5 unnatural hair colors that look best with blue eyes

warm color

Unnatural hair colors that suit blue eyes are:

  • Copper
  • Peach
  • Golden blondes
  • Warm blondes
  • and vanilla tones


That is to say, mainly the luminous tones will be your best allies.

How do we know this?


It is thanks to colorimetry.  Colors that look well are always the colors that are complementary to your eyes color, i.e., the ones that are right on the opposite side of the color wheel. 


Therefore, both in hair color and makeup, you should avoid blue, violet, or light blue tones, since they would generate little contrast with your eyes.

How do you usually decide on your hair color? It may be an impulse when you see someone change their look. Or, do you think and investigate before taking the big step?

Copper-colored hair


The truth is that, as we said on other occasions, there is a series of colors that can improve your appearance, enhance your skin, improve your features, or even frame your face.

The colors that suit you best if you have blue eyes are those colors that are opposite to them in the color wheel. I know you probably don’t know what I’m talking about, but don’t worry.


Through colorimetry, I’m going to show you how to find out which color would suit you best according to the color of your eyes.


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Keys to choosing an unnatural color to match your blue eyes

blue eyes

 Find a sheet of paper and a pair of pencils and try to do this exercise:


  • Draw a triangle: then, at each of its angles, place a color. Place yellow on one corner, blue at another one and red in the third one. Yes! The idea is to place the three primary colors first.
  • Place the secondary colors that are formed by mixing the primary ones. Paint a circle between red and blue, and color it with the color that is formed by mixing them. Then, do the same with yellow and blue and yellow and red. Once the drawing is finished you will have 6 different colors: blue, red, yellow, green, violet and orange.
  • Place yourself in the blue and imagine it’s your eyes. What colors are opposite to blue in your drawing? It should be the warm colors: orange right opposite to it. Then, not so directly, but equally opposite are red and yellow.


What do we discover with this? That the color that fits us is always the complementary one.

 So we can say that blue eyes look well in warm tones like gold, copper or slightly reddish. 


 Luminous or ashy colors for blue eyes?

Luminous colors are definitely the best allies for blue-eyed colored people. The idea is to bring out the natural color of your eyes. Ideally, you should always get advice from a specialist, as it is not only the eyes color that is assessed.


There are many other factors that must also be taken into account, such as the color of your skin, the previous dyes or processes you have, which may or may not allow for a change, the natural color of your hair, etc


How can you best highlight your eyes?

light eyes

I think it’s also important to mention that makeup will play as important a role as your hair.

You could start by avoiding blue, violet, or light blue colors because they would create little contrast with your eyes.


I suggest you use a thicker line above the eyelid and a very thin one below it. It is important that the under-eye line be thin, or even not thin at all.

If you make a very thick eyeliner, you would be shrinking your eyes too much, you would sink them in and you would not be able to highlight them.




Why do we need a change of look?

The truth is that all women seek to renew themselves in something. It may be hair, clothes, accessories, etc. In short, we always have an attraction to fashion or the trend of the moment. What motivates us to decide to change our look?


There are several reasons that can motivate us to change. The most important thing is that the health of our hair helps us to convey self-esteem.

The shape, texture, and color of the hair are capable of generating interesting modifications, they can highlight or hide features of our body.

Some reasons that motivate us to change our look are:

  • Fashion
  • Closing a stage in life
  • Feeling more comfortable with ourselves
  • Receiving expert suggestions
  • Changes in our body
  • Increasing self-esteem and self-love


A haircut or color change can enhance our skin, enhance our eyes, or benefit our face.

Once we find a style that we like, we usually stick to it. But, after a while, it gets boring, we feel the need to change and we don’t do it out of fear.

We must bear in mind that if we use the same color or the same haircut for a long time, our image may even lose interest and we may look a little bored.


Don’t be afraid of change! Cheer up! If you regret it later, you can always go back to the way it was.


Fashion has a great influence on our style and, as fashion changes, so do haircuts and colors. It’s good to be true to a style that makes you feel pretty and comfortable but it’s also good to renew yourself by experimenting and trying new styles.

Hair will never stop growing, so you have a lifetime to change your look.

Our bodies also change over time and the haircuts that benefited us in the past may not work today. We should accompany the changes in our bodies with our hair as well.


A change of look can generate a boost in self-esteem and a positive attitude. An excellent way to regain confidence, to feel relaxed and renewed, is to go to the hairdresser’s and let yourself be pampered.

A change of look can also lead to a change in your life, seeing things differently, feeling better about yourself, showing confidence and security, improving your relationships, and opening up to new things.


Many times we use our hair as a protective shield and hide behind it. That’s why changing our look means showing off and exposing ourselves more. It can also help us change our personality, overcome shyness, be happier and even accept our original hair type

So why not encourage you to change? Don’t hold back for fear of what others will say. It’s very important that you feel beautiful, comfortable, and confident so that others get that from you too. Dare to change, the results will be positive!


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