How many times can you dye your hair in a week? And in two weeks?

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  • You can only dye your hair once a week, every four weeks. Therefore, you can only dye your hair once a week. The same applies if you want to color your hair more than once in two weeks. You should color your hair every four weeks at most.
  • So, if you dyed your hair today, you should wait at least four weeks to dye it again.
  • If you color your hair more than once a week, you could damage it and leave it brittle. Plus, the resulting color can be a disaster.
  • Below are some alternatives to re-dye your hair if you don’t like the color.


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How Soon Can I Recolor My Hair if i Don’t Like the Color?


  You should only color your hair once a week. At least four weeks should pass between each coloring session.  


If you color it more than once a week, it could dry out.

I know it doesn’t seem to be too serious. However, I can assure you that the road to dry hair is not a pleasant one.

Because the dryness your hair will experience after coloring it more than once a week will be a bumpy road.

The bumps have a name:

  •      Hair falling out.   This means that every time you brush or comb your hair, it’ll get caught in the comb because it breaks off from the root.
  •   Frizz.   Yes, it will look like you’re having a bad hair day.
  •   Dry scalp.   The chemicals in the dye, peroxide and ammonia, will strip your hair of the natural moisture. You can prepare for your hair to grow at a much slower rate. You may even start to experience irritation.


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Do you like the way your hair will go if you dye it more than once a week?

You don’t have to be too bright to guess your answer.

However, it doesn’t end there. You can also be in for a very unpleasant color surprise if you color your hair several times a week.

uneven color after applying two hair dyes
For example, you may end up having a mixture of colors in your mane. I can assure you that even the best colorist will have a challenge to fix your hair color.


Everything takes time. The coloring process doesn’t escape the rule.

I love my vegetable garden. I plant my seeds and water them. The plants grow and bear fruit. But if I pick the strawberries too early, they will taste bitter.

Something similar happens with the coloring processes. However, instead of being called “ripening” as in the case of fruits, the process is called “color setting”.

What do I mean?


Once you apply the dye, you have to wait three days to wash your hair.

Do you know why?


The hair cuticles are still open even after rinsing out the dye, and the color is still settling into your hair fiber and core. If you wash your hair too early, the color will fade.

Also,   if you color your hair again within a week, the color from the first dye that is settling will mix with the new dye.  

woman applying new dye to her hair

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In the best case, the new color will replace the old one and result in various tones in your hair. In the worst case, your hair will be stained in some areas with different colors.

So far, you know that you should only apply one hair color in a week.

Now, why do you want to dye your hair again?

The possible answers will be discussed below.


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What alternatives do you have if you dye your hair and don’t like the color?

What don’t you like about your color?


If your hair is too light, you can apply a darker semi-permanent hair color until the next touch up

semipermanent hair color by Clairol
Y no me volví loca.

I didn’t go crazy.

I know I told you that you couldn’t dye your hair more than once a week. But I was talking about permanent dye.

In this case,   my suggestion is that you apply a semi-permanent dye, which doesn’t need a developer or ammonia.   They’re the two most aggressive chemicals in permanent coloring.

But I must warn you that semi-permanent hair color will fade with washing. Therefore, I recommend that you use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, to make the color last longer.

Four weeks later, you can renew the color with a permanent dye.


If your hair has unwanted colors after dyeing, you can use a toning shampoo

woman washes her dyed hair with purple shampoo
A toning shampoo adds pigments to your mane to neutralize unwanted shades.

  • If you want to remove the orange, use   blue shampoo.  
  • If you want to remove yellow, use   violet shampoo.  
  • If you want to remove red, you need   green shampoo.  

Apply it twice a week and leave it on for three to five minutes. That way, the brassiness will disappear.


Now if your hair is too dark after coloring, unfortunately there’s not much you can do.

But don’t be discouraged. When you color your hair, the color is usually intense during the first days. But as the days and washes go by, the color settles and looks more natural.

When it’s time for renewal, apply a dye two levels lighter.



You can’t dye your hair more than once a week. Instead, you should always wait for four weeks.

If you overdo it, your hair will start to dry out and seriously weaken.

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