Help! My bleached hair breaks apart when wet! What Can I do?

breaks when wash it

Did you bleach your hair and it breaks when it is wet?

Do you los a bunch of hair when you brush it?

The same thing happens to me and here I’m going to tell you a solution to this horrible problem.

Let me tell you something.


If you think that when you bleach your hair nothing will change, you are wrong.

This is my story.

And I figure that it will be one of many.


Because when you know all the risks of an action that you are about to take

When you know beforehand that what you are doing could definitively ruin you

When the people that love you most advise you to stop doing what you are about to do

And even then, you do it, you are an airhead.


That’s how I feel after I bleach my hair by myself.

I bleached my hair without any type of knowledge.

Without having studied even one word of the best instructions for bleaching hair.

And you can see the results.


After bleaching my hair, I started to live a horror movie.

  • I barely wet my hair when I showered and the hairs would fall of my head like crazy.
  • When I brushed my hair, extensive chunks of hair would end up trapped in the brush.
  • When I tried my hair with a towel, I noticed that a mountain of hair would fall onto the floor.

I first, I thought it would just be for the first few days, but the story continued.


For a moment, I thought that it would pass, like what many girls showed in some of those YouTube videos.

Those horrifying images where they show chunks of hair in their hands after just touching their hair.


But I decided that I couldn’t keep waiting because at the end of the story, I’d end up bald.

So I started a long and arduous path of repairing the health of my bleached hair.

And I succeeded.


 Do you want to know how I was able to strengthen my hair so that it would stop breaking when it was wet?  

I’ll tell you here.


Now, if you think that the YouTube images are an exaggeration.

If you think that nothing will happen to your hair because after all, millions of people bleach their hair daily in the world and don’t end up bald.

If you aren’t afraid of irreversible damage to your hair fibers.

Go ahead.


You can do what you want.

You decide about your hair.

But don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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How to care for your bleached so that it doesn’t break when it’s wet

hair falling off in the bathroom

As you know, the bleaching mixture strips the natural pigment from your hair. Something like putting putting it in bleach until it ends up completely white.

But it doesn’t just strip out the natural pigment.


It also goes to the point of no return, all the natural vitamins, proteins, and nutrients of each of your hairs.


The results?

You hair ends up very weak.

Also, when the hair is wet, it’s much weaker.

Do you want to know why?


Our hair is made up of various layers. The external layer is called the cuticle, which is formed of a variety of proteins called keratins.

The hair cuticle has a structure of scales that are one on top of the other, aligned vertically. This is what gives volume, flexibility and elasticity to the hair.

Bleaching damages the cuticle, and this scale structure isn’t resistant anymore.

 And when the hair is wet, these proteins form weaker bonds, deforming the cuticle to the point that it lifts up and breaks. 


If at this weakness, we add on that we keep treating the hair in the same way that we did before the bleaching, the result will be broken hair.

You may be asking how to care for wet hair after bleaching it.

The answer is simple.


 Change your hair care habits in the shower as well as out of the shower. 

When you wash your hair, wash your hair softer.

I don’t know why we’ve gotten in the habit of scrubbing and scrubbing our hair with our nails, as if we were pulling out our scalp.


Simply rubbing the scalp with the pads of our fingers, while making small circles will get the hair clean, and stimulate blood flow, which nourishes the hair follicles.



Forget about wrapping your bleached hair in a towel like you were going to compete in a turban contest.


This is where the hair breaks horrible.

To get rid of excess moisture in your hair when you get out of the shower, simply squeeze it out gently.

And if you use a microfiber towel, that’s even better, because it absorbs the moisture in your quickly without having to rub it roughly.


Like you have already realized, bleached hair is more likely to feel dry.

And when this happens and you finish showering, it’s most likely going to be a mess of tangled hair.

Forget about brushing.

Forget about pulling.

Don’t fight with your hair.


 The best thing that you can do is use a widetoothed come and start to comb through  your ends very gently. 

First, you comb your ends, when those are untangled, you continue with the middle until you get up to the roots.

This way, you avoid breaking the hair fibers.

What shampoo and conditioner to use in bleached hair to gain back strength

Strengthens hair and prevents breakage

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On this large road to recovery of the health of my bleached hair, I came across something called sulfate-free shampoo.

Up until this point, I didn’t know it existed.


Sulfate-free shampoo doesn’t contain lauryl sodium sulfate, which is nothing more and nothing less than pure detergent.

Detergent that makes a lot of foam, but also that dries out the scalp, leaving the hair cuticle much weaker.

Right now, I use this.

You can use the one you like best.


I won’t give a biochemistry class about the components of this shampoo.

What I will say is that my hair looks much shinier since I’ve started using it.

Also, I can tell that there aren’t as many hairs in the town when I squeeze out my hair gently to dry it.


I also noticed that my scalp feels less irritated, which keeps me from scratching it, damaging it and breaking my weak hair.

Another product that incorporated into my hair routine for bleached hair is leave-in conditioner.


When I get out of the shower, I place a little bit of this conditioner in my hair without rinsing, and simply leave it in my hair.

What I found is that my hair feels thicker and when I detangle it, I don’t need to tug at it like I did before I started using the product.

repair tips of bleached hair

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Lastly, once a week I do a hair treatment with coconut oil.

You can easily find it at a natural products store or an herbalist’s shop.


It has a solid consistency, so you should heat it up a bit before applying it to your head

The longer you leave it in your hair, the better.

You can even leave it in all night long, simply using a shower cap so you don’t stain your pillowcase.

Coconut oil restored a pretty high percent of the natural moisture in my hair that I had lost in the bleaching process.


Now that you have the best products to care for your bleached hair when it is wet, let’s go to the most important.


How to strengthen bleached hair


  • Don’t wash your hair every day

The only thing that washing your hair every day does is strip out the natural oils that your scalp produces and that protect the hair fibers from drying out and breaking.


  • Trim your ends periodically

The famous monster of weak hair exists and it is called “split ends!”


Just like a fever is a symptom of your body being sick, split ends are a symptom when your hair isn’t healthy.

If you have split ends, your roots are weak and your hair breaks.

To strengthen bleached hair from the roots, it is necessary to trim the ends that aren’t healthy.


  • Avoid the hair dryer and the flat iron

It’s not necessary for me to explain this point very much.

The hair dryer and the flat iron are extreme heat sources, that dry out bleached hair and can leave it in an extremely weak state.



I was able to stop my hair from falling out and breaking, but I didn’t get there in one day.

I repeat.


 I wasn’t able to prevent my hair from falling out in chunks in just one day. 

It was a process.

A process that took me three months.

And required lots of discipline and consistency.


The products that I used and that are used don’t make miracles happen after applying it one time.

It also helped that I stopped punishing my bleached hair when it was wet.


Now you know how to care for your hair, as much when it’s wet as when it is dry.

Do you know other ways of caring for your bleached hair?

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