Can you put leave-in conditioner on dry hair? It depends on what you need

leave-in conditioner on damp hair

  • Can you apply leave-in conditioner on dry hair? It depends on the brand and your hair needs.
  • If you want to control frizz, it’s best to apply a leave-in conditioner to dry hair.
  • However, if you want extra nourishment or help to detangle the strands, you should use a leave-in conditioner on wet hair.
  • Today, I’ll give you a complete guide to the best leave-in conditioners and how to use them correctly.


Generally, leave-in conditioners applied on dry hair are used for frizz control.

Alternatively, they help detangle brittle strands on damp/wet hair.


So,  the first thing you should do to find out if your leave-in conditioner is for wet or dry hair is to look for the product instructions on the package. 

If you can’t find them, look for them online!


Then you can look on the product manufacturer’s website for the instructions and read them as if they were your favorite romance novel.

You’ll find all the application instructions for the leave-in conditioner.


 You should also consider what you want to achieve with the leave-in conditioner. 
  • Do you need to control frizz and shape your hair? Apply it to your dry hair.
  • Do you want to make your hair easier to detangle after washing? Use it on wet hair.
  • Do you want to use a leave-in conditioner to give your hair extra nourishment and prevent it from becoming brittle? You should use it on damp hair.


As you can see,  to know whether you should apply a leave-in conditioner on dry, damp, or wet hair you need to know what your goal is. 

What do you want to achieve by using a leave-in conditioner?


So, let’s start with the list of the best leave-in conditioners. It includes those that you apply on wet hair, those that you use on dry hair, and oh, surprise!

The ones you can use on both wet and dry hair.

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Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Intensely Smooth Leave-In

This L’Oreal brand offers a leave-in conditioner that provides intense repair from root to tip.

It’s ideal for both curly and straight unmanageable and frizzy hair because it has no greasy effect.


 You can use it both when you finish washing your hair and when it is dry according to what you want to achieve. 


  • If you want to use it as a styling cream, apply it to your dry hair.
  • And if you want to shape your curls, remove excess water and apply the conditioner to your damp hair.


Also, it’s for frequent use so you can use it every day. For example:

  • Monday: you wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner, get out of the shower and apply the Garnier Fructis leave-in. Let your hair air dry.
  • Tuesday: comb your hair dry and apply from length to roots to control frizz or style.
  • Wednesday: let your hair rest! You can also repeat Monday’s routine.


You’ll notice how your hair will have gained flexibility, softness, and shine in a few weeks due to its citrus protein, vitamins B3 and B6.


Marc Anthony Grow Long, leave-in conditioner

marc anthony

Grow Long is a leave-in spray conditioner ideal for long, straight hair.

According to some users, its formula with caffeine, ginseng, and vitamin E stimulates hair growth.


Your hair will grow longer. Also, you’ll immediately notice that it prevents breakage at the ends. 


Remember to spray from roots to ends at a distance of six inches to cover a wider area. Don’t apply it to dry hair.

Do you know why?


When you wash your hair, the cuticles open to absorb water and hydrate it.

Since wet hair absorbs products easily, it’ll also absorb this leave-in conditioner with great effect.


Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil

jamaican black castor oil

This leave-in conditioner is ideal for straightened, colored, bleached, and permed hair. It should always be used on damp hair.


Jamaican Black provides moisture, nourishment, and elasticity for future chemical treatments. If you’re planning a radical change of look, you can prepare your hair to strengthen it when it’s time to go through the process.

Have you already changed your look?


You can also use Jamaican Black if you need to repair hair damage.

 But remember, this leave-in conditioner should be applied to wet hair. Otherwise, if you apply it to dry hair, your mane will feel heavy, greasy, and lack movement. 


In addition, Jamaican Black is for moderate use. It means that you should always use it after washing your hair.

In other words, you shouldn’t wet your hair every day to apply the conditioner. Otherwise, you’ll generate an excess of greasiness on the scalp.

Finally, leave a centimeter of growth at the time of application, as it shouldn’t be used on the roots.


Renpure Coconut Whipped Créme

leave in conditioner

Coconut Whipped Créme is one of the most innovative leave-in conditioners because it’s formulated with microscopic coconut oil.

Do you know why that’s so wonderful?


Hair cuticles are tiny scales that protect the hair fiber. Microscopic coconut oil penetrates the cuticles and repairs and moisturizes the hair from the inside.

Therefore,  your hair will regain the strength, elasticity, shine, and softness  that it loses during coloring processes or the use of heat tools such as flat irons and curling irons.


Also, if your hair is curly, you can use this leave-in conditioner to shape and style your frizzy hair.

 And most importantly, you can use it on both wet and dry hair, and it is for frequent use. 


Suggestions of use?

  • Wash your hair every 48 hours.
  • When you finish washing your hair, and after removing excess water, apply Coconut Whipped Crème to damp hair.
  • The next day, DON’T WASH YOUR HAIR and apply the conditioner to dry hair.
  • On the third day, you can wash your hair and apply Coconut Whipped Crème on your damp hair again.


 A secret? Once you apply the leave-in conditioner, you can use your hands to mold your hair and give it more volume. 

How about changing your look every day?


  • On Monday, you can surprise everyone with a perfect straight.
  • Tuesday will be the day of the 80s and its wonderful big hairs.
  • For Wednesday, a more relaxed and summery look with amazing surfer waves. Finally, on Thursday, an updo with super neat curls.



Now you can decide which leave-in conditioner is best for your hair’s needs. Then, you’ll know whether to use it on wet or dry hair.

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