Does red hair fade back to blonde? Should I ask for an appointment?

woman with dyed red hair with disgust gesture

  • Red hair doesn’t fade back to blonde because red is one of the most persistent colors, as its color molecules are larger and adhere very firmly to the hair.
  • Therefore, you’ll need to ask for an appointment at the salon to remove your red dye. I’ll explain more details later.


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I know this is probably not what you wanted to hear, but unfortunately, this is the only truth.

 If you have red dyed hair, and it was originally blonde, the red doesn’t magically fade to blonde again. 


Red is one of the most persistent colors within the range of dyes. That’s why I always advise my clients to think very carefully before dyeing their blonde hair red.

  •  If you dyed your hair with a permanent red dye,  you’ll need to ask for a color-removal session. Not even a color-removing product will fade the red to leave your hair blonde. At best, your hair will be orange.
  •  If you dyed your hair with a semi-permanent red dye,  you’ll have to wash your hair several times with a clarifying shampoo. Even then, your blonde hair will most likely keep its reddish tones.

Why is the red dye so persistent?


blonde hair dyed red before several times

Each hair dye color has color molecules of different sizes. In the case of red dye, the color molecules are very large.

Therefore, the color is very vibrant the first few days after applying the red dye. But after a few washes, the color loses intensity. The color molecules of the red dye are very large and don’t fit into the core of your hair fiber.

Therefore, the excess fades away with washes. But, the red molecules that were trapped in the core are very firmly attached. That is what makes the red dye so persistent.


So, if you colored your hair blond and now want to go back to blonde, you’ll need to apply some chemical process.

And that’s what I’ll talk about next.


How to fade red-dyed hair back to blonde

color sweep on dyed red hair to go back to blonde

Take my advice if you’re concerned about your hair health:  ask for an appointment at a salon to remove the red dye from your blonde hair.  It’s the only way not to ruin your hair’s health and color.

In this case, I don’t recommend a color remover such as COLOR OOPS or COLOUR B4. If you’ve been coloring your blonde hair red for a long time, you’ll leave your hair orange.

Also, you could dry out your hair and leave it very weak.


  If you want healthy blonde hair after dyeing it red, ask for an appointment at the salon to have a professional colorist perform a color-stripping session. /su_highlight] In that case, bleach is applied to remove the red dye.

Once the colorist applies the bleach, she’ll massage it until the red dye is removed. She’ll then rinse out the bleach and apply a toner to neutralize the brassy tones.

You may need two or three sessions until the red dye is fully removed from your hair. The following session should be three weeks later.



Red hair doesn’t fade back to blonde. You must ask for an appointment at a salon for a color-stripping session for the best results.

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