Does hair dye get darker the next day? Short answer: No!!

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  • When you color your hair, the hair dye will never get darker. It won’t darken the next day nor the following days.
  • In fact, the opposite will happen. Your hair color will lighten with washes, exposure to sunlight, and even some hair products.
  • If you colored your hair and it turned out lighter than you wanted, you should color it again in two weeks. Choose a new color that is up to two levels darker.


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Andy Warhol once said, “They say that time changes things, but it’s really up to you to change them.” I believe it’s relevant to our topic of today.


And I’m sure you’re thinking, “But Alejandra, what does this phrase have to do with whether the hair dye gets darker the next day after coloring your hair?”


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It has a lot to do with it.

 If you dyed your hair, and the resulting color is lighter than you wanted, stop hoping that time will make it darker. 

In fact, time won’t darken the color. It’s you who will have to make it darker.



By trying a darker hair dye.

Time won’t darken your hair color regardless of the dye you applied (permanent or semi-permanent)

 If you applied a lighter color than you were expecting, darken it by coloring again with another darker product. 


In time, washes, sun, hair products, and other issues, will lighten your hair color day by day.

Therefore, if you want a darker color, you should apply a darker dye. Wait at least two weeks  if you used a permanent dye, and five washes if you used semi-permanent dye.


Otherwise, if you immediately color your hair with a darker hair dye, you’ll only damage your hair in the case of permanent dye.

Alternatively, if you apply a new semi-permanent hair dye, you’ll saturate the color, and the result will be disastrous.


So, going back to Andy Warhol, don’t leave your hair color in the hands of time. Take the bull by the horns to darken your hair. And today, I’ll tell you how to do it.

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If you dyed your hair with permanent dye, and the color is lighter than you expected, you should choose a dye that is up to two levels darker

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Let’s start by talking about how permanent hair dye works.


Permanent hair dye is applied with a 20 vol developer. It’s a chemical ingredient that lightens the hair up to 1 1/2 levels.

When you apply the permanent hair dye, the developer opens the cuticles for the color of the hair dye to set. At the same time, it lightens your hair.

As a result, the hair dye can become lighter. As the days and washes go by, the dye starts to fade and look even lighter.


So, the color will continue to look lighter as it settles.

Unfortunately, if you notice that the color is too light after application, this will not change.

But don’t despair, because there is a solution.


 Take a deep breath and stay calm. Over the days, you’ll get used to the color. 

My advice is to wait 15 days, which is the time it takes for the color to settle. Then, you can make a decision.


If you feel the color is still too light after a fortnight, you’ll have to choose a new color.

What color hair color should you choose?


box hair dye to cancel orange

Any that is or two levels darker.

Let’s see some examples:

  • If you applied light brown 5, you could choose brown 4 or dark brown 3.
  • If you applied light blonde 8, you could choose blonde 7 or dark blonde 6.
  • If you applied extra light blonde 10, you could choose very light blonde 9 or light blonde 8.


In other words, the secret is to choose within your color range.

For example:

  • If you applied light blonde 8, and you apply brown 4, your color will be too dark.
  • If you applied dark blonde 6, and you apply dark brown 3, the result will shock you.


When your color is too light, the color correction should be very subtle. So, you should choose between one and two numbers darker to avoid a big difference.

If you take a longer step, you’ll regret it because the resulting color will be too dark.


If you colored your hair with a semi-permanent hair dye, and it is too light, wait for five washes to color again

yellow, green, purple and pink

Semi-permanent hair dye fades with washes. Also, most fantasy colors need a white blonde hair base. So, when the color starts to fade, it’ll look much, much lighter.

In this case, you’ll also need to apply a darker color and allow some time in between.


That time is measured by washes.

 After washing your hair at least five times, you can apply the new color. 

Do you know why?



Semi-permanent hair dye doesn’t penetrate inside the hair but creates a film of pigment that adheres to each hair strand. That’s why it fades with washes.

What happens if you apply the new color without waiting for five washes?


 Your hair will still be saturated with color from the first dye you applied. It’ll still be fresh and won’t allow the new color to settle. 

But something even worse can happen.


If you apply a darker color without waiting for the five washes, the product may settle unevenly.

As a result, your hair will be stained.

If you used a semi-permanent hair dye, you could choose the color you like best. You can apply violet on pink or green on red.



When your hair dye results too light, it won’t darken over time. The only solution is to apply a darker dye.

You should go for one that is one or two levels darker than your color to avoid overly shocking results.

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