatives could improve split ends. 

You can use styling products such as oils or silicones. Use just a little and on damp hair to avoid weighing your hair down.

It’s also good to use hairdryers and straighteners less frequently to avoid further damage to the ends.


And if your split ends are the result of a salon cut, I recommend you talk to the stylist in charge. I’m sure she’ll find a solution to the problem. Sometimes, a simple revision of the cut is enough.

Any advice for your talk to your stylist?


If you have fine and fragile hair, you shouldn’t get a razor cut. Otherwise, if your hair is ruined, the ends will split again in a short time. And the same advice applies to bleached hair or hair that is prone to dryness.

If you cut your hair and then dyed or bleached it and the ends opened up, you can apply a restructuring ampoule or moisturizing treatments such as masks.



Split ends after having your hair cut are generally related to the use of unprofessional scissors. Also, you probably didn’t remove all the damaged hair.

If that is the case, you have two alternatives: visit a salon to have the split ends removed or start moisturizing your hair now.

And in the future, leave the scissors at home to trim papers. Promise?

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