My hair is falling out at the roots after dyeing it, what should I do?

hairs on the brush after dyeing

  • If your hair is falling out at the roots after dyeing it, I’d suggest getting an appointment with a dermatologist.
  • Most likely, the hair loss doesn’t have to do with the fact that you used the dye.
  • Although hair dye has chemical components that can dry out your hair, I’ve never come across hair loss from the roots caused by a dye.
  • In this article, we’ll see why hair dye isn’t responsible for this kind of hair loss.
  • We’ll also evaluate possible causes for why your hair is falling out at the roots.


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Is it normal to lose hair after bleaching? Bleached hair falling out at roots


Did you dye your hair and now you’ve noticed that it’s falling out at the roots?


Then let me tell you that the cause of your hair loss isn’t the dye.

I’ll explain more soon and then we’ll take a look at the possible reasons for your hair loss.

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Is dye the reason why my hair is falling out at the roots?

hairdresser applied a dye too dark

Ammonia is one of the most feared chemicals found in hair dye.


 Although ammonia in dye is a substance that can irritate, dry out and even cause damage to your hair, there is no way it could cause your hair to fall out at the roots. 

As such, the reason why your hair is falling out at the roots must be a different one.


Some reasons why hair falls out

hair dyed red falls out at the root

  • Hormonal changes
  • Stress or emotional difficulties
  • Post partum
  • Menopause
  • Eating habits and nutrition
  • Chronic disease

Now we’ll look at each one in more depth. Let’s go!


Hormonal changes


At any point in your life, everyone can experience hormonal changes.

They can bring with them many bodily changes that might cause a visible change in your hair, including hair loss.

 If you see a change in your menstrual cycle, if you feel more tired than usual or you notice a change in your skin (like, acne or some red patches, for example), you should see a doctor so they give you a check up, and if necessary, send you know an endocrinologist or specialist in hormones. 


Those health professionals will be able to tell you if your hair loss is hormonal.


Stress or emotional difficulty

pelo fino por estres

Are you going through a difficult time? Are those problems specifically affecting you?


If you’re too worried about something, you’ll stress yourself out and your hair can fall out at the roots.


Stress can have a big effect on our emotions and our body.

And oftentimes that can be seen in our hair.

I know many women that have experienced hair falling out at the roots because of emotional stress.


 Sometimes it’s difficult to look on the bright side, but you need to try your best for yourself. Seek psychological help if you find yourself in emotional situations that you’re having trouble handling on your own. I’d suggest trying to change the way you look at certain situations and doing things for yourself that motivate you and make you happy. 


You can try exercising or even just going out for a walk.


Post partum

colored hair

If you’ve recently become a mom, hair loss at your roots can happen spontaneously.

And it has an explanation: your body is starting to go back to its normal state.

This re-arranging can last a longer or shorter amount of time, depending on the person.


If this is your situation, you can feel assured that this is a completely normal process.

 If you’ve recently given birth, you’ll see that the hair that fell out at the roots will start to grow back again soon. 



During menopause, women often go through notable hormonal changes, especially in their hair.

In this period of life, it’s not just possible that hair falls out at the roots, but you might also notice that your hair loses density. It’s part of life.


 When going through these changes, it’s important to take care of your hair with high quality hair products. There are lines of shampoo and conditioner with complete multivitamins that you can add to your routine. 


In any case, if the hair loss worries you, you should speak to your doctor.


Eating habits and nutrition

diet to recover bleached hair

We’ve all been through a strict summer diet plan, or even working toward weight loss to fit into a certain dress for some party, right?


 If you don’t have balanced and responsible eating habits, you can end up with a hormonal disorder that leads to hair falling out at the roots.  

Did you know that both your hair and nails are a natural mirror of your nutrition?


As such, I think it’s always a better idea to work toward your ideal weight in a healthy way, following a diet and exercise plan. You might consider looking for help from a nutrition professional.


Chronic diseases

There are certain chronic diseases that can cause hair loss and other ones specific to the scalp that can also cause your hair to fall out.

If you notice something weird or different about your scalp or you’re worried about your hair loss, don’t waste time and visit a doctor as soon as you can.

A dermatologist should be able to diagnose the hair loss and suggest an appropriate treatment.



In this article, we’ve seen why hair loss is never caused by dye. We’ve also taken a look at what are some of the possible causes for hair falling out at the roots.


 Like I’ve said from the beginning, dye might damage and dry out hair. In extreme cases, it can even thin and break it. 

But there aren’t currently any records of someone losing hair at the roots because of using a hair dye.


You can be assured that the dye isn’t at fault, but you should look for the true cause of the hair loss in one of the reasons I mentioned above.

Best of luck!

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