Can I leave coconut oil in my hair for 2 or 3 days?

leave coconut oil for several days

  • You can only leave coconut oil in your hair for two or three days if you use a few drops to control frizz.
  • However, if you left it on as an intensive moisturizing treatment overnight or for up to ten hours, you should rinse it out the next morning.
  • Otherwise, you’ll clog the pores of your scalp, which would break your roots.


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Is it better to apply coconut oil to damp hair or dry hair?


It’s hard not to hear about the miracles of coconut oil these days.

Many of my clients use it to moisturize their skin. I must admit that they look radiant.


Others use it to clean their face skin. And I admit that I’m a little envious to see their immaculate complexions.

Not to mention my vegetarian clients who rave about coconut oil for cooking.


But  one of the best-known uses of coconut oil is as a moisturizing hair treatment. 


I can guarantee that you won’t find a single hairdresser who won’t recommend coconut oil if your hair is dry and damaged.

This oil is excellent for controlling frizz, repairing cuticles, and deeply moisturizing the hair.


coconut oil as a hair product

But that doesn’t mean we should use coconut oil as if it were water because it’s not.

I mean  you shouldn’t leave it in your hair for two or three days  as if you’ve simply sprayed on perfume.


No. Coconut oil will work for your hair as long as you respect its exposure times.

And that’s what I’ll talk about next.

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If you apply a few drops of coconut oil to control frizz, you can leave it on for two or three days

repair hair before re-dyeing

Why can you leave the coconut oil on for two to three days in this case?


  • Because  you’re using small   amount of the product.
  • Therefore, you won’t saturate your hair with an oily product.


Coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer. So, it’s ideal to get rid of frizz.

 If your goal is to eliminate frizz, you can leave the coconut oil in your hair for two or three days. 


You can even use it after flat ironing your hair to flatten the “electrified hair” effect.

And you won’t need to remove it until your next wash.


How to apply coconut oil to eliminate frizz

  •  Place 8 to 10 drops of oil in the palms of your hand and rub them together to distribute them.
  • Apply the oil to your damp hair from roots to ends.
  • Let your hair air dry.
  • After two or three days, wash your hair to remove the coconut oil.


If you use coconut oil as a deep moisturizing treatment, don’t leave it in for two or three days

moisturize hair with coconut oil



You’d be using   a lot of coconut oil to cover your mane and deeply moisturize it. 


Do you know what would happen if you left that much coconut oil in your hair for three days?

I’ll sum it up for you in a nutshell.

  • Coconut oil will clog the pores of your scalp.
  • As the pores are clogged, the moisture and toxins expelled from the scalp won’t find their way to the ends of your hair.
  • Your hair will start to dry out.
  • You may start to notice  hair loss from the roots. 


I know.

It’s a daunting but instructive prospect.

Now, you know that you should only use coconut oil as an intensive nourishing treatment for up to 10 hours.

Of course, you could wash it out earlier but never leave it longer than ten hours.


Besides,  why do you want to leave coconut oil on your hair for two or three days? 

I can think of several possible reasons.


Do you know what the good news is?


You can use coconut oil, but you only need to leave it on for four to ten hours.



  •  Warm some scoops of coconut oil slowly. Coconut oil is usually solid. You need to warm it to distribute it evenly through your hair.
  • When the oil is warm, apply it from roots to ends with the help of a dye brush and cover each strand.
  • Wrap your hair with a shower cap.


Here are two options:

  •  If your hair is seriosly damaged,  leave the coconut oil on overnight.  The next morning, wash your hair  with a sulfate-free shampoo. You can use a conditioner.
  •  If your hair is slightly damaged  and needs moisturizing, leave the coconut oil on for two to four hours. Then, wash your hair. Remember to use a sulfate-free shampoo.



Although coconut oil is a natural product, you can’t leave it in your hair for several days.

In fact, you can apply a few drops and leave them in for up to three to eliminate frizz.

If you use coconut oil as an intensive moisturizing treatment, you can’t leave it on for more than ten hours. You risk saturating and damaging your hair.

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